5 successful lung transplant in Vietnam


Vietnam has successfully implemented 5 lung transplantation, in which a transplant from the donor alive, four shifts from the dead brain.

Among these, the Vietnamese-German hospital carried out 3 shifts, 108 military central Hospital and military Hospital 103 per one CA. All surgical operation takes place in Hanoi.

Prof. Tran Binh Giang, director of Viet-Duc hospital, said to carry out lung transplantation doctors must choose to assess the lung condition of the person, the recipient very tightly. After the transplant, the care for the lungs is healthy enough, it is also difficult, because as soon as the lung is cut out the injured lungs the risk of infection is higher than other organs.

“Lung transplantation is the most difficult organ transplant technique”, said Doctor Tran Binh Giang.

Living donor lung transplant

On 21/2/2017, the first time Vietnam conducted lung transplantation from live people, led by doctors of Military Hospital 103 in collaboration with Japanese experts.

Pediatric 7-year-old with congenital bronchiectasis, respiratory depression, which is paired with both lungs from the donor as father and uncle. Each person gives the baby a part of his lungs to form two lungs for the child. In this transplant, the proportion of harmony is very high. Doctors cut the lower lobe of the donor’s lungs to replace both lungs for the child. The operation was successful after 11 hours.

After surgery, survival indicators are stable. Current baby health is completely healthy. According to Japanese experts, after a lung transplant, babies can live up to 60, 70 even 80 years.

Lung transplant from the dead brain donor

On 26/2/2018, from the source of donor donation of cerebral death, the Army General Hospital 108 paired lungs for patients Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, suffering from late-stage obstructive pulmonary disease. This is the first human lung transplant in Vietnam.

Within 8 hours, 20 doctors participated in lung transplant with the support of leading specialists in the anesthesia and lung transplant of France, Belgium. Successful operation.

Postoperative, patients with a rehabilitation of 70-80%, self-breathing, rehabilitation.

ANH Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, recovered after conducting a lung transplant. Photo: Hospital Supply

ANH Tran Ngoc Hanh, 54 years old, recovered after conducting a lung transplant. Photo: Hospital offers

Experts identified, usually, if taking the organ from the person alive, the doctors actively transplant pieces, calculated before the parameters, pulmonary measurements, cleaning… The organ recipient is less vulnerable to septic complications. When organ transplantation from the dead of the brain, the doctor is fully active in the preparation process. The risk of infection is therefore higher and the examination process can not be absolutely certain.

Two special organ transplant

Two splice were carried out by Vietnamese German hospital doctors. The first Ca on 12/12/2018, from two lungs of the same heart, liver, two kidney of patients with brain death is successfully grafted for 5 people.

The patient is paired with two lungs as teen Nguyen Van Duc, 17 years old, treatment in almost the entire state of the lung organization is not active. Without lung transplantation, the patient will die. The lung transplant ends after 14 hours.

Nearly a year after transplant, patients were hospitalized, in the countryside.

In 8/2019, Vietnam German hospital successfully carried out simultaneously to transplant two lungs, heart, liver, two kidneys of the donor for 5 patients. The two-lung collection takes place continuously for almost 15 hours, which is a two-lung transplant from the second brain death at the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital and is the third anthem of Vietnam.

Patients receiving the lungs are NGO Van Khuong, 33 years old. At the end of 2019, patients can do their own work such as pumping water washing yard, watering vegetables, and taking plants… In particular, he also drove the motorcycle for the first time after a dozen years of sickness.

Brother Khuong re-examination at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, Apr. 12/2019. Photo: Thao My.

Brother Khuong re-examination at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, Apr. 12/2019. Photo: Thao My.

Moderate correction of lung transplant heart

On 25/12/2019, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital Physicians first successfully performed a cardiac correction and lung transplant surgery at the same time, from the Tibetan source of the 19-year-old youth dead brain.

Female patients 30 years old with congenital heart disease. Without lung transplantation, the person prematurely deaths due to impaired cardiac-pulmonary function. Doctors carefully assess the functioning of the patient’s heart, surgical only when the heart is firmly restored then and the patient is healthy enough to endure prolonged surgeries.

The lung transplant occurred in 12 hours, successfully.

Patients re-examination at the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital on 13/2. Photo: Hospital supply.

Patient re-examination of weightliftersI hospital Friendship Viet Duc dated 13/2. Photo:Hospital offers.

By January 2/2020, patients can participate in the family’s business, active eating, bathing and gentle workouts in the home. The patient shared: “My health improved much more since the date of discharge, I felt very happy”.

Thuy Quynh


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