Antibacterial iPhone Cases: What Do They Bring & Recommendations


Now that hand washing is considered one of the most important measures to protect themselves and others from the novel coronavirus, many people are looking for ways to expose themselves to as few risks as possible. Many people already wear masks and gloves in public, and not without reason: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the hands are the most common carriers of contagious infectious diseases. Therefore, the recommendation is to wash your hands regularly and above all thoroughly.

But what if you take your smartphone in your hand? You can still wash your hands as well: the protection is gone when you take everyday items like an iPhone in your hand at any time and usually without hesitation and hold it to your ear and thus to your face.

However, some manufacturers of smartphone cases have been responding to these problems for some time – after all, smartphones, like keyboards, have always been regarded as “germ slingshots” on which you can find almost any kind of pathogen.

Recommended antibacterial cases for iPhone

These iPhone cases are currently still available on Amazon, have consistently good ratings with 4 to 5 stars and are all equipped with protection against viruses and bacteria.

Tech21 Pure Clear Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro – Protective Thin Shell Resistant Phone Case – Transparent


Tech21 Studio Colour Protective Case for iPhone 11 – Protective Thin Shell Resistant Phone Case – Coral Pink


Tech21 Evo Check Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro – Protective Thin Shell Resistant Phone Case – Indigo Blue


Bacon iPhone X Protective Case Antibacterial Sports Phone Case Protective Case Case Thin Shell Hardcase Durable for Apple iPhone X – Presidio Sport – Black


Bacon iPhone XR Protective Case Antibacterial Sports Phone Case Protective Case Case Thin Shell Hardcase Durable for Apple iPhone XR – Presidio Sport – Red/Grey


Speck Products Presidio Inked Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max (matt) Pink


But: Antibacterial protection not enough

To be quite clear: a Antibacterial Not enough protection if you want to take action against COVID-19. However, companies such as Bacon and Tech21 have smartphone cases with so-called Antimicrobial substances. These inhibit the propagation and partly the infectivity of microorganisms, so they can also contain viruses or even kill them. However, as with many hand disinfectants, they are only limited virucidal, i.e. limited lyrum lyrum susceptible to enveloped viruses such as the coronavirus. They therefore do not offer complete protection and certainly do not replace hand washing.

The difference between Antibacterial And Antimicrobial is explained quite simply: an antimicrobial agent works against a wide range of microbials, for example against bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses. An antibacterial agent only fights bacteria.

However, you can’t give reliable information about how good antimicrobial protection is and how well the mobile phone cases on offer help in the fight against Corona. Bacon uses “Microban”, Tech21 advertises with “BioCote”. Microban and BioCote recently announced that there is currently no scientific evidence that their coatings help against COVID-19. However, BioCote advertises with a proven Effectiveness against the H1N1 virus.

The coatings do not work against any known disease-causing germ, but they provide extra protection as they destroy the outer layer of germs, bacteria and some viruses, so that they do not remain on your device and do not transfer to you. The protective coatings also prevent the rapid reintroduction of microbes, as they can be measured without protection.

They are therefore highly recommended at the moment. Moreover, the protection of antimicrobials continues and should not wear out. In addition, you can clean and disinfect iPhone and case.

However, you should check with other manufacturers whether they are working with the known protective substances of BioCote or Microban. For the current iPhone models there are still corresponding accessories from Nuevue, whose cases can only be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

A tip for shopping: You have to look very carefully. Often only an antibacterial protection is mentioned and not referenced to the type of coating. In our research at Amazon, on the other hand, we found antimicrobial protection, which was sometimes only indicated as antibacterial in the descriptions, but includes BioCote or Microban coating. Purely antibacterial shells can be left behind if you want to protect yourself against the coronavirus at least beyond all other methods.

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