Do hung dung: ‘ Why look at Thailand? ‘


Chatting with Vnexpress, midfielder Ha Noi do hung dung revealed about the rhythm of life in the Covid-19, the psychological battle in the SEA Games 2019 as well as the plan to become a PEP Guardiola in the future.

-Covid-19 is probably a rare occasion in the life of the player, do hung dung is in the family for months. What is it different from normal days?

-Hanoi is the center, so my activities are all wrapped in the house. The house has enough machines, bikes, Chun, weightlifters, so I still have the exercises to maintain the fitness. With football players, that’s very important, not when translated, we are interested in this issue.

A player must be conscious to help the muscles always in a state of non-stop operation. Football is hard to say before, so the training is where to try, to strengthen the risk of minimizing traumatic risks. During the season, there were short stays, even two or three days, I was all in my way to train myself.

-What about eating?

-Most Vietnamese players are self-study, taking care of themselves. Depending on the degree, intensity of exercise, I will adjust the diet. Every day, I calculate caloric intake and digestion. For example, for the exercise of speed endurance, the concentration of strength will eat more rice, add beef to replenish protein for muscles. But the days of mild exercises, endurance is mainly the secretion, eat down the starch.

I often “cheat back” a milk box. It is fatty foods, calcium supplements. If the food is not enough, then drink milk, or eat yogurt, will help the body to ensure sufficient substance, fast digestion. Meat, fish are also good but digestive long, eat finished it takes several hours to penetrate. Most importantly, after eating finished, the body must be able to absorb and rapidly digestion. This is the same thing as before the competition, I have to eat lightly pasta and drink apples, because it is nutritious food but easy to pepper, not to make yourself heavy belly.

-What method or device do you use to calculate the amount of substance-into the body?

-Well, it’s easy, now Google is all. I searched on it, just type the statement “a bowl of rice or a gram of beef equivalent to how many calories” is going to have the right answer. Then I base it on the volume, since the calorie consumption is visible on the machine, the word for which the human divide is now available, the diet for the meal that day.

-Hung Dung is married. How do you change your life compared to a young man?

-Old days, I’m little home. But now there’s a child, so the episode is rushed back immediately. In this episode, I also practice doing routine work, sharing with my wife. But there are not many changes, since I have prepared for this very long time, everything is in computing.

Even after the climax came through, there were things I had to do with all the wives. The player’s personality is that, home doesn’t do anything to itch the limbs. To be active, the house is also the job, no need to blade big hammer.

Men are more mature after having children. What do you think about this perspective?

-To me, adulthood is a process of experiences and stumbling. There’s a baby, just a little time, a short day, I’m still me. I always told myself and the notion of “to be myself”. Maybe if you change, mature in the way “people expect”, will I lose something? Too much to talk about the house, the intensity goes down, and in return, taking time for too many work, the family is not warm. I have to keep the head cold, balanced all the time.

-At the end of last year, when the new son was born, he could not be with the busy SEA Games 31-The historical League of Vietnamese football. Why would you decide to sacrifice your father to the Philippines?

-Before the tournament, COACH Park Hang-seo called me up to the room and said, “I know you have the first child, but this moment the country called your name. I hope you understand that the tournament is a longing for 90 million Vietnamese people. If you need to, I can call your wife hard. ”

Then I called to ask his wife, saying, “Should you go?” Ask me, I ask because I respect my wife, but in the beginning there is an answer. Honestly, the player is so good. Five years ago, I just expected to be going to the pitch regularly, and now have a historic opportunity, why not go?

Hung dung to raise the ratio to 2-0

Hung Dung scored, raising the ratio to 2-0 in Vietnam’s 3-0 win against Indonesia in the final SEA Games 2019.

-He was one of two older players in the SEA Games 31, the same emperor, and also attended ASIAD as a similar. Experience the national level of youth What’s special?

-In Asiad, the team still has British literature, English brother Germany. But in the SEA Games, I was the older player, then wearing the Captain band in the trade, so there were also fewer roles in the team. I am a big brother, to be responsible for the excitement, to protect the children, convey the idea of the COACH.

Memories are many, because it’s a special tournament. Shortly after the semi-finals of the SEA Games, the dressing room has not yet caught off the shoes, Park said the things of enthusiasm: “History is only once. You will be the writer of history, not me, I can not go to the football field instead. Let’s rest and keep the focus tonight. ”

The next day, during a team meeting, in the Great British, I had only one small advice with teammates: “You just have a request to stop using social media, just for two days. Don’t come online, read greetings, praise and follow it. Let’s wear all the shelves, because those wishes will help us win the championship, when the last game has not yet been played. ”

I conceptually, played soccer is to keep the head cold. Including the 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, or pre-lead, and even when the MANAGER is red on the stand, it must still be “cold”, kicking in the FA. People remember the text-scoring image in the finals, but when we celebrate the two-handed notation. He wanted to say “calm down, ahead of a lot of difficulties”. Football, most importantly the result, the championship.

