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It is the case that the emergency doctor strokes the “cerebral vascular repair”. But not all damaged blood vessels can get out, patched. According to TS.BS Vu Thanh, deputy head of Campus 2, University of Medicine and Pharmacy hospital HCM, 90% stroke leave for probate. Depending on the cerebral vascular location the obstruction, stroke range as well as the duration of the emergency give a different consequence.

Most people know that a stroke can be fatal but it is not known that the metaphysical testimony is more frightening. They can ruin both the mind and the style, and reverse the patient’s peaceful life by turning the age of 50.

The bar doctor said that every minute of the stroke passed by 2 million dead brain cells. And if the lesion occurs in the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe, where the control of emotions and personality, the patient can turn into human beings completely different from the current ego.

After the stroke, a gentle father also becomes irritable and infuriated to the point of frightening children. Many of his husbands are impulsive, aggressive, thinking of non-consequences and violent inclinations that make you frightening. On the contrary, no less people are the pride of family and society, after stroke, depressed, sad, anxious, unsympathetic. There were 61 studies on 25,000 patients showed that 31% of patients would have to fight with depression for 5 years after the stroke. But the more scary thing is that they often pour this frustration on to their closest relatives.

Neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor (USA)-celebrity with book on stroke published in 30 countries-experiencing a stroke at the age of Calvary 40 after blood vessels in the left hemisphere (where in charge of memory) “exploded”. Taylor clearly felt his memory slowly turning the stroke. She forgot who she is, what name and lost 45 minutes in call for rescue. After 4h, she wasn’t able to speak, read, walk, write or remember anything in the past.

Despite early emergency, successful operas, but Taylor still took eight years of long to heal. Her life and scientific work reversed completely. The same stroke as the slap in the sky is on those who are at the peak of fame, it will be difficult to accept to give up all achievements once created if you are a director, entrepreneur, head of the room… By sudden lack of introspection, loss of thinking.

The stroke that occurs in cerebral hemisphere must affect the spatial cognitive abilities and communication. Metro North Hospital (Australia) statistics, 66% of people in this brain area are exposed to communication disorders and 68% of language disorders. The funniest man, after a stroke, can not make the wife laugh anymore. For successful entrepreneurs to regularly speak before the crowd or negotiate currency exchange with the partner, it is impossible to speak or say that the non-verbal may put an end to the career after the age of 40.

Each cerebral hemisphere controls the half-body opposite. That means that if the brain is right, it will lose its ability to exercise the left body, and the left brain stroke is the right half.

Men are most at the age of 40, but there is nothing worse than seeing themselves walking low legs, distortion, eye-collapse, weak-handed, can not drive or do little work to help my wife. If the stroke occurs at the back of the brain, the person may experience both vision problems such as blurred vision, blindness.

Although the above symptoms can be treated with drugs or therapy but must be very patient, long-term treatment. In contact with many patients in turn, TS.BS Dancers Bar recommends the best way to avoid this condition as preventive as soon as possible.

People outside the age of 40 need to focus on protecting the cardiovascular system-the department has aging after 4 decades of relentless blood transport. If more cardiovascular disease is added, the risk of stroke will be 6 times higher), diabetes is 4 times higher, blood pressure is 3 times more than normal. In addition, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, salty eating, late night, stress work… are also factors that increase the likelihood of stroke, so it is necessary to quit the above routine for prevention from today.

Healthy living, Periodic cardiovascular exams, physical exercise, keeping weight reasonable… Are the simplest ways to room strokes. In addition, families need to supplement the preventive products of the disease etiology.

Blood clots are the source of any stroke, and their “planetary” is a nattokinase enzyme. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement steadily nattokinase with clear, strictly inspected sources. In it, in the Vietnam market, health care foods by Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint stock company has been certified by the Japan Nattokinase Association (JNKA). The product helps the serous fibers do not wrap together, preventing blood clot formation and the prevention of the ear, effectively stroke the brain.


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