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At the start of the year, I told you about two great products from the beauty brand Ringana. So I wanted to test her new shower range. Fresh body wash, Fresh shampoo and Fresh conditioner contain fresh active ingredients borrowed from nature, innovative packaging that respects the environment. They are certified by the international standard of natural cosmetics Cosmos. Their foam is produced without propellant and the bottles are made from an organic synthetic material based on sugar cane. The conditioner is a real favorite, I liked the shower foam and am just more reserved about shampoo because of the specific needs of my hair. I tell you more!

Ringana - New beauty range of shower treatments

Fresh body wash, the shower gel

Fresh body wash (€ 16.20) contains organic vegetable oils of almond, coconut, black cumin and sesame, extracts of sage and rosemary. It is a two-phase shower gel that turns into foam. Ringana recommends showering with lukewarm water.

I’m almost done with this shower foam. The texture got me surprise at the start because you’re not used to being so light and having a product that lathers little compared to what you might imagine. You have to squeeze the bottle several times for a single shower. The smell also surprised me a bit, but I quickly appreciated it. The product is pleasant to use and I adopted it. I’m the only one in the apartment who tested it.

The new Ringana shower care range - beauty blog

Fresh shampoo, the shampoo

Fresh shampoo (€ 16.80) contains organic rose water and plant-based surfactants. The goal is to gently cleanse hair, normalize the skin barrier, soothe irritated scalps and prevent hair from being electric. The pump bottle also transforms the product into foam.

As for the whole range, I found the super packaging !

During my first try of the Fresh shampoo:

  • I loved :
    – the texture of the foam
    – the fact that it has no smell
    – that the product is soft and does not irritate my scalp
    – that the disentangling is easy then
  • I regretted :
    – that you have to put a very large amount of shampoo on my very long hair. I tend not to put more products than necessary and, there, I kept pressing on the pump of the bottle so that the product covers all my hair and foam a minimum
    – that my hair quickly regreased. Even on the second day, the result was not terrible and I had a hard time waiting for my usual three days

I took several months to test it a second time. This time I used it for the first application of my shampoo. I have a lot of products and it is the alternation between each of them that has allowed me to have a really soothed scalp for about a year after a period of trouble. I was more convinced so and my hair regreased a little slower. So I plan to continue using it little by little, alternating with my other products. I still think I do not have the ideal hair type for this treatment.

The new Ringana shower care range - beauty blog

Fresh conditioner, conditioner

Fresh conditioner (€ 14.90, 125 ml) completes the shampoo by taking care of the lengths and ends. It contains sweet almond oil, shea butter and milk thistle oil. It can be applied to dry areas that really need care, avoiding the roots.

The promise of the Fresh conditioner is to wrap the hair in a protective layer, make them easy to style and perfectly nourished. Promise kept!

I am not used to conditioners but have been trying to get into it for a short time because I have been suffering from knots since I used shampoos that are otherwise very effective on René Furterer’s scalp. I found my hair less fit lately and it was harder to comb my hair. So I was happy to test a product whose objective really meets my needs. The first time, I probably got a little excited about the quantity of product because I wanted to feed the tips and almost ended up packing them! Since, I reuse the product each time successfully. It has been several months now. I don’t put enough and on specific areas that are particularly tangled. No more untangling problems and it doesn’t grease my hair. I am more than convinced!

The new Ringana shower care range - beauty blog

A new time, I enjoyed my Ringana discoveries. I am convinced by the quality of the products and, if the shampoo may not be suitable for my profile, I am nice to have the conditioner on the rim of my tub and test the shower foam. I want to continue exploring the range.

A big thank-you !

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