Deaths from global nCoV nearly 317,000


The world noted that nearly 317,000 people died from nCoV in nearly 4.8 million infections, with many countries eased and reopened economically.

213 countries and territories recorded 4,798,145 CA infections and 316,507
Deaths, rising between 84,004 and 4,214 CA compared to yesterday, while 1,855,060 people recovered, according to the statistics of Worldometer.

The medical staff prepares the patient for radiography in England on 17/5. Photo: Reuters.

The medical staff prepares the patient for radiography in England on 17/5. Photo: Reuters.

The total number of infections and deaths by nCoV U.s.a 1,526,826 and 90,973 respectively, after recording an additional 19,053 infections and 860 deaths in the last 24 hours. New York, the American Center, reported 139 new deaths, the lowest since 26/3.

Most U.S. states are reopened in stages. Maryland and Virginia reopened from 15/5 while Washington continued to ask the people at home to June 6 because the translation situation here did not improve. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware will reopen the beach from 22/5. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicted to date 1/6, the U.S. will record more than 100,000 deaths.

Russia became the second largest epidemic in the world with 281,752 infections, up 9,709 CA than the previous day. The total number of deaths in the country is 2,631, up 94 cases. This is the third time this week the number of new infections below 10,000, however Russia’s figures since the beginning of the month 5 up to erratic, experts think that it is too early to assert that the country has entered a tendency to reduce the number of infections daily.

Russia has loosened limited measures to prevent nCoV and terminate the paid holiday of the majority of workers from 12/5. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dated 15/5 confirmed that the country did not hide the number of deaths in the epidemic. Meanwhile, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin warns the true scale of Covid-19 in Moscow may be much larger because of the many asymptomatic infections so they do not know their Covid-19 and continue spreading in the community.

Spain The report added 1,214 infections and 87 deaths, raising the total up to 277,719 and 27,650 respectively. This is the first of two months of daily deaths below 100, however, health officials think that low figures may be due to slow reports on weekends.

Many business establishments in Spain have resumed operations. Bars, restaurants and religious establishments in some areas are reopened. In Madrid and Barcelona, where the most stringent restrictions are imposed, the store is now able to receive customers without an appointment, and the museum can be re-opened despite the limited amount of guests. Stores wider than 400 m2 are allowed to reopen across the country, but also limit the number of guests.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wanted to prolong the state’s emergency in the end of 6 months before the complete blockade. The nationwide blockade order in Spain has been renewed 4 times.

Infection and death from nCoV in Kingdom It was 243,695 and 34,636 after the report added 3,534 and 170 CA respectively. This is the lowest daily death rate since 24/3 in Europe’s most deadly epidemic region.

From last week, he “actively encouraged” people to go back to work if their work could not be done remotely, such as manufacturing or construction. People also receive unlimited outdoor fitness, which can participate in many sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, as long as the accompanying people are members of a family. The British Prime Minister also offered people to avoid as much public transport as possible, moving the advice “stay home” to “be wary”.

Italy An additional record of 675 infections and 145 deaths, the total increase of 225,435 and 31,908 respectively.

Shops open, restaurant, hair salon work back from 18/5, however only members of the same family are allowed to sit close at each other at the restaurant. The government will allow freedom to travel again from 3/6, marking a major limitation of relaxation after Italy was the first European country to blockade nationwide in May 3.

France The report added 204 infections, the total increase to 179,569, of which 28,108 were killed, increasing 483 ca.

The government ordered a nationwide blockade lasting almost eight weeks from 11/5. However, the officials insist they are willing to re-tighten the constraint if necessary. At the large wholesale market in Rungis near Paris, the salesperson and purchase are required to wear the page, customers are not allowed to touch the product.

Germany Recorded 381 additional infections and 28 deaths, the total number of timesPale 176,625 and 8,048. Mortality in this country is much lower than other regions in the region as well as globally.

The Government has taken many restrictive measures, allowing the store to operate again, as long as compliance with sanitary and spacing regulations. People still have to wear the page when moving by public transport.

Germany eased quarantine rules with people from the EU and UK countries. The officer only requires isolation if they are from countries with high numbers of infections. People travelling from foreign countries are still required to isolate two weeks.

In Latin America, Brazil Remains the largest translator with 239,483 infections and 16,062 deaths, increasing in turn 6,341 and 429 cases. The country is the world’s fifth largest epidemic.

A poll in the last week showed that 2/3 Brazilians agreed to need “community ways”, which were supported by governors and medical professionals. Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro attempted to reopen the gym, hairdresser’s and other business activities.

Mexico The report 47,144 infections and 5,045 deaths, increasing in turn 2,112 and 278 respectively. The government allowed the opening of several automobile factories from 18/5 days after many calls from the American car carriers. Experts say that the Mexican is at risk of dying because the nCoV is much larger than water because of the background diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

In the Middle East, Iran The report added 1,806 infections and 51 deaths, raising the total up to 120,198 and 6,988 respectively.

Iran had lifted the ban on the intercity and allowed the commercial center to reconnect operations. Two weeks ago, prayer gatherings were resumed in 180 cities and the town of Iran was considered to be at low risk of infection. Schools across the country open back this week.

Arab Saudi An additional record of 2,736 infections and 10 deaths, the total increase of 54,752 and 312 respectively.

Arab Arabia will blockade nationwide during the holiday period Eid al-Fitr from 23/5 to 27/5 to prevent viral spread. Until then, business operations were maintained and people were able to move freely over a period of 9 hours to 17h, except in Mecca, which had remained in a 24-hour curfew.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Reported 731 infections and 4 deaths, the total number of up to 23,358 and 220 respectively. The UAE since last month has loosened the restrictions imposed since mid-March. Dubai, the UAE’s business hub, allows commercial centers, restaurants and cafes to reopen from 23/4 but must comply with the Department of Translation.

China and South Korea have not published new figures.

In South Asia, India Recorded 95,698 infections and 3,025 deaths, increasing in turn 5,050 and 154 respectively. The administration extends the blockade order until 31/5. Schools, commercial centers and other public venues will remain closed, although the rules will be loosened in areas of low-contamination reporting.

Large gatherings are still prohibited. However, in places where non-hot spots are translated, all other activities will be allowed, capable of helping trade and industry reopening across the country.

In South-East Asia, Singapore Remains the region’s largest epidemic with 28,038 cases of infection, up 682 in comparison to the previous day. The number of deaths remained at 22. The country is working to strengthen the test by recruiting more sampling people in places such as dormitories of migrant workers with the promise of high wages.

Indonesia Ranked second with 17,514 infections and 1,148 people dead, increasing in turn 489 and 59 ca. The country’s medical staff still complain about the delayed process, a month after President Joko Widodo promised to strengthen the test number. Indonesia is the only country in the region to record deaths exceeding 1,000.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are countries in the region that have not yet recorded the deaths by nCoV.

Phuong VU (According to Reuters)


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