Beauty day: Fleurance nature, Cien, Parakito and Rogé Cavaillès


I’ve been invited to an evening devoted to different beauty brands. I made discoveries there and came back with signed test products Fleurance nature, Cien, Parakito and Rogé Cavaillès. Not all of them being suited to my profile, I asked Monsieur, a friend and Junior to give you feedback. Discover our impressions!

Fleurance nature

Fleurance nature micellar cleansing water with rose

Among the selection that I present to you today, Micellar cleansing water with rose Fleurance nature is my favorite ! I immediately adopted it and abandoned my other micellar waters for its benefit.

This micellar water with rose floral water and organic cotton is a cosmetic product. certified organic. It can be used for the eye area. Its formula is soap-free and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive (impeccable for mine!). It sold € 10.90 in the form of a 200 ml bottle. I have been able to observe since there were regular promotions: 6.50 € per bottle or 13.05 € both for example.

I no longer used it for clean my face only to remove it because I am not very focused on makeup but it has two functions. In appearance, the product and a little between water and milk. It is pleasant on the skin and cleanses my combination skin perfectly without drying it out. I feel that the product is natural because I have no allergy to the perfume, very discreet. I’ve finished the bottle and would be very likely to buy it again.

There is another micellar water: micellar cleansing water with blueberry floral water, with very nice packaging. It was simply presented to us during the evening.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Fleurance nature

Fleurance nature products that were offered to me for testing

Fleurance nature anti-wrinkle eye and lip contour

The Fleurance nature anti-wrinkle eye and lip contour is also a cosmetic product certified organic. Light in texture, it promises an anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and concealer effect. It is based on royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and extracts of objectified algae. The 15 ml tube with cold effect applicator is sold for € 26.90.

I only tested the product once: I have never managed to apply a treatment near the eyes without feeling a burn, even without getting too close. There was no lack of it: the next morning, I found it hard to keep my eyes open and had to rinse myself with plenty of water. This difficulty is really linked to my very sensitive profile because I have the same problem with other quality products. I hope that the years will not appear too quickly on my face if I cannot use such products.

I asked Monsieur if he would like to test the eye and lip contour. He’s not used to tips for applying a cream. For him, the object is “too feminine” and he prefers the application to the finger. I will therefore have to offer it to another close friend!

Fleurance nature - Eye and lip area


Cien is the beauty brand of Lidl, often awarded at the Victoires de la beauté.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Cien

Cien products, Lidl’s brand, offered for testing

Cien pomegranate night cream

The Cien pomegranate night cream is tested by Sir. He finds it very pleasant. It penetrates the epidermis very easily and does not leave greasy marks. Its fragrance is light and does not last, which is quite pleasant. This cream also has a major advantage: its price!

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Cien

Cien anti-wrinkle day and night cream

Cien Q10 day and night creams

Monsieur also tested the Cien Q10 day and night creams. He found them very pleasant to use. They are very hydrating and penetrate the epidermis well. The skin is hydrated and not oily. The smell is very discreet: these creams can also seduce men. Their price is a real asset.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Cien

Cien cherry blossom hand cream

That’s also Monsieur who tested the hand cream with Cien cherry blossom. This small tube is easy to slip into a bag or a coat pocket. The cream is pleasant, hydrates hands well without leaving them greasy. The smell is discreet and pleasant. Its price is very attractive.

Cien hand cream

Cien Nude brown varnish

I do not wear varnish (except transparent!). It is therefore a friend who tested Cien color 15, Nude brown. She found the color to be very pretty and went well with her fair skin. She found it easy to apply and judged her dress to be correct: five days. Maybe it could be more if she hadn’t done the dishes and cleaned them up. It validates!

Cien nail polish


Parakito is a French brand of plant-based mosquito repellents : waterproof bracelets for adults or children, sprays, roll-on gels, after bites, etc. It has been in existence for 11 years and is the leader in 12 European countries in the botanical mosquito repellent market. Parakito products are available in pharmacies and drugstores.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Parakito Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Parakito

I have received two products to test but have not yet had the opportunity. I will come back to this post to tell you more when this is the case!

The tropical mosquito repellant

The tropical mosquito repellant spray (€ 13.90) was designed to protect themselves from mosquitoes and ticks in tropical areas for 10 hours for the tiger mosquito, up to 6h for the anopheles and 7h for the ticks. The spray does not contain alcohol and only contains 100% natural preservatives.

The after-bite roll-on

The after-bite roll-on (€ 9.80) was designed to have a refreshing and soothing effect and reduce itching sensations due to the bite of mosquitoes and all other insects. This gel with plant extracts is with essential oils.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Parakito

Rogé Cavaillès deodorants

When I bought products Rogé Cavaillès, it was more for personal hygiene and facial cleansing. During the beauty evening, I discovered their deodorants, divided into three ranges: skin care, absorb + and intense. The compressed format was in the spotlight :

  • the dermato skincare alcohol-free, paraben-free and aluminum-free (75 ml, € 8.90)
  • the absorb + deodorant, anti-perspiration and odors 48h effectiveness (75 ml, € 8.50)

The format of these deos is small but the number of uses is identical to conventional formats. So it’s convenient for those who want put their deodorant in their bag or in an airplane cabin.

I sweat quite a bit (that’s probably why I’m hot since I don’t evacuate!), So I have no reason to turn to a product with the promise of 48 hours of wear, excessive for my need. With my nose allergic to perfume and my skin reactive to alcohol, I always turn to the same product for my armpits. I still tested once the dermato de-care but was bothered by the fact that it had a smell. I am aware that I have a complicated profile when it comes to skincare products.

The gentleman was too addicted to his deodorant stick for the test. It is therefore my 12-year-old son-in-law Junior who uses these deos. He is not very expansive on what he thinks of hygiene products (unless we are talking about shower gel that makes foam!) But he seems appreciate the spray side and prefers these products to the stick that his father had offered him. These deos therefore serve him on sports days and seem effective.

Beauty day Open 2 Europe - March 2018 - Cavaillès

I hope these feedback will be useful to you!

Do you already know some of these brands? Have you tested them?

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