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The CCleaner download free space by removing unnecessary files from the hard drive and provides other ways to optimize the PC such as cleaning up the registry, removing startup entries, or leaving the pc Uninstall programs.

Note: Under our download buttons at the top or right you will find the installation version and the portable version of CCleaner. CCleaner Portable does not need to be installed and can be copied to a USB stick on request and used on any computer.

In addition, CCleaner for Mac which you can download at the previous link.

Over time, a lot of junk collects on every Windows PC, i.e. no longer needed and superfluous files, which after a while can take up storage capacities ranging from several hundred megabytes to a few gigabytes.

Since this data ballast can significantly affect the performance of the system, it is advisable to regularly use a tool that cleans the system of unnecessary files. The CCleaner Download is by far the most popular program for this purpose.

In our photo section you can find out how to install the CCleaner with individual settings:

CCleaner Download: What the program offers

The CCleaner download can clean the hard drive, erase accumulated junk, and recover precious space on the hard drive and increase the speed of the system. The tool is able to remove both system-created files that are no longer needed, such as temporary files, and those left behind by application programs installed on Windows.

Among other things, CCleaner is able to delete cache files and other data traces of popular browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Also no longer needed files of other applications that unnecessarily burden the system, such as those from Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop to CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Nero Burning ROM, OpenOffice, KaZaA, WinRAR, AVG AntiVirus, AntiVir Desktop, BitTorrent client Vuze (Azureus) and many more, can be removed from the free tool.


Choose what to delete

In addition, CCleaner also detects and deletes the installation files of Windows patches and service packs, which often waste hundreds of MB of hard drive space. Of course, for Both Windows modules and other application programs, you can determine exactly which data to delete from which programs.

This option should also be exercised, so that you do not accidentally delete files that are currently needed with the CCleaner. You can gain a lot of space by deleting the CCleaner’s temporary files.

In our photo series we have 12 tips for you, with which you can make your computer fast again:

The registry module

In addition to the cleaner function described above, CCleaner also offers some useful modules that are also used to clean and optimize the system, such as the registry module. This scours the Windows registry for invalid entries and removes them. Before that, however, the registry module asks whether the contents of the registry should be saved before deleting the superfluous entries.

This possibility should also be taken advantage of, as it can happen that entries that are still needed can be deleted, but these can be easily restored once the backup has been performed.


Other tools of the system cleaning program

The CCleaner still provides various additional tools under the menu item “Extras”. Under Uninstall Programs, you can remove applications set up on the system. The startup tool can disable and delete startup entries, which is also very convenient, as it can slow down the boot process greatly if unnecessary programs are loaded at system startup.

Under “System Restore” you can delete recovery points created by Windows, and caution is also required here. Finally, the CCleaner Hard Drive Wiper allows you to overwrite the free memory of the hard drive or other disk, which makes it possible not to recover previously deleted files in the traditional way.

Tip: The CCleaner can be extended to hundreds of additional programs using the CCenhancer add-on program. The CCenhancer can also be extended with the CCenhancer Chemspill.

This is how you start disk cleanup in Windows.

Comprehensive configuration options in the settings

Under “Settings” the CCleaner and its modules can be configured. For example, cookies can be selected, which are then no longer taken into account when searching the Cleaner module. Furthermore, you can also exclude any files and folders from the deletion process. In addition, the CCleaner Wiper can also be configured under the settings and various other options can be set.

After the CCleaner 5.45 came under criticism for transmitting usage data by default and making it difficult to deactivate, the CCleaner 5.46 contains a “privacy” dialog in the settings, in which the transfer can be transferred permanently and to simple can be deactivated in a way.

Conclusion: Time to “sweep through” the computer again? The Freeware CCleaner provides the necessary utensils: The complete system is thoroughly scanned, unnecessary data scrap is removed and features are provided for better running performance of the PC. Hasty extinguishing operations can be immediately undone thanks to backups made. This means: Safer than with this tool, you can hardly thoroughly clean the PC.


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