Dortmund-Schalke: A bloody and poetic derby


Today 16/5, Bundesliga re-exported after Covid-19. And coincitized, for this special event was Germany’s most fire-fighting match: The Ruhr area derby between Dortmund and Schalke 04.

A cold winter day in 2010, when the Bundesliga was sinking during the mid-season holiday, the canopy of Veltins Arena covered Snow White and needed cleanup before it could crash down. A snow worker has climbed the roof, carrying a flag in the yellow-black of Dortmund. He hangs that flag on the Veltin roof, and the Schalke CLUB stands crazy.

The Board of Directors of Schalke is dark in the press: “The ridiculous joke. We need a sweep, and we don’t need to hang the flag. British workers, a clear Dortmund, has been attacked online, banned from a lifetime Veltins.

But there was nothing, he plugged the flag that his father, a lifelong CMAN of Dortmund, donated in the early days of the babbling son “Borussia Dortmund”. His actions are crazy but too romantic, don’t you have a foolishman to be arrogant at such a great rivalry?

The matches between Dortmund and Schalke are always full of enthusiasm and distinctive colours of the two CLUBS.

The matches between Dortmund and Schalke are always full of enthusiasm and distinctive colours of the two CLUBS.

Almost 100 years, a Derby

The Ruhr area, also known as the North-Rhine Wesfalia region, is an important land in the territory of the ancient Prussian Empire. This is a heavy industrial area of modern Germany with key products such as coal mining, minerals and metallurgy…

Like other industrial regions in Europe such as Liverpool, Manchester, Turino, Marseille… The football platform in the Ruhr industry is also very developed, to deal with the Capital Football, which belongs to the wealthy, higher-ranking social class of workers and miners.

But because football had grown in a Ruhr area forest appeared two tigers, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04, and they made a most beautiful Bundesliga and fire-and-blood Derby from the years 1930.

An obvious truth, with Dortmund and Schalke, each season, they had only two big targets to be the Bundesliga and win all of the Battle of Revierderby. Then, the third goal is to champion the Champions League-the goal is almost exclusively in illusions.

Through nearly 100 years of history, Revierderby has witnessed countless pleasures of losing the war, with a lot of tragic emotions, prestige, romance and despair. Each battle of Revierderby is entered as if it were the World Cup finals or the match to win, losing to death.

It should be said that the Ruhr area is also the most honest and passionate people in Germany. As a result, love and hatred are always promoted to the threshold of the ceiling, causing the battle of Revierderby to remain hot and cold, such as eternal fire, and cannot be cooled. The world has witnessed how many bizarre stories surround this derby.

Schalke appeared earlier than Dortmund about five years (1904 vs. 1909), so they had benefited from the projected position throughout the 1930 and 1940. After this period, the new Dortmund gradually grew up and overturned the flag. Long ago, Dortmund had such craziness as if Balotelli flipped “Why Always Me?” in order to help Man City Humble Man Utd that year.

For example, the Battle of Revierderby took place in 9/1964, when Dortmund conceded Schalke to six times right in the first half. Too excited with these achievements and to tantalizing rivals, the Dortmund players have opened the champagne to celebrate in the holiday hour, in front of the white shirt-green players.

Fortunately, no one on Schalke was mad to plunge into the bottleneck, eating enough. And fortunately that, in the second half, Schalke did not meet six goals to transform Dortmund’s celebration of becoming a clown for early jokes. They have only removed two goals.

Another memorable battle of Revierderby took place on July 9/1969 in Dortmund. After Schalke scored the lead, the guest teams overcame to celebrate. To stabilise the order, the yard organization used the purebred German Shepherd dog to be trained in the turmoil. Strangely, the professional dog of Dortmund is trained, or the team that manages the dog ordered that the sheep are famous, sharp teeth such as the knife, but not disruptive to Schalke players.

The consequence is that the defender Friedel Rausch lost a piece of butt meat and is forced to enter an emergency hospital. The home team Dortmund then compensated for Rausch 300 mark but did not give an apology or explanation. This caused the unequal Schalke CLUB.

During the reception of Dortmund then the owner The president of Schalke, Guenter Siebert, borrowed a lion from the circus, took him to greet the away team just before the start of the match with no other purpose to threaten the enemy. Fortunately, he’s not yet mad at the lion’s disparity in the butt of Dortmund.

In 2010, Kevin Grosskreutz, an adversary who hated Schalke bitterly, had statements that were humiliated by Schalke when the first for the team to Gelsenkirchen was “the abomination of Bugs”. He claimed to be from his son if he had Schalke fans.

