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Sending or posting a photo of your iPhone in its original size can quickly become impossibility due to the file size – or at least ensure high data consumption. GIGA editor Sebastian explains how to reduce and/or compress an image on the iOS device.

Whether the holiday was abroad or in Germany: I often had to deal with a bad internet connection on the way. Sending photos in their original size, whether via WhatsApp or iMessage, proved to be an impossibility. So are image posts on social networks. In the case of reduced images, the success rate was much higher.  For example, a single photo can be 0.5 MB instead of 4 MB.

Even those who have booked a bad data plan benefit from reduced images. For my last holiday on a non-European holiday, o2 offered 50 MB for 4.99 euros. Well, you should be thrifty …

In order to Reduce the file size of a photo, there are two options:

  1. reduce the image size, i.e. pixel count,
  2. increase compression.

For the best possible result, both go hand in hand. In practice, however, the tool that is most quickly available in the respective situation is usually used. And normally (i.e. when sharing pictures) this is also completely sufficient. How to reduce photos on iPhone? Here’s how to do it:

Resize photos when mailing and apps

The easiest way for us is the Mail app: If we want to send large pictures as a mail attachment (e.g. click on the Forward arrow in the Photos app, then Mail select), asks iOS after clicking Send: Shrink Images? Tap desired size, done.

iphone photos-shrink

Other apps also offer the possibility to automatically reduce the size of the photos directly when they are sent. However, this is a default setting that then shrinks each image—not just a single one. Here’s how to do it in iMessage (Messages app): Go to iOS settings Messages and switch here Image mode: low quality A.

Reduce photos on iPhone with iOS on-board devices

For other postings, we need to reduce the size of the images first. If only one section is relevant, the motto is: Photo Crop. This also shrinks the file size.

Another, un-analyted path with on-board means: Show an image and then display a Screenshot (press the home button and power button at the same time). The resolution then corresponds to the display resolution of the respective iPhone. This can halve the file size, our test image came to 2.5 instead of 4.7 MB. However, the format is not JPG, but PNG. In terms of memory size, a lot of potential is given away.

The most sensible method is therefore to use the command in Apple’s Shortcuts app to activate: Download the app. A “Shrink Image” command should already be integrated here. Alternatively, you can create a workflow yourself.

Start the picture section(15 images)

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Reduce image size on iPhone with apps

The classic way leads via photo apps (download links see below). It is best to use a photo editing, which is also used for other purposes – as long as it offers the function. Here you can enter not only the pixel size, but also the strength of the compression.

I often use PicsArt for image reduction, a free app:


  1. On + open the desired photo and click Edit Tap.
  2. As a tool, resize (Gr… I don’t want to) select).
  3. Such as. 1000 enter and confirm as maximum width and height.
  4. To save, tap the down arrow at the top. The zoomed-out image can now be sent in the PicsArt album via the photos app from iOS.

Also the recommended complete package for photo corrections, Acdsee, allows an export in the Edit window, where the image size is given in pixels. There are also photo apps that are only used to reduce the image. If they are free, there is usually a watermark in the image until you have made an in-app purchase. Attention, I do not recommend a complete conversion of the iPhone photos and the deletion of the originals, if the pictures have not yet been transferred to a computer.

Reduce photos in iMessage with pico photo compressor

Very well made for iMessage is pico photo compressor. First, you upload the app from the App Store to your iPhone. It is free of charge – but if you want to send the pictures without a watermark at the bottom right, you have to plan 3.49 euros for the in-app purchase. Then you also get further reduction formats.

Setup in iMessage: After the installation, you go to a chat in the messages app and scroll to the right to the points button in the apps. Here you add pico photo compressor to the favorites of the iMessage apps: Top on Edit Tap, then the app via the + Add.

Reduce and send image: Now you can reduce images very conveniently: open the app directly in the chat, then select the image and the desired settings: on the one hand the compression quality, on the other hand the dimensions. Particularly important and practical: You can also send the location data as well as the recording data on request or just delete them. In the latter case, the recipient cannot track where the photo was taken based on the metadata. Then tap the Send arrow.

Due to the in-app purchase, the small tool is not quite cheap, but offers a very convenient way to delete location data and reduce images. By the way: pico photo compressor is not limited to use in iMessage alone. You can open the app normally, outside of iMessage, and zoom out. The result can be saved in the photo library or forwarded directly to WhatsApp & Co.

More tips especially for WhatsApp here in the video:

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