­čöą Citroen AMI, independence for all from 6900 euros


Now available for sale, the Citroen Ami is a very original electric car. We explain why you will fall for this funny machine that aims to revolutionize urban mobility.

citroen friend

Citro├źn caused a sensation during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show 2019. While virtually all of its competitors announced hybrid SUVs, the French manufacturer chose to unveil Friend One Concept. A funny contraption that already announced The Friend that is now on the market. Just as original as the concept that inspired it, this electric car innovates in many ways, starting with its price.

Instead, judge: a cheque for 6,900 euros will allow you to leave with the latest Citroen. Unprecedented in the electric car market even if the Friend is intended for a very specific use that explains this extremely aggressive price. It can only accommodate two people on board and its small 8 hp engine provides a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Enough in agglomeration and to drive without a driver’s license, but not to venture on fast lanes such as the Paris ring road for example.

Citroen wanted the AMI to be perfectly adapted to the urban environment and for this reason it has the most compact dimensions: 2.41 meters long, 1.39 m wide and 1.52 m high. Enough to sneak into the traffic and park in the smallest places.

Its 5.5 kWh battery offers up to 75 km of range following the WLTP cycle. Figures that are largely suitable for use in the city. Plus, small battery means less charging time. 3 hours is all it takes to regain 100% of capacity on a simple 220 Volts sector take. Therefore, you won’t need a Wallbox to charge. Although, of course, the battery can be recharged with an optional cable on a public terminal if necessary.

For accessibility to be perfect, wide doors use an inverted opening sense (driver-side and classic passenger side). A trick that allows you to offer comfortable access to the interior. For despite its reduced proportions externally Citroen has optimized the interior design to the maximum.

The seats are slightly staggered (the passenger seat is a little behind) which allows enjoy more indoor space. This will allow bags to be placed behind the seats without affecting the comfort of passengers.

citroen friend doorman

Accessible from 14 years old

Another of its strengths is to be un licensed and so accessible from the age of 14. A reassuring solution for many parents who would prefer to see their teen in an interior that offers more safety than a two-wheeler, but also more comfort when the weather becomes less lenient. Thus, the Friend could easily be shared by several family members for short trips.

Its lines do not seek to compete with those of a sports car, but offer a nice and modern design. On board, the smartphone becomes the main screen. An area is reserved for him and once connected, everyone will be able to find his music and navigation applications.

Buy your Citroen Ami like you buy a TV

Last but not least, that testifies to the originality of the Citroen Ami, its never-before-seen distribution network. You are used to going to the shops Fnac Yes Darty to buy a TV, computer or CDs? You can now leave with an electric car. Indeed Citroen to market the Friend in the stores of the two famous brands. It will even be possible get it delivered home, or pick it up at a collection point. Note, however, that the first customer deliveries will not take place until the end of July.

So that everyone can optimize the design according to their tastes Citroen has planned 7 variations : basic, Orange, Blue, Grey and Khaki as well as two “Pop” and “Vibe” packs. Fnac-Darty gives access to a very well designed configurator that allows you to finalize your future car with just a few clicks.

citroen friend vibe and pop

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