Schalke players celebrate as being champions with home CBS, after defeating Dortmund 2-0 in a match in 2018. Photo: Alamy.

Schalke players celebrate as being champions with home CBS, after defeating Dortmund 2-0 in a match in 2018. Photo: Alamy.

The level of madness and insanity is increased after each encounter, causing the Battle of Revierderby to become increasingly thick with the grungful hatred. We always witness the overexcitement in this derby, which is quite surprising in European football, although it is still far from the Battle of Clasico between Boca Juniors and Rivers Plate in Argentina.

The extreme attitude and action of the two CLUBS, the two forces that continuously inject the oil into a hostile fire are always burning. For Schalke and Dortmund, they always count backwards to wait on the two teams to meet. Each battle of Revierderby is synonymous with the intersection both under the pitch and in the stand.

The police force was always mobilized at maximum but this was still not able to limit the unfortunate incidents. In recent matches, two teams ‘ collisions occur as a feast. When just outside the STADIUM, at the square, the train station, while at the airport… Any place in the presence of two teams is a possible conflict. Sticks, rocks and knives have been used to demonstrate love and enthusiasm forced the police to increase the level of prevention and repression.

Walter Mehring, a STAFF of Schalke living and working in Dortmund said to get to the Signal Iduna Park cheerleader is a journey full of risk and adventure.

For groups from Gelsenkirchen, they were taken by the police to take their seats and get out to the parking place. With independent CBS, such as Mehring’s case, he must be the team of Dortmund to go to the football field and turn the yellow shirt – black to cheap wipe the shoes or wipe the seat.

It was the potential conflicts in Revierderby that led the organizers of both Veltins Arena and Signal Iduna Park to continuously increase their entrance fares to other guest teams, but that still cannot prevent them from following their feet and cheer for the home team.

As in the beginning of the story, he is not alone. There is also a pseudo-contributor in Dortmund for taking a picture with the Slomka COACH, while wearing the shirt in “Scheiss Schalke” but he does not know. “Scheiss” is the word of the German dictionary.

A strange Revierderby battle

Former player Sebastian Kehl has been hanging shoes for five years but still operates at the former team of Dortmund, in charge of the medical department. He was implementing strict medical control protocols including 51 pages created by the Bundesliga board to minimize the risk of nCoV infection when the football came back.

The Battle of Revierderby for the Bundesliga was also the match that marked the return of football in Europe after more than two months of stagnation. It was Kehl’s first Test screen with the virus being terrorizing the planet.

And for the first time, a Revierderby battle will also take place on an empty Signal Iduna Park pitch. For the first time in the history of nearly 100 years, the security force was not summoned to guard each other’s two hateful groups.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19, the match between Dortmund and Schalke this year will be absent the audience. But the appeal would not be so relieved because the top-of-the-air calendar editing had hundreds of years.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19, the match between Dortmund and Schalke will be absent from the audience. But the appeal was not so relieved because the historical antagdcope between them lasted hundreds of years.

The strangeness is in many other factors. The hosts of Dortmund and the other team of Schalke were used to getting a virus test twice a week. Every day, the entire team is measured in temperature and health status is saved and monitored by a special application, as the player performs each morning.

Players must also report individual points in spite of being smallest and immediately isolated in order to conduct tests and cut off the source of risk to others. This workload has made the Covid-19 football regime a real challenge for players, intoThe Board of Training…

On the last Wednesday, the entire team of Dortmund traveled from their quarantine hotel to Signal Iduna Park to train with the requirements to behave under the anti-epidemic protocols. They will not catch up with each other, do not shake hands or embrace when scoring, not beating hands when replacing…

Prior to that, Dortmund had to invite the psychologists to come to help the players to release the pressing, stress because they crashed into a completely different world. As a result, the players felt safe, confident in returning to the pitch, including those who had just had children like Thorgan Hazard and Manuel Akanji.

But, until then, we still can’t know how the players will feel and play out in a “silent” like the hospital house. They were accustomed to playing in a noisy space with the “Wir Leben dich” – We are always together “for Schalke or” Echte Liebe-Love is the true love “of the parties of Dortmund or swearing in order to play and rival players.

But no matter how, the ball will roll, as a strong German declaration against the evil ghosts of the epidemic. The ball will have to appease the worries of all of Europe, in pairs of watched eyes of the British premier organization Committee, La Liga or Serie A.

Therefore, despite not being the world’s most illustrious Derby, and being only famous in the Bundesliga, but now, Revierderby of the day 16/5/2020 will become the historic derby, opening a new chapter of football that we will have to shape the flowers:




DATE: 16/5/2020


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