China pulled Africa when lonely in international school


Speaking before WHO, he set out the focus of China is to preserve ties with Africa when Beijing faces challenges from the west.

He committed to giving us two billion over the next two years to support the growing economies. He also reminded Africa that China has been in aid, helping them treat 200 million people in the last 7 decades. He is committed to helping 30 hospitals in Africa, establishing an entire Continental health agency and assisting with an affordable vaccine supply if developed successfully.

The Chinese chairman gathered the average speech at online meetings WHA dated 18/5. Photo: Peoples Daily.

The Chinese chairman gathered the average speech at online meetings WHA dated 18/5. Photo: People’s Daily.

The world observed that the generous promises he had given to ensure the support of Africa at the time of the relations between China and the continent were precarious. Although African leaders do not openly criticize China’s response to Covid-19, earlier this week, the group of African countries supported the resolution issued by the European Union and given over 100 countries, calling for independent investigation of the Covid-19.

As Covid-19 made China increasingly isolated in the international school with increasingly bitter criticism from the US and his allies, this week’s speech at the World Health Council (WHA) clearly shows How Beijing attaches importance to the support of African nations.

China maintained ties with African nations from the mid-20th century. Beijing connects you with new countries to gain independence in the continent, in an effort to increase imagery in international schools.

Since then, Africa has proved to be an important diplomatic bloc for Beijing. The Chinese type of Taiwan from the United Nations Security Council in 1971 largely thanks to the support of African members, accounting for 26 of the 76 votes needed.

Over the next decade, when China resurfaced and faced intense criticism from the West, African countries continued to support Beijing. When the west threatened to boycott the 2008 Olympic Olympics in Beijing for concern over human rights issues, African countries continued to support the event.

Recently, when the U.S. pressured the Huawei telecommunications group, alletuation they spy for the Chinese government, the key economies of Africa including Kenya and South Africa still applaud their presence.

“Every us or Western deluded criticism of China, The Chinese government turned to sustainable long-time friends in Africa“, Lina Benabdallah, expert from Wake Forest University said.” Beijing needs African partners to make them unisolated or have no friends on the international market. “

At a time when America is pushing blame Beijing for the Covid-19, the support of Africa is again crucial. China is trying to rotate the story into after defeating the virus, now they are the “head of the ship” efforts against the global Covid-19.

In March 3 and 4, China exported 71 billion (US $10 billion) of medical supplies to all over the world to help combat Covid-19, including about 28 billion PER month. But Beijing’s “diplomatic site” policy received mixed reactions from the west. In March, the head of foreign policy of the European Union Josep Borrell warned of the effort to influence through “generous politics”.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the Governments welcomed aid goods from China. “Africa is where many developing countries are eager to support against the health and economic impact of Covid-19”, Ovigwe Eguegu, analysts of international affairs in Nigeria, said.

This is not the first time Chinese help Africa in public health crisis. By January 11/2014, China 750 million NDT AIDS (123 million) to help countries in the anti-epidemic areas of Ebola. Whether it’s the largest international humanitarian anti-crisis support in Beijing, it cannot be compared to the West. The US, the UK, and Germany contributed over 3.6 billion to 12/2015 for efforts to stop the epidemic.

But as the US and Europe are the largest Covid-19 regions in the world, which bear the economic heavy consequence and Trump cuts funding for WHO, some African countries have less choice than welcomed the help of China.

However, there are signs that the Covid-19 can crack the relationship of Chinese-African relationships. In late February, controversy emerged in Kenya when a China Southern Airlines fly from China to Nairobi at the time of translation still complicated in China. 239 passengers are allowed to leave without tests.

As of March 4, the Ministers of Africa proposed the G20 to offer a 100 billion emergency support package, which included a debt waiver of US $44 billion. China, which is said to be creditors about 1/5 African loans, responded that they would act in accordance with other G20 countries, but did not offer any incentives to long-term partners.

The greatest threat to relations between the two sides appeared in April, when shocking images in the city of Guangzhou were spread: The Africans were being expelled, being driven by the landlord and unable to make a hotel reservation, after rumours that the Africans had flared up a local outbreak. The city tests and quarantined all Africans, regardless of their travel history.

That resulted in an unprecedented movement: the African Ambassadors write a general letter to protest. While the Chinese government sought to appease, the outrage in Africa continued to boil. In Nigeria, ministers proposed retaliatory measures, such as investigating the legal status of all Chinese people in the country.

“The African being discriminate in Guangzhou is the crack in relation between this region and China”, Eguegu, analysts of international affairs in Nigeria said. “By focusing on Africa at WHA, the Chinese president of the calm quarter seems to be showing the African people the region as top priority for China.”

“It can reassure many leaders, but most Africans are outraged about the videos and images from Guangzhou will not upset his speech,” Eguegu added.

Africa is currently not heavily influenced by Covid-19 such as the US or Europe but is appearing increasingly more hotspots and vice president of South Sudan has infected nCoV. Not sure what the translation situation here will be.

“If the Covid-19 raging heavily in Africa, that scenario can not only challenge China’s power as ‘ the ‘ head of the world to health, but also measure how deeply the friendship of Beijing has been so profound,” said Jenni Marsh, author of Cnn Write.

Phuong VU (According to Cnn)


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