Beauty, food and everyday products: return to the Poulette Sun Party


At the beginning of June, I had the pleasure of participating in the Chicken Sun Party. It was a girls party dedicated to the discovery of products and / or novelties from many brands. Food, beauty, everyday products were represented by FoodItaly, Les 2 vaches, Santé verte, Baranne, Venus de Gillette, les Antillaises, Stella & Dot and Mapache. It was an opportunity to fill up on ideas! I show you ?

Poulette Sun Party - Le Poulette bag

The contents of the Poulette Sun Party bag!

Poulette Sun Party - Le Poulette bag


During the Poulette Sun Party, we took advantage of good products from Il Pazzo. The treat!

This Italian event caterer launched this June 21 FoodItaly, an e-shop specializing in Italian cuisine (you guessed it!). The brand is committed to selling at prices lower than those charged by Italian Parisian grocery stores. Burrata, ham, tiramisu, olives, etc. can be delivered to you in Paris and in the near suburbs. Orders are delivered within 24 hours. With the code CHICKEN22, you will have 20% discount on your order made on between June 21 and September 30, 2018.

In September, FoodItaly will open a showroom to the public. It will be located at 5 rue du Marché Ordener in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It will be open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. or 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It will be possible to pick up your order and taste products.

Chicken Sun Party - Food Italy Chicken Sun Party - Food Italy

Chicken Sun Party - Food Italy

The 2 cows

The 2 cows presented their small straws, organic drinking yogurts. The vanilla straws from Madagascar (around € 3 for 6x100g) have complemented the range already made up of strawberries and peaches since the beginning of the month. I have not yet found them in stores close to my home but watch the radius!

The evening was an opportunity to do a picnic tablecloth decoration workshop.

Poulette Sun Party - Les 2 vaches

Poulette Sun Party - Les 2 vaches Poulette Sun Party - Les 2 vaches

Green health

Green Health laboratories are specialized in herbal food supplements. They presented, as summer approached, its range Circulymphe, dedicated to the well-being and natural lightness of the legs. More than 22 million French people are said to suffer from circulation disorders, which is unfortunately also my case (hello fingers that swell when it’s 22 ° outside).

The range is intended for:

  • relieve legs at work, whether sitting and still or standing
  • help to take the plane serenely
  • relieve in hot weather

The products contain red vine, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium.

I received :

  • of tablets Circulymphe (€ 10.99 for 30 tablets, € 20.49 for 60)
  • a organic external gel Circulymphe, compatible with compression stockings (€ 15.99 per 150 ml tube)

During the evening, each was able to have a massage of the lower legs and feet. Not only was it very pleasant, but it also allowed us to realize the really long-lasting refreshment that the external gel provides.

There are also drinking sticks (€ 13.99 per box of 20 sticks).

Chicken Sun Party - Green health

Regain light legs with Green Health

A tombola is organized during each Poulette party. Each brand present wins one prize for one or more people. During the Poulette sun party, I won … two bags of food supplements ! I should be able to fight against fatigue, contracted muscles, winter ailments, etc. in the coming months. I’ve already started a small Toniphyt treatment to get in better shape.

Chicken Sun Party - Green health

The two bags won at the Poulette party raffle

Chicken Sun Party - Green health

The contents of the two Green Health bags won at the Poulette Sun Party raffle


You presented his household products manufactured in the Vosges and Ecocert certified. Who would suspect that, behind their beautiful packaging, they bring together 100% plant-based active ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. They also do not display a pictogram indicating danger, with the sole exception of small, concentrated refills. Refills are less expensive and allow the spray to be reused. Among the brand’s products are cleaner sprays :

  • windows and screens: I received a refill to be tested
  • disinfectant for all surfaces
  • multi-purpose
  • anti-lime bathroom: I received a spray and a refill to be tested

Poulette Sun Party - You, for cleaning Poulette Sun Party - You, for cleaning

Poulette Sun Party - You, for cleaning

The three You products that I can test


If you take care of your shoes, you certainly know the Baranne brand. I must admit that I maintain mine less than when I was in college (I left shoe polish in the door of the car … It’s not easy in the metro!) But I’m full of good resolutions.

Baranne was present at the Poulette Sun Party but not on any theme: that of the whiteness of the sneakers, that is, white sneakers. The products keep their promises (the proof in pictures!). I received several products to discover:

  • the stain sneakers, which has a scraping brush and also allows targeted action: tested and approved
  • the freshness deo, suitable for both shoes and sneakers
  • thesports applicator, which renovates shoes and accessories in white leather, canvas and synthetic. He promises to give them a uniform appearance, revives the white and makes the leathers shine
  • thewaterproof sneakers, to protect shoes from water! This is probably the step that I respect best after a purchase, even if I don’t think about waterproofing my shoes often enough.
  • the cool soles, made in France, which absorb moisture and scent: I wear orthopedic insoles and therefore cannot test them myself
Poulette Sun Party - Baranne

No more dirty sneakers with Baranne!

Poulette Sun Party - Baranne

Those who wished could have their shoes customized


I am lucky not to be very hairy and admit that I only use the electric epilator (and the tweezers more locally). However, a razor can help out! It may even be necessary before attempting a pulsed light hair removal. The Venus comfortglide vanilla cream includes two moisturizing bars with vanilla scent.

The Caribbean

Caribbean women are round napkins which can accompany our trips or swimming. The brand was created by a Caribbean lover. On the towel I brought back, you can see palm trees, evocative of Martinique. The pull code will allow you to have 10% discount on the site.

Stella & Dot

At the Poulette Sun Party, Stella & Dot presented its jewelry but also dressed our favorite Chick. For example, a Tabitha stretch bracelet costs around € 24, Roman chandeliers earrings € 39. A pretty red top decorated with white embroidery and with a bare shoulder is 74 €.

Chicken Sun Party - Stella & dot Chicken Sun Party - Stella & dot Chicken Sun Party - Stella & dot


Mapache presented his shoes and sandals who use the know-how and techniques of braiding. The brand was created following a trip to Mexico. The materials and craftsmen are selected to offer authentic products.

Chicken Sun Party - Mapache

Back in video on the Poulette sun party

I hope I have introduced you to products that interest you!

Many thanks to Manuela and the brands present!

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