Covid-19 ‘ clear ‘ a generation in Italy


In Lot 87 was in the corner of the cemetery in Milan, Italy, a total of 120 tombs had just appeared. Each tomb is marked simply by a white plastic cross.

On each of the cross they have a paper, sometimes with the first letter, sometimes the name itself. Do not record date of birth, no date lost. The cemetery workers put up each tomb a plastic flower.

This is where the rest of the people died in the fight against Covid-19 in Milan, but the body was not received by relatives.

Lot 87 in the city of Milan Cemetery, where the dead have no relatives to get the body. Photo: CNN.

Lot 87 in the city of Milan Cemetery, where the dead have no relatives to get the body. Photo: Cnn.

An unnamed officer in the cemetery for or the majority of the dead is buried here as the elderly, once in the nursing home. Many people do not have families, some do not have relatives to get the body due to command blockades.

In the situation where the body is overloaded, more and more people die each day at the peak of the epidemic, authorities in Milan, Italy’s nCoV hotspots, there is no choice but to bury the unmarried ones. After translation, if someone comes to the identification, the remains will be excavated and buried.

Carla Porfirio once desperately wants to be with her mother in the common forest. Before the Covid-19 flare up, she also came to the Palazzolo-Doin Gnocchi Nursing Home in Milan to visit the Michela tool, 85 years old, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

When the nursing home suddenly prevented the family visiting relatives from nCoV’s outbreak, Porfirio or she always called daily to ask her mother. Each day the staff also make sure the Michela instrument remains healthy.

She was worried when she was not notified that Michela began to appear unwell. When calling on 5/4, she was notified that Michela was breathing in oxygen and using Moóc. The next day, the instrument died.

“What’s worse for us, people who lose relatives,” Porfirio just said sobbing. “It is that we cannot be with them in the last days of the painful life. Then they need their relatives ‘ hands.

At the time of the peak of the epidemic that appeared in northern Italy, the Lombardy region government asked the nursing home to give room for patients who are not critical to Covid-19 to reduce the burden on the hospital.

Porifirio for the Palazzolo-Don Gnocchi clinic or nursing home brought a patient into the same room as her mother and two other older women. When she objopposed, the medical staff said there was no other choice because they were out of place.

The Palazzolo-Don Gnocchi Institute said that since the first infection was detected in the institute, they were immediately isolated, zoned, tested for infections that were at risk. All Covid-19 positive cases are handled according to the government’s guiding process and coordination with the authorities.

Institute does not respond to Porfirio’s comment on the care of Michela stuff.

The Italian government is investigating the wrong mass of health at nursing facilities nationwide in the Covid-19 crisis. The Palazzolo-Don Gnocchi Institute believes the investigation will prove they did the right thing.

The Lombardy region authorities gave or they did not respond to an interview about “nursing homes” due to ongoing investigation.

At least 15 nursing homes were shut down, patients were transferred to another place after the Italian Medical Police Force (NAS) discovered many facilities that did not comply with the anti-epidemic process, such as providing adequate protective equipment to employees and arranging specialized isolation areas for nCoV-suspected patients.

61 people are under investigation. 157 people had a total penalty of over 78,500 USD.

Like the people who lost relatives in the nursing home for nCoV, Mrs. Porfirio was outraged.

“Unacceptable,” she said. “We’re in 2020 that’s still happening. The images were identical to the Spanish flu 100 years ago. So where are we in the same situation? “

Not long ago, Alessandro Azzoni was for a stuff Marisa, 75 years old, his mother, still healthy and agile despite suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He regularly takes walking tools, eats ice cream, dances in the park.

Now that the MARISA instrument is in critical condition, it is required to use a ventilator in an Milan hospital after moving in from the nursing home Pio Albergo Trivulzio.

The institute also receives Covid-19 patients. Azzoni presents the nursing home scheme on mobile phones, based on information from home-working physicians. Most diagrams show red color, indicating the inpatient area of the Covid-19 patient.

Some of the staff and relatives of the disease who sued the Pio Albergo Trivulzio have a “manslaughter” behavior, that they did not protectOld people in the Institute as well as medical personnel.

Mauro Clerici, Milan City prosecutor, the previous month said he was considering the death of more than 100 people at the nursing home during the Covid-19 period. The Clerici for or investigation will focus on “the crimes that may occur under the current law on Covid-19”. No one is arrested as well as prosecuted.

Last month, a spokesman for the institute or the facility had “complied with the rules of wearing pages”, said the number of people who died in the first quarter of this year similar to the last year.

Azzoni, who formed a group requesting a criminal investigation of what happened at Pio Albergo Trivulzio, called it the “massacre”. Investigating the “opportunity for us to change things, bring people back to focus,” he said.

Nembro Nursing Home. Photo: CNN.

Nembro Nursing Home. Photo: Cnn.

The Lombardy region occupied half of the 32,169 deaths from Italy’s Covid-19. One of the most heavily affected communities in Lombardy is the town of Nembro, located at the foot of the Alps.

Of the 87 people living at the Nembro nursing home, 34 died of nCoV.

Giacomo Boffelli, 84, died 11/3. Friends and family tools can finally say the word goodbye two months later, in a single funeral near the entrance to the city Cemetery.

“We never abandoned you. We will never, because you are always in our hearts, “the instrument daughter, Mrs. Nicoletta, the eulogy.

Meanwhile, the instrument’s wife, Margherita, just sat there and listened, the mask sealed her nose and mouth bloody tears.

After the ceremony, the GIACOMO instrument placed in the family graves. “The woman working here told me that the whole area was empty, now it’s out of the land.”

New photographs marked new tombs. Phu DAO tombs and funeral staff are the busiest people in Nembro now.

“Just as if a tsunami had swept away the oldest people,” Nicoletta said.

New tombs in Nembro Cemetery. Photo: CNN.

New tombs in Nembro Cemetery. Photo: Cnn.

Spring is coming to Lombardy. In cities and towns, people are venturing out to enjoy the air and freedom after the government has lifted the blockade.

However, unlike elsewhere in Italy with fewer nCoV numbers, the air of sorrow remained suspended in Lombardy.

“It’s sad. Every time I open the obituary, I see a lot of acquaintances dead. The whole generation is wiped out “, Beppe Severgnini, in charge of the section of the Corriere della Sera, who lives in a heavily impacted town of Crema, explained.

The Covid-19 appears in 212 countries and territories, nearly 5 million people are infected and 327,000 dead. Italy reported 227,000 infections and over 32,000 deaths.

Hong Hanh (According to Cnn)


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