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I am regularly offered, as part of this blog, beauty products so I can test them and then tell you about them. Sometimes some of them do not lend themselves to my skin or hair type or I do not use them. I do not like the idea that products are not used and spend a lot of energy to find suitable profiles around me. In this post, I’m going to tell you about impressions of a friend of mine, 35, who works in the entertainment world (and therefore uses a lot more makeup than me!) and those of the girl, a high school student, of her companion.

The products concerned are make-up and make-up removers, a varnish and hair and depilatory care. They are brands Anne-Marie Börlind, Couleur caramel, SOOA, Nocibé, Orly, L’atelier makeup, L’atelier du sourcil, Miss W and Nair. In the program : few disappointments and especially some products she could buy.

Anne-Marie Börlind long-lasting lipstick

My friend loves Anne-Marie Börlind long-lasting lipstick! Its texture is soft, light and hydrating. It’s a real pleasure to apply it. He has a great outfit. The color is very beautiful and goes well with his fair skin. In addition, it is a natural plant product so nothing to complain about: she adopts it! To have myself tested products of this brand, I can only join his enthusiasm.

Beauty press - Annemarie Borlind Lipstick
The berry trendy lipstick nourishes the lips and contains hyaluronic acid (€ 14.50, 4 grams).

Caramel turquoise eyeliner

My friend tested and approved the caramel turquoise eyeliner. Her outfit is impeccable! The product brings a touch of originality to the eyes. He dresses blue eyes pretty well. Its application is easy thanks to the brush.

Caramel color - Turquoise eye liner
Thank you A. for the photo 😉

Hair enhancer with almond and argan oils

The hair enhancer with almond and argan oils SOOA has a very pleasant argan oil scent: “we would eat it”! It nourishes dry hair very well without greasing it. He was tested by a schoolgirl with very curly hair. It is sold for around € 4.28 at Leader Price.

Beauty victories 2019 - Sooa

Nocibé rose petals cleansing oil

Nocibé rose petals cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types. Its promise is that of a fine and delicate texture enriched with rose extract. The formula is suitable for vegans and the natural ingredients are carefully selected.

My friend found the scent of rose very pleasant but invites reactive and sensitive skin to be wary. From the first use, his skin burned: impossible to continue using it. On the other hand, for normal skin, it removes make-up quite well from non-waterproof make-up.

Beauty victories 2019 - Nocibé

Micellar eye makeup remover with Corine de Farme blueberry extract

Farme’s Corine Bleuet extract micellar eye makeup remover is hypoallergenic. It is water resistant and designed for sensitive eyes. My friend found it very pleasant. It removes make-up very well all kinds of makeup, even waterproofs, without the need to rub a lot. She adopted it to make up her eyes after the shows: he even removes the eyelash glue!

Victoires de la beauté 2018 - Product to test: Corinne de Farme

Orly purple varnish

The Orly purple treatment and color varnish has good hold and is easy to apply. The color might be easier to wear in the summer but it has been tested by a teenager who likes it very much!

Beauty victories 2019 - Varnish

The intense black eyeliner The makeup workshop

The intense black eyeliner has an intense color and good hold despite a brush not very practical to use. According to my friend: beginners, refrain! But if you already have the hand, it’s a good product.

Beauty - The makeup workshop

The eyebrow box The eyebrow workshop

The eyebrow box is a kit to accentuate your eyebrows. From my friend’s point of view, it is not made for a natural look. Stencils are more useful for thick eyebrows than for very thin brows like hers. Wax and brushes allow them to be disciplined but the color, apparently made for blondes, quickly turns red if you put a little too much (there are actually three boxes and three tones: my friend is blonde). She uses it more easily on stage for her artistic profession than in everyday life where she prefers lighter makeup.

Beauty - The makeup workshop

Miss W lipstick

Miss W lipstick has a creamy and pleasant texture. The pink color is a matter of taste. My friend prefers to wear this type of color on slightly tanned skin but she found it to be a good product and the packaging was girly.

Miss W lip balm - Thalgo influence night

Miss W glitter eyeliner

My friend tested Miss W glitter eyeliner. She found the brush practical and easy to apply. The sequins dress the look discreetly. Good behavior: it validates!

Miss W eyeliner - Thalgo influence night

Divine Nair wax

Divine Nair wax is presented in a jar with a spatula. My friend found it really complicated to use. Finding the right temperature was not easy. When she tested it, the wax stuck and flowed everywhere. She got her fingers full. It dripped down to the floor when she picked up the wax using the spatula to spread it over the skin. And when she finished (after spending a lot of time), she had to take off with the wipe all the small pieces of wax that remained stuck on her skin. She does not expect to wax again in the future. Sorry: I laughed!

We are curious to have your feedback if you wax yourself.

Beauty victories 2018 - Product to test: Nair

I hope you enjoyed this beauty magazine. Do not hesitate to comment if you know some of these products or if they tempt you!

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