Does the Germans dare to play big?


When negativity in the U19 tournament, U21 was recently discovered, fans remember right to the cultural and devoted football goal of the German elected people. But also, the HAGL did not make any achievements in the V-League that caused his “work” unfinished.

The German vote was the first to “draw” the championship with a lot of money with the Dream Team in his first years as professional football. Many of the stars of Vietnamese football took up the mountain city. But in the extremely prosperous era, HAGL did not contribute to many national players. As at the 2004 AFF, they only had two representatives, Nguyen Van Man and Le Quang trai. The two are actually just “2nd Class” in the mountain town hall, especially with the group of players from Thailand held by Kiatisuk.

The German chat, when you have been to COACH Park Hang-seo in May 3/2019 in Pleiku. Photo: German bronze.

The German chat, when you have been to COACH Park Hang-seo in May 3/2019 in Pleiku. Photo: German dong.

Champion is easy with Dream Team, but even when successful very quickly by the formula, the Germans also keep seeing some issues. In 2004, HAGL full won 11 home games but won only three appearances. There was a match at the stage, and he was forced to take all of the original players of Nghe An, where the rain took part in directing the battle to the level of his way home. In the same game, he had an impressive statement when he met SLNA’s two very famous young players: “Buy some of them, the English team has not been anything, then I’m sick.”

As one who would love to use players of “furnaces” Nghe An, elect wonder: why a place can produce steadily and crowded talent for Vietnamese football to the point that can simultaneously arrange two teams of SLNA with the same quality but during 20 years of professional football, SLNA only champion once. The elected answer was found in the construction of the HAGL – Arsenal JMG Academy with an important criterion: moral player. It is possible that he believes that if Vietnamese players are trained in parallel to both the human and the professions, they will surely advance. The sales case at the SEA Games 2005 further strengthened that of the German vote.

The true virtue. There is great similarities between the achievements of Vietnamese football with good quality players. Two generations of the AFF 2008 and 2018 champions consist of a majority of personality players, but there are good personal qualities. In contrast, these failures before the threshold of the paradise of Vietnamese football have doubts about the “embedded Indigo” of the player. Recent missions in the youth playground are an alarm for the next generation of Vietnamese football. By speaking for the same, what Vietnam is having is the result of a correct way of doing 10 years ago rather than now.

But all the right of the Germans will probably not remember anyone. It was hard for him to get into nine people, but the championship was never. The difference from the Dream Team that caused the speculation of the work of the Germans to “troops” will still wear the player Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, public Phoenix.

In fact, the suspect is also true. The past five seasons statistics show that the HAGL hardly advances. After five years from 2015, the score that HAGL obtained in a season increased from 24 points (lowest, season 2015) to 35 points (highest, season 2019), but the point gap between them and the champion was hardly changed. For example, the 2017 season, when Quang Nam crowned with a very low score of 48, HAGL only won 30 points. Last year, when they achieved the most points, there was still a loss of 18 points. A team that is considered strong must be able to champion, but according to the score chart, the development of HAGL is only a cross line over the last five years. Such stability also means that there is no chance of making a breakthrough.

That was the point of the theory that the Germans started 15 years ago.. According to this theory, players with moral, good culture, talent will sublimated, have the ability to develop better than others. If true, HAGL must now champion the V-League or little lice on the top 3, or have the ability to compete for the right championship. It is hard to believe when a team owns many national players, there are still regular enough stone three foreign players, with the addition of those who played football in Japan, South Korea but did not change the winning odds. People have the right to ask: If the player has real talent, where is the ability to control the gameplay? If the player is smarter than the other, then what is the ability to coordinate the rhythm of playing ball and “ensnapping” the enemy to find victory? And if HAGL players were talented, where their mutation was when the season, HAGL’s victories also pointed around eight-nine battles, with no special signs.

HAGL is the fewest draw in the recent five seasons. That is, the battlesU or just win, or lose, a sign that the team can’t afford to adjust the gameplay, the style. Meanwhile, in common sense, championship teams always reach the lowest odds of the tournament. If they can’t win, they’ll find a way to make a draw, and just win a point where the enemy can’t move fast. As the previous season, Hanoi won eight matches and three losses, while HCMC lost six and six. Thus, only a few wins from Hanoi, but Ho Chi Minh City has no chance of winning against four rounds.

As of this season, “children” of the German elected six years in the V-League. The median age was also over 27. The number of national players and U23 is still in the payroll is eight. With the worship of the country, and can be summoned from HO Chi Minh City, this is the first time since 2015, HAGL has the opportunity to launch the entire player in the player U19 talent Day. Experience, age drop point, and the whole time are also in HAGL’s hands. The rest of the problem is that the Germans dare to “play big” once?

The current two-stage competition is an opportunity for HAGL as they still have a good rock tradition at the turn and always fully represent the capacity of meeting strong teams. The HAGL had four points after two games and five home games, their mission to find tickets for the second stage with eight strongest teams. Once there, the match type “lose enough” will be the advantage of the unborn German-people who need a V-League title to end the beautiful and meaningful story.

Song Viet


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