15 useful gadgets for the office at home

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Working from home is a particular challenge, because in some households the starting situation is not ideal. GIGA shows what equipment home office professionals use to be able to work productively.

A few weeks ago, hardly anyone expected it, but now the facts have caught up the world of work and turned it upside down. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many workers have to move to the Home Office in the short term. For some of them this is a completely new situation, but for some it has been routine for years.  What do you really need, what makes the work more enjoyable? Here are the tips of the GIGA editorial team.

1. For the butt: A good pillow

Sitting can be exhausting if the underlay is not good. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a soft memory foam insert.

2. For the hand: A decent mouse

“Never before has working with a mouse felt so lightand,” says GIGA editor Robert in the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse test. The wireless input device is significantly more expensive than conventional computer mice, but due to its exceptional vertical orientation is especially recommended for hours of office work. Important: This ergonomic product is only suitable for right-handed users.

3. For the wrists: mouse pad and palm rest

It may take getting used to, but it’s a blessing for the wrists: Special editions with memory foam make office work at home much more enjoyable. As available. And let’s face it: Who cares what that looks like – it serves its purpose and that’s a good thing. Additional tip: One that keeps the muscles fit.

4. For the ears: Noise-cancelling headphones or hearing protection

In a quiet environment, it can be concentrated. If you are exposed to children raging at home, construction site noise, airplanes and passing cars, get a good noise-cancelling headphones, which you can sometimes wear for several hours at a time. Our recommendation is the proven Bose QuietComfort 35 II for around 250 euros, which some GIGA editors have been using in the office and privately for years. Also suitable as a headset for Skype and Slack calls.

A cheap alternative (without music and without headset function) is a .

And if it’s the noisy kids who stop them from working at home: Familie.de Recommendations for children’s indoor games compiled. They could stop Rabauken dancing to the desk.

5. For notes: Good pens

A well-equipped home office has writing instruments that you can rely on. Our recommendation is the – a quality product from JapanAppropriately:

6. For the whole body: smartwatch or fitness tracker with motion reminder

If you sit a lot during work, you can easily forget to get up and move in between. A useful helper is a smartwatch like the Apple Watch 5, which regularly reminds us that now is time for some exercise. Significantly cheaper is the , which can also be.

If you stay at home all day long, the lack of exercise is already pre-programmed. GIGA has tested fitness apps and services – they help you to run a small or larger sports program at home without any additional tools:

Start the picture section(10 images)

Fitness apps for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV in 2020 – with free apps

7. For communication: A reliable headset

Another slack call where no one understands you? Poor sound quality is not only annoying but also unprofessional. You shouldn’t trust the built-in micro in your laptop. Better: A simple one is enough to significantly improve the situation.

8. For power supply: A power supply for professionals

This is excellently suited to make the home desk a little more tidy. The compact power supply for the wall socket can supply two devices with energy at the same time, such as a smartphone and a Macbook Pro Or HP Spectre x360.

9. For high-performance Wi-Fi: A top-of-the-range router

Everything depends on the Internet. If the home Wi-Fi is constantly causing problems, then the Home Office becomes a test of patience. Hence our advice: Do not save on the router! The best models come from the Berlin manufacturer AVM, as confirmed by stiftung Warentest. The AVM FritzBox 7590 is highly recommended for DSL connections – with not exactly cheap, but technically outstanding. Thanks to multi-user MIMO, a good investment, especially in households with many end devices (laptops, tablets, smart TV, etc.).

10. For more screen area: A second monitor

Many people have two monitors at work – but only one at home. If you want to save some space in your own four walls, get a portable and compact second monitor, such as the .

11. For well-being: houseplants

Beautiful to look at and good for health: Plants can clean the indoor air by taking harmful substances out of the air – the is scientifically confirmed. What many do not know: At online retailers or Flower2000 you can order and deliver houseplants from the comfort of your home.

12. For breaks in between: A Bluetooth speaker with good sound

Listening to your favorite song at high volume in the office? Rather difficult – except the colleagues share the taste of music. At home, it’s easier to get your head free by listening to a few minutes of music. The Dockin is compact and sounds crystal clear. Of course, it is also perfect for listening to the news via the radio app.

Alternative: The , a Bluetooth speaker with integrated DAB radio.

And after the work you have done, you can use the loudspeakers to listen to audiobooks – if you don’t prefer to Looks at the best series for a quarantine.

13. For the whole desk: A mega mouse pad

A mouse pad can be quietly big – the hardcore gamer scene has been doing it for years. Meanwhile, Amazon has a great selection of giant mouse pads, such as the easy-to-clean 90 x 45 cm size. If you prefer the “classic” soft material, you can get the .

14. For the mood: Disco light

It doesn’t have to be serious and useful. This effect lamp with 51 colorful LEDs brings mood into the room, on request even in the beat of the music. Small purchase, big impact.

15. For the muscles: ergometer

Romping is good! Instead of slowly starting to set new pounds in the Home Office, you should do some sports. An ergometer stimulates the circulation and maintains overall physical performance. Detailed information can be found in our new purchasing consultant ergometer in the test: These are the best exercise bikes for cycling at home.

Do you have any other suggestions and ideas for working from home? Write us your home office tips in the comments.


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