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Increasing your reputation and generating leads in Corona times can be challenging – especially for companies that address a variety of their contacts through trade fairs. With an innovative trade fair solution, you present yourself and your products completely digitally 365 days a year and save time and costs – both your own and your prospects.

In the meantime, companies can use new technologies not only in the preparation and follow-up of trade fairs: entire trade fairs can take place online. A virtual trade fair is an attractive alternative to the traditional trade fair, especially during the current pandemic.

The possibilities are manifold. With the right tools, companies from a wide range of fields easily project trade fair stands, stages and workshop rooms into the net – thanks to 3D representations as well as VR and AR technologies.

A new platform is now bringing together the analogue and digital worlds in 3D on a virtual exhibition grounds. So the motto is: If your customers don’t come to the fair, bring your fair to them!

Why you should bet on a virtual fair

You achieve a high range

The vastness and ways of the Internet enable companies to address and invite a wide range of national and international people. This means that the reach of an online trade fair is considerably greater than that of a presence fair. In this way, even groups of people who would be too expensive to attend a traditional trade fair can be addressed.

You save significant costs

A physical and attractive exhibition stand on site requires a large budget volume. It is not only costs for planning and production that are eliminated at a virtual trade fair. Physical information material at the stand as well as costs for travel and accommodation of the own employees can also be saved and now invested more efficiently.

Also an advantage: Once set up, the virtual exhibition stand can be used again and again for new events.

You win more visitors at the trade fair stand

The hurdles to participating in an online trade fair are extremely low. Visitors enter the exhibition stand simply at the click of a mouse – directly from home. Access to the online exhibition hall makes it possible to access your PC, tablet and smartphone. The installation of a special software or an app is not necessary for this.

As with a presence fair, you now address prospective customers, partners and future customers on a personal level in the interactive online space and inspire them with your attractively presented products and services.

How rooom works for different industries

With the rooom platform, companies from a wide range of industries can present their products and services in 3D or even host their own in-house trade fairs.

Great emphasis is placed on interactivity. Because with the rooom online trade fair, direct communication takes place just as easily as at the classic trade fair.

Avatars with great facial expressions and gestures greet the visitors of the exhibition stand personally. Virtual business cards are simply placed by the stand attendants at the click of a mouse and can exchange them with their interlocutors via their avatars.

As at the normal trade fair, it is possible to establish contacts via an exhibitor catalogue and matchmaking, thus ensuring an interactive trade fair stand.

Whether product manufacturer, real estate company, online shop operator or cultural institutions: the solutions of rooom can be implemented for various applications. Trade fair organisers can even book their own exhibition grounds.

With the 3D Product Viewer, products can be displayed in detail in their own online shop as never before. Elaborate product photographs are no longer needed, as well as a high return rate is a thing of the past.

Thanks to 3D representations and 360° tours, the real estate industry also benefits: Thanks to VR technology, real estate companies can introduce and experience three-dimensional potential customers – even in life size on request.

Without installation and without special technology, visitors navigate through a presentation room in 3D or VR. Content such as videos, brochures and images can be easily integrated and discovered with all popular VR systems such as Google Cardboard or Oculus.

Staying in the customer’s memory, succeeds through impressive experienceIsse. With an individual VR world, cultural exhibitions and tourist attractions can be easily and cost-consciously visualized in 3D. Whether a new attraction is being developed or an entire museum is being created virtually: VR and AR form the technological prerequisites for attracting and inspiring tourists and those interested in culture.

Expo-X: An online trade fair for all industries

As the first solution on the market, rooom covers all the steps from the creation of 3D data, through processing to simple presentation on its own website.

With this innovative solution, a company with an online trade fair manages to stay in touch with its customers in the age of Corona. And companies from a wide range of fields can present their own products to the public – on request, 365 days a year.

Without specialist knowledge, companies with Expo-X can set up an online trade fair according to their own wishes. Thanks to an easy-to-use 3D platform, there are countless possibilities for presentation with 3D, VR and AR.

If you need individual support for your virtual trade fair or your trade fair appearance, rooom AG will be happy to help you at any time.

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