‘ Casino king ‘ No gamble of Macau


Stanley cough transforms Macau from a peninsula of gambling to the world’s casino capital, but advises relatives not to gamble.

Stanley Ho (Ha Hong Yard) on 26/5 died at the age of 98, leaving the empire of casinos helped him to be among the richest people in Asia for several decades.

Ha Hong Stadium in Hong Kong in 2008. Photo: Reuters.

Ha Hong Stadium in Hong Kong in 2008. Photo: Reuters.

Mr. Ha was born in Hong Kong in 1921 in a wealthy European and Chinese descent family. But when he was 13 years old, the family opened up after his father evacuated because of securities and fled to Southeast Asia, abandoned his wife and children. Ha Hong Stadium had no money to pull teeth. Many girls are attracted to his Eurasian appearance but when they suggest he invites them to coffee, he is always evasive.

Mr. Ha received a scholarship to the University of Hong Kong but dropped out of World War II. He worked for seven days for the Air Training Bureau before the Japanese Nazi invasion of Hong Kong in 1941.

“I earned ten Hong Kong dollars in 7 days, then I came to Macau,” he said. “I used to be very poor. I started with just 10 Hong Kong dollars. That’s my capital. “

Macau was then the Portuguese colony and maintained neutral Portuguese during World War II. Here, Mr. Ha worked for a Japanese import-export company, specializing in smuggled goods, machinery, rice and other items. Ha Hong Yard was weighted because the superior appreciated his entrepreneurial talent. He earned a million first Hong Kong dollars at the age of 24.

Mr. Ha started building the casino empire in the early 1960. His company Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM) was exclusively operating the casino in Macau in 1961, by promising the Portuguese government authorities that they would promote tourism and improve infrastructure. Hotel Lisboa Casino of the STDM is rapidly internationally renowned.

The STDM was a hit in the years 1980 when many wealthy Chinese mainland people poured out his song ha. However, his hotels and casinos are said to involve the Freemasons, gangsters and prostitutes. Executive officials and analysts around the world accused the casinos of 5, especially the VIP rooms, used by the Freemasons for money laundering.

In a written statement with the New York Times in 2007, Mr. Ha did not reject those allegations but said in 1980 and 1990, “Anyone in the gambling industry is prone to such allegations”.

The monopoly on his casino was terminated in 2001, two years after Macau was handed over to China. Beijing requires the opening of MACAU for foreign companies. The talents from the US such as Steve Wynn and Sheldon G. Adelson opened billions of dollars with pubs, restaurants and 5-star hotels.

Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, once predicted his empire ha will quickly. “He never has to compete in the real market.”

In fact, the competition has promoted Ha Hong Stadium to launch and build new luxury casino hotels. His profits skyrocketed when the rich from mainland China turned Macau into a global parallel capital, surpassing Las Vegas in 2006.

SJM Holdings, STDM’s casino management company, operates 20 casinos in Macau. Mr. Ha’s personal property estimate was US $6.4 billion when he retired in 2018, a few months before his 97 birthday.

“He was the type of man who failed to accept defeat”, Ricardo Pinto, owner of Macau Closer, said in 2007. Mr. Ha also said: “I love to challenge and never accept the answer ‘ no ‘ easily.”

Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau. Picture: AFP.

Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau. Photo: Afp.

However, sometimes the opponent comes from within the family itself. Stanley Ho had four wives and 17 children. In 2011, a family dispute broke out involving the 32% of his STDM stake. He accused the second and third wife of his family to take control of his stake, when he was recovering from his brain surgery.

May 3/2011, Mr. Ha withdraw the petition, notice of dispute has been resolved separately. All the family branches declared the affirmation “will work together to continue the development of the Casino Empire”.

Donors often move between Hong Kong and Macau with a helicopter. He loves dancing and playing tennis, even when he was elderly. He was one of the Olympic torch procession in 2008, when the event was held in Beijing.

However, the King’s casino does not gamble.

“I always say to you and good friends:He burned a lot of money on gambling and, if possible, never gamble, “he said in 1999.

Phuong VU (According to NYTimes/Reuters/SCMP)


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