5 Questions when lung transplantation


Lung transplant – the way to finally save “patient 91” – quite new in Vietnam. Source of donation lung, standard health parties, cost… are frequently asked questions.

When is lung transplant needed?

The person who is assigned lung transplantation is mostly a heavy patient, there is no other treatment, otherwise the transplant will be fatal within the next 2-3 years.

Common diseases requiring pulmonary transplantation include: chronic obstructive pulmonary, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension.

Preparation of the transplant, the patient must cross various types of tests. Will not be paired if the recipient has other diseases such as cardiovascular, kidney, infection. Patients need to quit harmful habits such as smoking, unhealthy lifestyles that cause obesity.

The world’s first human lung transplant surgery was carried out in the United States in 1963 from an organ donor dying due to myocardial infarction. Recipients 58 years old, suffering from bronchopulmonary cancer left. Every year the world is about 3,500 successful shifts.

Two-leaf lung transplant.

Two-leaf lung transplant.

What is the condition of a living donor in health?

The ideal age for donation is 18-60. The donor must have no history of cancer, no injuries, severe infections or cardiac discontinuation. Screening tests with HIV, hepatitis B and C for negative outcomes. The blood and lung size groups are compatible with the recipient.

Most of the organ donor will undergo the pain after the operation. Their chest is also connected to a catheter for about a few days. Like the organ recipient, the donor is at risk of postoperative infection, although this is quite rare. Studies of over 253 pulmonary donors showed that no one died during or after transplantation. The majority of normal recovery, but there are also people experiencing breathing problems.

Most of them have to save track in hospitals up to 10 days. The recovery process takes about 4 to 6 weeks. At this, they were unable to work, and travel was difficult.

Common complications after transplantation?

Lung transplantation is the method of rescuing the person’s life, but complications can also be very serious, even fatal.

One of them is an incompatible organ, which leads to graft discharge. Essentially, the immune system protects humans from the penetration of strange agents, including cells and organs. Whatever the status of the recipient and the donor is right, the immune system can attack and deny a new lung tolerance. The highest risk of transplant is immediately after surgery and diminishing over time.

Common symptoms of graft discharge reaction are hemoptysis, shortness of breath, dyspnea when lying…

The patient may also suffer from infection. The graft anti-waste drug will weaken the immune system, which causes the patient to be susceptible to infection. The patient also often has a cough reflex after the implant, it is not possible to remove mucus from the lungs, creating the ideal environment to arise bacteria.

How is the lung transplantation capacity in Vietnam?

The first living donor lung transplant in Vietnam took place in 2/2017, which was coordinated by the 103 military Hospital with Japanese experts. Pediatric Diseases of 7 years old have congenital bronchiectasis, respiratory insufficiency, transplant both lungs from the father and uncle.

May 2/2018, Army Central Hospital 108 transplant two lungs for patients Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, suffering from late-stage obstructive pulmonary disease. Pulmonary donation from the donation of a man is dead brain. This is a lung transplant from the first brain donor in Vietnam.

Viet Duc Hospital performs a lung transplant next month 12/2018 from person to brain death. Patients receiving the lungs is Nguyen Van Duc, 17 years old, hospitalized when almost the entire lung organization is no longer active.

May 8/2019, Vietnam German hospital transplant two lungs, heart, liver, two kidneys of the donor for 5 patients. The recipient of the lung is NGO Van Khuong, 33 years old. At the end of 2019, brother Khuong was able to do his own work as a vegetable irrigation plant.

In 12/2019, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital Physicians first successfully performed a cardiac correction and lung transplant surgery at the same time, from the Tibetan source of the 19-year-old youth dead brain. The recipient is a 30-year-old female with congenital heart disease. Surgery lasts 12 hours, success.

ANH Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, recovered after conducting a lung transplant. Photo: Hospital Supply

Brother Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, recovered after lung transplant. Photo: Hospital offers

Cost a lung transplant surgery?

The rate for this surgery depends on the country and hospital. In the United States, a lung transplant surgery costs more than 800,000 USD. To transplant two lungs, the patient must pay more than one million.

In Vietnam, the cost of a GPulmonary abscess is about 2 billion VND.

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