To say this, into the SEA Games, we bear a very terrible pressure. Many generations of men, because not winning the gold HC SEA Games, have lost many things. But because I understand it, I and my teammates have to be sober.

The working time with COACH Park Hang-seo In the teams brings many quarterly lessons to hung dung. Photo: German dong.

-Compared with the player in the League of U23 Asia Championship 2018, hung Dung seems to be the case of “late Bloom”, when the 2015-2016 years have been known to the new fans. What is the reason why you are not familiar with the young ones in the past?

-Old days the condition is not as now. Each year is only waiting for a few U19, U21, time-rubbing practices very little. Then on the first team, the ability to obtain knowledge from the men was not covered, since when the team went to compete, he was at home. Of course, the important life or career must be “time”, when I grasp the opportunity, is played in the first league, the confidence rises.

But soccer is now professional, there are more or more. We’re not like you, but when you kick off a team, you’ve got great young friends. In the old days, I just had you, you pay to look at, but now there are Quang Hai, Van Hau, Duc Huy… I learned many things from young people, because of my assignments, I will remember the old days, I have not yet done nothing, nothing.

Also thanks to those things, I was active in a collective experience, and young, and generally a good environment for me to advance in my career. Later on, I was promoted to the new peak, reaching out to the next peaks, and experiencing more playgrounds.

-In the last two years, after having traveled to many places to attend many high-level international tournaments, where is the team that made it the most impressive?

-Maybe Iran. I’m not self-ti, but they are World Cup, very different class. The position of the FIFA ranking is clearly visible. They are more than we could power, tactics, thinking. Iranian football has gone so far.

-What about rivals in South East Asia, namely Thailand and Malaysia?

-People say Southeast Asia is “the sunken region of the world” but over the years, regional football has made many changes. CLUBS and teams playing with Asia’s top teams lost only a few stars. The level has gradually been shortened, close proximity.

For Thailand, their league can be more professional, which is not yet over. But honestly, I have never watched Thailand as the motivation. Why don’t we look further, looking up to Japan, South Korea? What do we go through Thailand? Through them then I play, looking up to see how far-reaching the top Asian Group? No, overcoming Thai football doesn’t matter. The goal is practical and at the fingertips of Vietnam are the top continental football platforms. There’s nothing to look at the Thais.

2019 is a year of fullness of do hung dung. Photo: Lam met.

-He mentions South Korea and Japan, two top Asian football platforms. In a personal opinion, hung Dung said that Vietnam should follow the technical philosophy of the Japanese or the discipline C.The welder?

-I think first, we need to be… We, the Vietnamese. How to optimize the fitness, the ability of Vietnamese people, rather than follow the Japanese, in welding or by a school. Every player will produce different products and advantages. People are the most important, tactics or how operations are based on human beings, the inherent foundation.

-From the perspective of the people in the profession, according to him, which location on the field is best suited to Vietnamese players to be able to win the main stone in a foreign environment?

-Not specific location, the one that needs to change most with Vietnamese players is thinking ball play. Fitness, the condition is very necessary but the ones we all have been able to change thanks to nutrition and exercise. But the game thinking will decide how far we go. Why Xavi, Iniesta is not tremendous about bodybuilding, but they still play the top notch? We must practice to play faster, help them be more compact and think faster. Smart ball players like Quang Hai will have many opportunities.

-According to England, what is the language important when Vietnamese players abroad compete?

-Know good English for life, not just football. I love learning English from your baby. It helps me to open the knowledge. Every one of them is a little more good, maybe nothing to do, but it gives me a lot of things, a lesson for example. Recently, I have hired English tutor. I know the start time is a little late, but it’s better late than that.

Learning English is the same as buying food, nutritional compensation, no regrets. Investing in yourself has never been wasted. I learned this, at least there was more than a lot of people who had no chance of approaching.

So far, I always mind that I am an academic, to learn, to learn forever. Talking about soccer, every time I play, in the game, I always bring the heart of the novice, need to learn. When I was 24-25 years old, I was just learning how to step in a balloon, and learned even better children.

-Apparently, the ferocious are preparing for the post-tech site. Besides English, did you open a shop selling football shoes?

-Actually, the store isn’t entirely mine. There was a British in Saigon who wanted to open shoes, thanks to my collaboration, to help manage. Having a new business understands the market is the extreme, I dedicated tutorials, introduce products to customers but buy or not again because of their decision, I do not do it instead. To be honest, business is harder than kicking because it has to use more minds.

-But have you ever feared that the business is not as desired?

