Chinese officials say occupied Taiwan Island control is ‘ pointless ‘


Chinese military officials believe that the East Sa Islands controlled by Taiwan are no longer strategic and not worth acting.

“Only 200 garrisons in the East Sa, meaningless if the Chinese army had to deploy both a group of carrier warfare to occupy such small islands”, an unnamed officer in the Chinese Army (PLA) on 24/5 declared, referring to the ready-to-battle exercise at sea this summer.

Earlier, the Kyodo News of Japan to lead the anonymity in the Chinese army revealed that the command of the Southern War the unit in charge of the war on the South China Sea, which would have had an unprecedented large-scale force of amphibious ships, helicopters, air-buffering ships and navies to take part in an exercise off the Hainan Island in August 8.

The target of the battle is the East Sa Islands, which are located in the north east of the South China Sea, and are now controlled by the Taiwanese defence forces, according to sources. This is considered as the venue for strategic importance with the expansion of Beijing’s operations, as it is located on the migration route of the Chinese naval forces stationed in the Pacific Ocean island of Hainan.

The PLA officials conceal yesterday confirming a group of carrier warfare that would travel through the East Sa Islands on the way to the Reheart area in south-eastern Taiwan, on the Philippine Sea. Although part of the force will take part in an amphibious exercise at a field near Hainan Island, about 600 kilometers southwest of the east, it is not the “rehearsal” that takes over the archipelago.

The man claimed that large-scale exercises with carrier involvement could be disturbing to the Taiwanese authorities, but asserted that its purpose was part of the routine training program, not to simulate the amphibious assault that captured the East Sa archipelago.

“They only wanted to check the availability and combat capability of naval forces in tropical waters,” the officials added.

The Chinese landing ship was rehearsing near Hainan in 2018. Photo: China Ministry of Defence.

The Chinese landing ship was rehearsing near Hainan in 2018. Photo: China Ministry of Defence.

It is unclear whether PLA will deploy Liaoning, the only carrier that achieves the country’s preliminary combat capability, or the Shandong self-closing and newly commissioned at the end of the year 2019, participating in the exercise.

Lu Li-Shih, former Taiwanese Naval Academy lecturer, said that the Chinese army would not seek to occupy Taiwan-controlled islands, since they were no longer strategic in value as before.

“The East Sa Islands and the island of three Binh all lost its strategic value since the Chinese recompense artificial island in the South China Sea. They are three 3,000 m long, with the ability to receive all types of civilian and military aircraft, while Taiwan also has no mechanical combat in these areas, “Lu said.

The island of Ba Binh, the Truong Sa Islands of Vietnam, was illegally occupied by Taiwan and deployed to the Garrison Sea police force. The island is located near some artificial Chinese islands that are illegal in the rocks belonging to Vietnam.

Chi Le-Yi, a military analyst in Taiwan, said that the upcoming exercises, as well as an effort to strengthen the PLA’s general air and naval operations, were evidence that China was seeking to military the entire region.

“The amphibious exercise was a training content of the Chinese navy for the aim of controlling the South China Sea. It can be viewed as the preparation of Taiwan offensive attacks, but the fact that Beijing is building combat systems to prepare for conflicting scenarios in the region, “he said.

Location of the East Sa archipelago. Graphics: Google Earth.

Location of the East Sa archipelago. Graphics: Google Earth.

Despite this, some experts still think that China has held a course of reheartions to send messages to Taiwan and the United States.

“The amphibious exercise took place shortly after the Chinese navy rehearsing 11 weeks in the sea of Bohai. It is a warning to the Taiwanese leader Thai Anh van and the US government that the Chinese army is always ready to act on issues relating to Taiwan and the South China Sea, “said the Song Zhongping commentator in Hong Kong.

China considers Taiwan to be a part of unity pending, including by force if necessary. Both Washington and Beijing recently strengthened their “interconnected” military operations near Taiwan Island. Many times the warship passed through the strait, while the Chinese military aircraft continued to rehearl and overtook the island, forcing the defence forces of Taiwan to follow.

The East Sa Archipelago is locatedThe bee 340 km and the Taipei 850 km away, are located within the administrative range of the Kaohsiung City by the Taiwanese government, while China claimed and placed it in Guangdong province.

Vu Anh (According to SCMP)


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