China risks facing when out of Hong Kong Security Law


The pressure of security laws with Hong Kong is at risk for demonstration and makes China more pressured by the international community.

The Hong Kong Security Law resolution, proposed by the China National Assembly (NPC) at the inaugural annual meeting last week, is said to be the new and boldest flag country in the attempt to control the district of Beijing. A number of congressman, business leader, and attorney in Hong Kong rated it as a historical turning point to the “one country, two modes” model, which helped the district to seize considerable self-worth after his return to China in 1997.

Some Chinese officials conceal to or NPC are the place for proposition because they know it will be difficult to be passed at the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly. “Hong Kong has not yet perfected the law on security since returning to China. After endless demonstrations, it was time for Beijing to speak more than enough, “a source of understanding the problem says.

Hong Kong chief of the District Carrie Lam 22/5 expressed “profound” belief that the new law will help “prevent, refrain from a practical and effective way to weaken serious national security, as well as punish national security disruptive people by advocating Hong Kong independently and using force.”

Proteers marches against security bills proposed by the Chinese Parliament in Hong Kong 24/5. Photo: Reuters.

The proteers in Hong Kong yesterday 24/5 opposed the security bill proposed by the Chinese Parliament. Photo: Reuters.

However, according to David Lague’s commentator Reuters, China also has the risk of many risks with this action, in which the immediate risk Is the new wave of demonstrations, maybe even more intense in Hong Kong. As soon as the law-issued plan was announced, thousands of Hong Kong people focused on blocking the road, and the slogan opposed the government, causing the security force to deploy armored vehicles, faucets, and tear-gas spray.

“Deep inside, the proteons knew that we were sticking not because we were strong, but because we had no other choice”, the activist Joshua Wong writes on Twitter, a Beijing allegation trying to “discourage the voices of the Hong Kong people”.

Commentator Lague reviews Hong Kong Security Law is China’s fierce flag water, but potentially more at risk to the leadership of the country, In the middle of the Beijing facing massive pressure unprecedented for decades both domestic and international.

Covid-19 outbreak last year in Wuhan city, China, crippled the world economy, with over 5.5 million nCoV infections and over 347,000 deaths. Allegations of concealing and criticism of the initial reaction to the epidemic caused the world’s post-Chinese psychology to the highest level for several dozen years.

The influence of the mainland China also faced the challenge of the Taiwanese government, under the leadership of Mrs. Thai Anh van, is capturing the love of the international community by Inhibitive Covid-19 successfully, avoiding serious economic harm. The many countries in favor of Taiwan attended the World Health Council last week as observers that made China angry, because they considered the island to be a part of a unified pending territory.

Commentator James Griffiths of Cnn Chinese reviews may be betting on the assumption that Covid-19 has weakened the possibility, as well as the determination to force the pressure of the international community with them on Hong Kong issue. However, Beijing’s judgements are likely erroneous. They threatened to boycott Australian goods because the Government called for an international investigation of the Covid-19, but in the end, China supported the investigation.

The plan for pressure of security with Hong Kong is also given in the context of the U.S.-central escalation both in military, political and economic. The administration of President Donald Trump is showing a resolute attitude against Chinese acts on the South China Sea, an allegation of Beijing taking advantage of countries in the area of anti-epidemic focus to promote the claim of uncompromising sovereignty.

The U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet early in March had unusual action, when declaring their entire fleet of currencies, they are simultaneously implementing “emergency response” in the West Pacific. Location of American submarines is usually kept secret, unless the Pentagon wants to give a warning signal that they are ready to cope with the threat. American warships and aircraft also enhanced rehearreers, maritime freedom patrols in the Taiwan Strait and the surrounding waters of China.

U.S. longer warning can retaliate The economy of China if the autonomous rights of Hong Kong is threatened, causing special trade status of the district to fall into the “thousands of hair hanging scales”. This special trade status has ever helped Hong Kong do not incur tax rates that the U.S. imposed with China, so if it is stripped, a series of businesses are at risk of leaving the city.

The damage to Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia and the gateway to China, Can pile up the difficulties for Beijing in the target of economic shock. Even before the epidemic, China’s commercial operations had slowed down. At this year’s annual congress session, the country’s first goal was to abandon GDP growth, instead focusing on employment stability and ensuring the level of living after the epidemic.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for or the pressure of security law “can ruin future prospects in the international business sector,” including the ability to recruit and retain talent in the city. “No one wins if the platform helps Hong Kong reach the compromised international financial and business Center,” Robert Grieves, the chairman of the office, has a comment.

According to Lague commentator, the core motivation that promotes the chairman of proximity and Chinese leadership team enforces security laws with Hong Kong, despite a series of risks, is the lackluster influence of the mainland. The “pleasing” of the Hong Kong people seemed ineffective, as the group by the non-Beijing national perspective won the big in the local elections last year.

“Hong Kong has a high degree of self-worth, but is certainly not independent of China. Hong Kong is a part of China, so its duty is to protect the national security, “the British wage, the former head of the Hong Kong Special District, is now an advisor to the Chinese government, speaking.

“Nearly 23 years since Hong Kong was paid, the national security protection system here remains flawed, can cause disaster at critical moment,” Lac Hue Ninh, director of the Central government Liaison Office in Hong Kong, Cho or, added that the new security law “no need to delay”.

Pearl (According to Reuters)


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