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U.s.aCovid-19 has not yet passed, another woes came to Michigan when two dams were broken due to heavy rains, causing the worst flood of 500 years.

Along the Main Street area in downtown Midland, Michigan, people gathered east on the banks of the Tittabawassee River, looked at the flood waters in despair. The flood of waters they stood less than a block of houses, the series of business establishments lost electricity, and im drowning in darkness.

With many people, including Jeff De Vaney, owner of Amazing Deli food shop, this very painful sight. Mr. De Vaney had hoped to quickly reopen the sandwich shop and began to regain revenue after the closure of the Covid-19. He had just spent a lot of money to buy frozen machines to accommodate the raw material he thought would need to be used.

Every project is broken when the flood comes. “We can’t seem to have some rest time,” said De Vaney.

A bridge was knocked out of flood waters by the Edenville Dam in Midland, Michigan, 20/5. Photo: NYTimes.

A bridge collapsed because of the flood water caused by the Edenville Dam in Midland, Michigan, 20/5. Photo: NYTimes.

Michigan, one of the most heavily influenced states of the Covid-19 with nearly 53,000 infections and over 5,000 deaths, continued to be devastated when two privately-owned dams were shattered by the 19/5 night after several heavy rainy days.  Thousands of people have to leave their homes and most of Midland city is submerged in flood waters.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who belonged to the Democratic side of the Republican response to Covid-19, understood that she was in a more complex situation than at any point in time. She had to call on the emergency evacuation people to avoid flooding but to ensure the maintenance of community ways to avoid spreading nCoV. Midland County reported 76 infections and 8 deaths from nCoV.

“It’s hard to believe that we just faced the most serious health crisis in 100 years, moderate flood fighting is said to be the worst in 500 years,” Mrs. Whitmer said.

For many years, federal regulatory agencies have warned the risk of breakage near the town of Edenville. They rebuked Boyce Hydro Power, the company that operated the dam, because of not making requests to change the dam structure, stripped of the license and declared the company was “delayed and indifferent in handling the safety requirements of the dam”.

At night 19/5, the Edenville Dam brought flood waters into the city, sweeping through many houses, business establishments, and threatened Dow chemical Company, a plastic manufacturer located near the Tittabawassee River. About 16 kilometers south of the Edenville dam, the prolonged rain also makes the second dam Sanford broken.

Flood water rises almost no longer to see the Forbidden Sea columns in central Midland, the city with 42,000 inhabitants. The people carrying furniture and a rushed site evacuate to schools in the area are now available for emergency shelter. City officials said they could not yet grasp the number of dead or wounded caused by the flood.

Ms. Whitmer has issued an emergency in Midland County and said it will call for assistance from the Federal Emergency Administration (FEMA). On 20/5, 130 soldiers of the Michigan National Guard were mobilized to support local police evacuers.

Midland’s farmers Market is located on the Tittabawassee River, which was flooded, while the flood began to walk northward bridge over the river.

“It was disaster. It only makes things worse when the Covid-19 is devastated and many small business owners are seeking to overcome this health crisis, “said Sue Baranski, who had to evacuate from the house near the dam Sanford.

The people were evacuated to a temporary shelter at Midland High School, Michigan state, 20/5. Photo: NYTimes.

The people were evacuated to temporary shelter at Midland High School, Michigan state, 20/5. Photo: NYTimes.

The Dow said the flood water had touched the tanks of this chemical company but claimed no threat to the environment and health of the people in the region. The company added to have activated the Emergency Operation Center and implemented the Flood prevention plan, while stopping the operation of production facilities, except for places responsible for chemical safety management.

As one of the largest chemical companies in the world with a turnover of 43 billion in 2019, the Dow has more than 4,000 employees working at the headquarters and manufacturing venues in Midland. The influence of the company can be found throughout the city, with the Midland Arts Centre, the Botanic Gardenso Dow Gardens and H.H. Dow High School. The company also provided funding to open a wide walking street in the heart of the city, filled with long benches and rocking chairs, and a wide variety of flowers.

State officials said that a severe flood due to the breakup caused about 10,000 people to evacuate to temporary shelters at Midland High School. Many people even accept sleeping in private cars outside the school for fear of nCoV infection.

Dot Costello, 101 years old, had to sleep on a hammock in a shelter, after the buses evacuated them from the condominiums to avoid flooding. “I was so afraid to see what happened to my city. I don’t like a 2020 year like this, “she said.

Steve Blackhurst, 64 years old, said when waking up 20/5, he saw the yard flooded and the flood was spilling into the ground floor window.

“They have to sail to rescue me. You just try to overcome it and make sure you’re still alive. I wouldn’t be able to drink a favorite Scotch glass before bedtime tonight, “he said.

Brad Kaye, the city manager of Midland, said the damage caused by the flood was very serious when the first floor of Grace A. Dow Memorial Library was flooded and 42 drainage pumping stations could not operate, amid public health concerns due to the influence of the Covid-19 still.

“We still acknowledge nCoV’s infection and the virus does not disappear in magic by this flood,” he said.

Many people in Midland were angry and frustrated at the flaws of the two dams operating units that led to the incident requiring a costly remediing process on a large range.

The worst flooding in America 500 last year

A severe barrage of flooding in the city of Midland, Michigan 20/5. Video: Guardian.

According to the data of the U.S. Army Corps, the Edenville and Sanford Dam were the highest risk, along with 300 other dams in Michigan. Two dams were checked for the most recent year in 2018.

The Federal Energy Control Committee (FERC) has revoked the licence of Boyce Hydro, the company that operates the Edenville Dam, 2018 for the reason of not making safety measures to prevent flood prevention. The right to operating the dam was transferred to a state agency during that year.

According to federal documents, Boyce hydrogen once a cartridge affirmation has very little likelihood of catastrophic flood involving the dam. “Boyce Hydrogen pointed out that the possibility of such a flood occurring over the next 5-10 years is 5-10/1,000,000,” the quote of FERC in 2018 has passages.

The Boyce hydrogen company refused to respond to the comment request.

Nick Ashendelft, spokesperson for the Michigan State Department of the Environment, said the tests for 10/2018 may show the structural status of the dam quite well, but concerned about the capacity of the dam. Lack of investment and maintenance, combined with too large rainfall is a factor that leads to breaking the batter, Assemdelf says in an email.

Thanh Center (According to NYTimes)


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