Barca-Brazil: Battle of the bridge in real life


One of the teams played a club of the unreasonable, but took on 28/4/1999, when the Brazilian of Ronaldo, Romario, Rivaldo… Of Guardiola’s Barca, Kluivert…

If you’ve ever played Pro Evolution Soccer games, or “PES rock” as Folk calls, you must have encountered a nasty situation: I chose the CLUB, but the opponent chose the national team. How could this happen beyond life? The teams are focused only on a stone holiday CLUB. If Barca rocks with Argentina, then there’s two Lionel Messi on the field, isn’t that the hell? In spite of those analyses, the enemy would not have the other party to take the other team.

But the match was only on the game that was actually happening out of the world.

It was on 28/4/1999, Barca to fight Brazil at Camp Nou. Figo, Guardiola and Kuilvert head for Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Romario. The province was engaged by the believers of Samba, with many other types of clashes.

In the words of Bolo Zenden, the player of Barca replied, everything “is a bit bizarre”. And also great.

On the day of the match, sports newspapers in Catalonia Mundo Deportivo Run the Titus on the front page: “The Battle of the Century.”

Two teams photographed together before the match in Camp Nou.

Two teams photographed together before the match in Camp Nou.

The occasion, Barca celebrated 100 years of establishment. They ran a roaring media campaign, so that even those who are not passionate about football must also know the great event. And the match against Brazil-the most admired team in the world at the end of 1990-the “main course”. Before the battle, the parade of over 200 legendary CLUBS, who wrote the history of Barca, including Johan Cruyff and Laszlo Kubala.

“It is clear that the celebration is important to the CLUB and its fans,” Zenden tells the The Athletic. “Not only the match against Brazil, Barca celebrated the event for a year. We had special designs and a campaign towards the Champions League after a month. “

Must. Is the Champions League. Barca won La Liga in the 1998-1999 season, but being eliminated soon from the most valuable European tournament left a bitter aftertaste. Barca, under Louis van Gaal, ranked third in the death table of Man Utd, Bayern Munich-Two teams then reached the final. The owl was just as shiny as a friendly match against Brazil. But in fact, conversely, it also created greater excitement. It is almost an opportunity to replan the spirit and prepare for the La Liga title race in February 5. In wide view, the Battle of Barca-Brazil is truly a gift for those who love football, as there are so many stars there.

“The CLUB was always disappointed by being eliminated from the Champions League, but that day was not”, Zenden recalled. “Everyone is excited, since playing with Brazil is an incredibly big event. Just look at the outline of their defense. It’s a chance that thousands of years have one for me, dealing with a team instead of a CLUB. “

Barca’s rival also saw the match with similar excitement. “Football is magic and art”, Vanderlei Luxemburgo, the Brazilian COACH at the time, speech. The first Brazilian training in Barcelona attracted 15,000 people. Luxemburgo planned to give Ronaldo, Romario, and Rivaldo to debut together. The COACH of “Professor Luxa” can even insert a fourth striker, Marcio Amoroso.

Amoroso said: “On tactics, Professor Luxa usually orders the quarterback and defensive midfielder. On top of where I, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Romario competed, he told us to play the ball freely the way we wanted to. The result is a great COACH! The opponent is able to puncture three goals, but the cargo will meet four goals. I would have done that as a COACH, by preventing the four Brazilian striker, it was too difficult. Luxa said it would be okay if we played his way “.

The rain like the Bible, covering up the things a fresh look.

The scene of the match was epic and Glitter as a promotional video of Nike which had always been a swarm of time. The white ball is perfect with a black swoosh icon. Ronaldo first represented the new Mercurials Toanh.

The Brazilian players entered the courtyard in different reception from the stands. Roberto Carlos must receive the boos because he is playing for Real Madrid. Romario and Ronaldo are hooray as heroes come home.

Amoroso said: “Ronaldo and Romario are eager to day. Their feelings are visible on their faces when the crowd is welcome. Things like the foreplay of a party. “

Barca last week that will kick with Deportivo La Coruna, but with Louis van Gaal, goIt doesn’t matter. Despite the lack of disadvantage to Rivaldo, the red Blue Team still fights their best. Zenden said, “When a Barca shirt came out to Camp Nou, there was no fun friendly match. You must always win, especially in the 100 year anniversary. So we enter the other bridges. We delve into enemy players and observe their style. We outlined the road to the steps. I dare fish that Van Gaal that day also behaves with this friendly match as an official match. “

The players queue up for photography. Ronaldo and Phillip Cocu-former teammate at PSV Eindhoven-toying each other. Romario, in the bright earrings, is kept warm.

