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Here you will get the Adobe Flash Player as a plugin for the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, which enables them to play Flash content used on websites.

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Adobe Flash is used on many websites for animated content, for example for intros, menus or as video players. Browser games also often use Adobe Flash as a platform. Although the Flash technology still widely used, but is increasingly being replaced by newer technologies such as HTML5, WebGL or WebAssembly.

What outdated technologies we still use besides the Flash Player, our picture section shows you:

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29 hopelessly outdated technology products that we still use today.

A prominent example of a website Flash on HTML5 you’ve switched to YouTube. The manufacturer Adobe has announced that it will continue to develop the Flash Player until 2020 and then discontinue it.

Download and set up Adobe Flash Player

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Our download button will take you to the download page for the Adobe Flash Player at the manufacturer. This automatically recognizes the operating system you are using as well as the browser you are using and offers you the appropriate Version of Flash Player To. All you have to do is “Install Now” Press. However, be sure to remove the “Optional Offers” hooks if you do not want to install the additional programs offered.

After downloading Adobe Flash Player for Mac, all you need to do is click on the downloaded DMG file and follow the installation instructions. During this, you can also enable the option that the Flash Player automatically updates, which is recommended, as a non-current Flash Player may cause security problems. You can also activate the automatic updates later in the Options of Adobe Flash Player for Mac Downloads at any time. You can then play any Flash content in your browser. The Adobe Flash Player for Mac Download runs on Mac OS X versions 10.10 to 10.14.

Adobe Flash Player

If it is too Problems with Flash Player come, you won’t find adobe Flash Player for Firefox working and Adobe Flash Player for Firefox isn’t working, in the article Adobe Flash Player Test – is Flash installed correctly?, you’ll learn how to tell your Flash Player test for correct installation. You can also learn about the possible Adobe Flash Player settings.

Flash Player for Android

For Android, the Adobe Flash Player developed only up to version 4.3 of the mobile operating system, the corresponding versions can be found at the following links:

How to install the Flash Player on Android 4.x, learn in the article Install Flash Player on Android 4.x – that’s how it works. See how to: Adobe Flash Player with Android 4.4 to learn how to use Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.4.

Alternatively, you can also read in our picture section how to install the Flash Player for Android:

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Install Flash Player on Android – picture by picture.

Flash Player Portable

What is less well known is the fact that the Adobe Flash Player is also available as a portable version – as standalone output. A single program file is completely sufficient and you can even pass it on CDs or USB drives – along with your flash projects.

This so-called “Adobe Flash Player Projector” can load either flash files in SWF format directly or from the Internet and integrates them into its program interface. In this way, you can not only easily share your own projects, but also use the Adobe Flash Player offline to use a game collection even without the Internet.

Here you can download Flash Player Portable:

Attention: The downloadable archive contains pretty much all bootable and installable Flash versions for all operating systems. After unpacking, Adobe Flash Player Portable only requires the file flashplayer31_0r0_108_win_sa_debug.exe from the 31_0_r0_108_debug folder. In doing so, the Sat For STate ALone. This means that this file alone and without additions is sufficient to load and run a SWF file.

Keep Adobe Flash Player up-to-date

If you choose to install Adobe Flash Player, be sure to keep it up-to-date as it is often the target of malware attacks. These are often used as a gateway in older Flash Player Versions security gaps that are still included.

In the current version of the Flash Player some bug fixes have been implemented. You can read the complete version history read at the manufacturer.

Conclusion: Since many websites still rely on Flash, it is recommended to have it installed. However, you should always use the latest version due to frequent malware attacks.


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