Facebook is far from dead! It’s just different


The end of Facebook is near. We read this in many places at regular intervals. I know from my own experience that this is not true. The only problem is that what worked on the social network five years ago no longer works (absolutely).

At regular intervals, you can read a new song on Facebook at prominent places. The once so popular and first really successful social network is at the end, it is always said.

I do not think it is that simple. For me and real mums, Facebook continues to play an important, if changed, role.

“There’s no one on Facebook anymore!”

First of all, if you look at the actual user numbers, you have to say that this sentence is not true. Globally, Facebook is still breaking records and can be the highest Number of users Prove.

In Germany, 32 million Facebook profiles have been confirmed. 72 percent of them log in at least once a day. So where does the subjective feeling of the users that they are alone in the network come from?

The simple answer: The user structure and usage behavior simply changes. While certain audiences are less likely to sign up or post to Facebook, new ones are added.

In the German-speaking countries, for example, new registrations of young users have decreased. Today, friends and family connect through other channels. The decline is to be offset by the increase in older users.

In their own timeline, the young users rarely share their private lives. More active, on the other hand, are the slightly older users and those who want to exchange information about their interests with others quite explicitly.

The keyword is groups. Instead of scrolling through the timeline, you will find like-minded people in the Facebook groups and can exchange ideas on a specific topic.

The interactions with posts are then many times higher than with ordinary posts. By the way, not only mothers are very active in groups. Too many other Topics such as vegan diets or motorcycling – interested parties come together.

So I disagree with the statement that no one is on Facebook anymore. And correct: Certain target groups with a certain usage behavior are still active on Facebook.

So why is Facebook still important?

There are two reasons for this.

Facebook as a traffic channel

First, we use Facebook as a traffic generator for our website at Real Mamas, as are other publishers. Relevant content arouses the interest of readers, who are then redirected to the website.

Of course, you have to make sure that Facebook does not become a mere advertising event for your own cause. The users immediately notice this and lose interest.

However, those who offer real added value with the contributions can network the channels with each other and inspire users for a long time.

Community Marketing via Facebook

Second, Facebook groups are an integral part of our community. Within our target group, they are a popular and widely used tool for exchanging and supporting each other.

With no other tool would we have been able to build communities in more than 100 cities in such a short time and to maintain them permanently.

With “Wir sind Echte Mamas” we even operate the largest and most interactive group of mothers in the German-speaking world. This group has over 100,000 members and generates over 1.1 million interactions per month.

Parents in particular use digital channels to find out about products. They trust the experiences and reviews of other parents. You know about purchased reviews in Google articles and online stores and are therefore extremely critical and skeptical.

In the groups, on the other hand, they receive 24/7 answers to their questions and can also ask explicitly if necessary. Which stroller is the best? Who has ever bought a particular brand of diaper? And which mothers want to meet in Berlin in a new café with a children’s play corner?


And the moral of the story? If you take the trouble and familiarize yourself with the new realities on the platform, you will find that Facebook is far from dead. Facebook is only different than it once was.

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