Covid: Stress USA-Trung ‘ boiling tub ‘ meeting WHO


The World Health Council was organized so that the countries outlined the route of anti-epidemic, but instead, it turned into the American-centered opposition.

Speaking the opening ceremony of the World Health Council Meeting (WHA) on 18/5, the Chinese president of the approaching Binh Beijing Declaration would contribute two billion DOLLARS to anti-Covid-19 as well as to deploy physicians and medical supplies to support Africa and other developing countries to deal with the epidemic.

This amount will be spent over two years, folding more than twice the amount of us contributed to WHO before President Donald Trump decides to cut the funding last month. It put China in the leading position of international efforts to curb the epidemic that robbed over 320,000 lives globally.

The Chinese president gathered a moderate in the online meeting of WHO on 18/5. Photo: Peoples Daily.

The Chinese president gathered a moderate in the online meeting of WHO on 18/5. Photo: People’s Daily.

But many people, especially American officials, consider this to be the attempt to “put money in the mouth” in order to block the investigation before the Chinese view has conceal information about the translation.

WHA, the World Health Organization’s decision-making agency (WHO), this year is held online for two days due to concerns about Covid-19. However, Trump refused to make a speech at the conference, creating an opportunity for Chinese president to be the first power leader to state the 194 member States.

“In China, after the effort and sacrifice, we went back to the line of antivirus and saved many lives,” he said. “We have done everything in the capacity to support countries that need help.”

After his speech, American Health and Human Services Minister Alex M. Azar II rebuttally to criticize both WHO and China. “We have to be honest about one of the main reasons why this epidemic is beyond control,” Azar said. “WHO has not obtained the information the world needs and fails that causes many people to lose their lives”.

“In order to hide, at least one Member State ignored his own transparency obligations, which caused the world to suffer a great consequence,” Azar said, referring to China.

The Trump government officials criticize China’s declaration of currency contribution as to influencing WHO, when many Member States are wanting to investigate whether the organization has a “contract” with Beijing, lacking transparency during the outbreak of operation in Wuhan.

“China’s commitment to two billion DOLLARS in order to be driven as more and more countries require China to take responsibility for not being able to perform international regulatory obligations as telling the truth and warning the world,” said John Ullyot, National Security Council spokesman for the United States.

“As the place of the Covid-19 launch, China had a special responsibility to spend more money and give away more”, he added, emphasizing that the U.S. stopped funding the WHO, Washington committed to a total of 10.2 billion dealing with global epidemic.

The U.S.-centered stress at the conference has increased in relation to Taiwanese issues. Prior to the conference, the U.S. had been actively lobbying for the members to support the island to attend the event as an observer, however this attempt failed when only 29 countries agreed, although Taiwan was one of the rare places in the world to handle Covid-19 successfully.

China always considers Taiwan to be a part of unified and opposed territory for the island to participate in the WHA. Taiwan has been in the same way as observers since 2009, when relations between Beijing and Taipei are warm. However, China had caused the pressure to be deprived of Taiwan’s the WHA Observer after Mrs. Thai Anh van, who opposed the policy of “a Chinese”, becoming the leader of the island from 2016. WHO was criticized for having ignored a Taiwanese warning that nCoV was spread from person to person, many days before the mainland China admitted.

WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus CEO received criticism of how the organization handled the translation in the early stages, stating that the agency would assess the “all lessons Learned”. But he did not mention the hypothesis that Trump and many US officials are pushing as nCoV leaked from the laboratory in China. In his speech, he called for any investigation that had to take place after the crisis had settled down.

In recent weeks, both leaders and Chinese people increasingly feel the criticism and international aversion to the Chinese way of dealing in the early stages. Not only are the top American officials harshly about the issue, the European leaders also questioned the mysteries that revolve around translating in China.

The diplomatic strategy of “battle Lang”A lot of China’s poor-quality export medical equipment also contributes to increased stress. About 100 countries have supported the call for independent investigation of the source of the epidemic.

In that context, plus the Chinese Parliament will begin the meeting in Beijing in 22/5, the commitment to his sponsored collective funding seems to be the attempt to win international support and to soothe public anxiety in China.

“Surely this is the time of trouble with Mr.”, Dali L. Yang, political scientist at the University of Chicago said. “Apparently he did not want to be caught up in these matters, when a lot of countries voiced the request to investigate the viral origin”.

Trump’s withdrawal from the International school creates an opportunity for China, which is seeking to reconfigure the multilateral institutions that have long been dominated by Washington. Ryan Harse, a Chinese scholar at the Brookings Institute, said there was a tendency to frequently appear: Whenever Trump draws America from the position of international leadership, China will move forward to the place.

“He always quickly take advantage of the opportunity to serve the interests of China”, Harse said.

Meanwhile, at the WHA, other leaders complained the world lacked solidarity against the epidemic and urged the nations to dismiss the disagreement, although not stating the specific country. “No country can solve this problem alone”, German chancellor Angela Merkel said. “We have to work together.”

Phuong VU (According to NYTimes)


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