Attention, monsters! How your Pokémon GO gambles at home

Fukanos romp around on the street, a pipi rides along in the train and in the forest we meet Samurzels – with Pokémon GO we are lured outside. If you want to take part in raids or catch new pocket monsters, don’t necessarily look into the tube in your own four walls. We’ll show you how to enjoy the game despite #stayhome.

For our Pokémon, we don’t just go over the floor and stone, but also through the water! However, we do not always have the time to leave the house for challenges or raids. So that you don’t have to give up the Pokémon GO gaming experience in your apartment, Niantic has come up with a lot of plans. We give you a few tips here.

Smoke: How the little monsters stay near you

If you don’t want to search for Pokémon for long, just grab smoke. Once triggered, the small and big monsters appear right next to you on the map. The special feature: Niantic has increased the duration of the item’s action. Instead of half an hour, it now works twice as long and attracts more Pokémon than usual. So you can now let off steam on up to 60 monsters for about an hour.

If you want to stock up on this useful item, you’re very lucky at the moment. Currently, 30 pieces of smoke are sold in the shop for only one Poké coin.

Nothing works without balls: how to replenish your needs

A Pokémon, a Ball – As far as theory. However, if the monster blows up the capsule, you will quickly face higher “ball costs”. To prevent you from standing empty in the middle of the fishing fun, you can open gifts you’ve received from other players. These contain, among other useful things, the necessary balls. Keep in mind, however, that you can only open 20 gifts in one day.

If you don’t have the necessary friends for the gifts, you don’t have to be annoyed. In the Pokémon Go Community on Reddit you will surely find the right helpers and maybe even one or the other new friend.

Fight Non-Stop: Fighting League and Friendship Fight without restrictions

Always collecting Pokemon and hoarding balls is desolate in the long run. It is good that Niantic has also taken precautions here. Because for a fight against friends you don’t have to stay in their immediate vicinity anymore. The only condition for unrestricted combat fun: You must have exchanged with your combat partner Genschenke for at least seven days, i.e. be so-called superfriends. If you have fulfilled this, you can even get items (e.g. stardust) in the first three battles.

If it is not enough to fight with friends, you can also try your hand at the fighting league. While you usually only have to run three kilometers to unlock another lap (five in total), you can now rip through it without any conditions. By the way, you also get gifts if you have rounds and fights here.

Pokémon Levels: Climb new levels of friendship for a stronger team

Lugia or Demeteros: Raid bosses are a bunch of work and it takes the perfect team to face the fight. So before you go into battle, you should earn real experience points (EP) and from where it’s better than from the home couch.

If you exchange enough gifts with a new friend (maybe you found someone in the Pokémon Go community), you exchange enough gifts and fight with you, increasing the friendship level. As you ascend to a new level of friendship, you and your friend will each get a lucky egg.

Switch Special: Catch Meltan for Your GO Team

If you call either “Pokémon Let’s Go Pickachu” or “Pokémon Let’s Go Evoli” in addition to a switch, you can also add the Pokémon Meltan to your Pokémon Go horde. With a miracle box, you have the opportunity to catch the monster within – currently an hour – usually 30 minutes. Of course, you don’t just get the box for lukewarm. Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Pairing your Pokémon Go account in both app settings and game settings on the switch
  • In Fuchsania-City you can now talk to the person at the counter in the Go Park entrance. Transfer a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to the Switch here
  • The surviving Wonder Box can be found in your inventory

Have you caught Pokémon Go fever or do you want to try the game yourself? Via the following links you can get directly to the apps:

In addition to movies and series, i think you can spend the day wonderfully with games. What about you? Are you already in gamble mode and have the tips helped you? Or do you have good ideas on how to hunt and train the monsters even more comfortably from home?

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