-If I lose, I will also have a lesson. Failure is a successful mother. But I’m afraid of losing ice more than losing business.

The lost money can be earned, but the football career is not long, it’s a moment. Let it pass will never get back. As the SEA Games, if the batch is not champions, I will not have the opportunity to return to that tournament.

-2019 can be said to be a full year of mighty dung, when he won the domestic double, champion of the SEA Games, married to birth and encroached on a new field. Was that the last world of the player’s life?

-In terms of titles, it can be said. But personally, people up to 32-33 years of age still grow, I am not young, but not older, and years of striving. Cristiano Ronaldo This year 35 years old, but still scored, still turned on dancing as a young boy. I always take it as a model, striving for motivation.

-However, a physical doctor who has worked in Vietnam has said that “Vietnamese can only grow to a certain range”. How do you think about this?

-To speak stature, the limit is extremely. Japan, South Korea or Iran competed in World Cup since the years 1990, but the rock was only so, yet to be compared to Europe or South America. But not so that they do not learn, not to invest. Just how to invest, choose which example to learn, not to travel massively from abroad.

The story in Vietnam is also the same. The World Cup is still a distant target, but the Asian Cup, or the Asian leagues, can be fully done by Vietnamese. After all, the core is still knowing where we are, what we need. Foreign experts are extremely necessary, but a small affair is to put the exercises in order to make appropriate exercises are also mutual understanding. The genetic code of other Vietnamese Europeans, South Americans, should not be any exercises or in your country will be right with the Vietnamese. For example, getting the player Vietnam to run on concrete, he also knows that the concrete road in Vietnam is not flat, running like that will spoil the knee. Not to mention, Vietnamese weather is alsoOf.

-Evening 26/5, the identity of Vietnamese Golden Ball owners will be announced. On the shortlist, how many% of chances do you think you have on the top podium?

-Actually, I… Not interested in having won the prize. It’s fun, but it’s not okay. Life of the player, I’m most interested the next day, the following month, the following year, I can get into the yard. The award reflects the outcome of a year, recording the efforts of a season, but not a guarantee for the future ahead.

-So what do you care for the future?

-I think I’m going to do something related to football, whether it’s a sales or a specialization. As a coach, I believe I can do a training.

-But a lot of cases in history show, good football is not meant to be training or. How do you visualize the difficulties in the future?

-I had a long preparation for the profession. I write, learn from the experiences of myself. Now, I’m also my own COACH and young players. I have experiences that the previous staff have never known, such as going to play in major playgrounds such as the Asian Cup, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup.

As trips in the AFC Cup last year are not just a chance to take on the expertise, but also to help the entire team learn more about the land, many cultures. To Turkmenistan, I see the climate is amazing, very happy. That side, something white and green, very fancy.

Then the trip nine days “Storm” in Korea, no phone, not out of the hotel, travel takes up to 45 minutes to move, do not see the cars just the bike, life is there like 20 years ago. These are invaluable football things to offer. Maybe, my experience will help future students.

-Choose to become a MANAGER, how do you head towards the Strategy form?

-My idol, Pep Guardiola.

-Why is PEP not another COACH, like Jose Mourinho, for example?

-Pep is the builder of the identity, and Mourinho is not, that’s what I think. Where Pep is going, that team also becomes the world’s leading assault CLUB. But Mourinho was only successful at Inter and Chelsea, because he was good at defence, but the other part, was because these two teams had already had a defensive stone identity. When Mourinho sang Real and Man Utd, there were two traditional assault teams, but it had to kick the defensive style and endure the time, failure was indispensable.

-What about COACH Park Hang-Seo, according to you, what makes the success of the Korean strategist?

Mr Park is careful, calculating the chi Li and arranging everything is very scientific, where is it. The logistics team has up to ten people, but nobody’s going to bust up, everyone like gears in the reels smoothly. Moreover, he had the top five months of working as an assistant to Guus Hiddink, and I found out that he had a way of managing talent.

For example, when focused on the tournament, a game plan was announced by the crew four to five days before the battle. Approaching the match, how rock when being led or in advance, everything is in the calculation of the master.

-Besides Mr. Park, what other COACHES in his career help shape the mighty man today?

-Many of my EMPLOYEES have been with me for years since the beginning. But the triumphs had four men. The first was COACH Truong Viet Hoang, who gave me the opportunity to present himself in the first league. He was the one who always gave absolute faith to all the students, including the young players. Then, Nguyen Duc Thang MANAGER, who helped me improve my fitness. MANAGER Pham Minh Duc is a meticulous person, fixing the smallest movement. And when he was on a V-League football team, he seriously taught the player how to distance, long distance, kicking this battle is thinking about the next battle. Every COACH helps me build a part in human, stylish.

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