Start of the match, Boom Bridge.

Amoroso followed: “That was the first time I played at Camp Nou. It’s extraordinary and color. I see Barca players so lucky to receive the enthusiasm from the CPLAYERS every week “.

Two minutes after the start, Amoroso breaks into the Cocu with both legs, styled “Heal the Copper Bone”.

“To me, nothing is easy,” he remembers. “I always play balls to win, bring about the glory of the shirt. It might be a bit overwhelming, but I’ve been dealing with it like a different match, while Cocu seems to see it as a friendship. “

The weather was terrible. Sergi had to put his hands on the rain in a fellowship. The camera redirects to a photographer, the guy is miserable like a boat in the heart of the storm. The young assistant Jose Mourinho sits in a training bench, overlooking the rain and frown.

“Weather… is not ideal. It’s a pity. That’s why the party is less epic, “Zenden lament.

Barca entered the proactive. Michael Reiziger to deflect the frame. Patrick Kluivert misses a few opportunities. Luis Figo brings a penalty shot to the goalkeeper. Not everyone is mesmerizing Van Gaal’s team – El Mundo Call it “awake, automatic and unsympathetic” gameplay, but they compete very well.

Then the goal came, for the Brazilian team, it was spectacular. The ball goes from Roberto Carlos and ends at Ronaldo. Bye, Frank de Boer. Romario tells Sergi a story with his eyes and writes a different story by his feet, he creates for Ronaldo, the balloon trick and completely removes the opponent Ruud Hesp.

Ronaldo celebrates the opening table for Brazil.

Ronaldo celebrates the opening table for Brazil.

Amoroso comments: “The first desk, the great public belongs to the genius of the two. Both are extremely intelligent and Italian. The defenders of Barca were not given to them. “

San Barca by difference. Luis Enrique, who played three positions at a one-at-a-close shadow after Zenden’s line of defense into the Rogerio Ceni deflected. “Damn it,” Luxemburgo screams out of the border.

His frustration doesn’t last long. Emerson found to Amoroso, Amoroso passed to Ronaldo. The part of the pitch is suddenly filled with speed balls. Romario runs seats, pulling in the Abelardo. Ronaldo began to accelerate and create troubles. And now Rivaldo, he got down the ball as a steam-headed and wanted to have a high angle. An enchanting, masterful talent.

Rivaldo wore a gold coat, dressed in the familiar goal of Fabrizio Ravanelli’s time. The bottom is a Barca and Brazilian logo print T-shirt, centered on the image of the past father. Both the Camp Nou bridge named Rivaldo.

The second half is somewhat more vibrant. The match is still very nice but does not play as before.

Young Xavi player on the pitch. Giovanni, too, looks like you’re the lost member of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes.

Ronaldo – and we are talking about Ronaldo at the peak, an alien who is a regular, who makes Reiziger an clown with the ball. Obviously it was a penalty, but the referee didn’t blow.

Figo continuously faces Roberto Carlos, who then discharges his anger by kicking a ball into Luis Enrique at close range. An act of beauty.

Rivaldo contributed a table in the draw of Barca 2-2.

Rivaldo contributed a table in the draw of Barca 2-2.

Barca unsaturated. A mistake came from the Ceni when the goalkeeper left the ball out after Figo’s penalty shot, which facilitated COCU’s scoring. At that time he was not or that the silly mistake that would cause him to lose interest in the summer Copa America for the same year, and, naturally, missed the title of the championship.

Sonny Anderson, the only Brazilian player in the Barca squad, was very pleased to face the pair of Selecao-Odvan and Rafael Scheidt’s central guards, who wereAustralia is wearing a Celtic shirt in Scotland. He scored a goal but was rejected by the referee, though he was not free.

The match ended in 2-2, which sounded equal, but it was not very reasonable for Brazil to play better. Ronaldo and Figo embrace each other, changing their clothes and conversation. It’s not clear what they say but they’re kind of “funny today,” right? “.


Barca 2-2 Brazil

It was played at the Battle of Barca 2-2 Brazil in 1999.

“Color Performance”, the El Mundo The next morning. After all, this game is not a dazzling son in the history of football, and it is not a turning point in anyone’s story.

It is just a gentle friendship-friendly match between two strong teams with different attack philosophy.

And everything happened like that.

So then, when someone rocks a PES choosing a football team with the CLUB complaining, you can say, “Why don’t You know Brazil has been kicking with Barca?”.

Huaisheng County (According to The Athletic)


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