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Firefox, also known as Mozilla Firefox, is one of the most important and most widely used internet browsers of our generation. Today, the free web browser can no longer be imagined away from the everyday life of our Internet-savvy society, so it is not surprising that the clever fox of fire is always improved.

Update: Firefox 74 comes with a number of new features and improvements: add-ons can only be installed by the user himself and no longer by external applications. The Facebook container prevents Facebook tracking on third-party sites, and the privacy of voice and video calls has been improved by the support of mDNS ICE.

In addition to the final versions Firefox 64-bit and Firefox 32-bit, which you can download under the download buttons above or to the page, the browser has the pre-editions Firefox Beta and Firefox Nightly, also in a 64-bit and 32-bit version:

In addition to the traditional Firefox for PC, there are also other offshoots of Mozilla’s browser. For example, the mobile Firefox Portable, which allows surfing without installation, as well as the Firefox Mac version, the Firefox Tor browser and Firefox apps for Android and iOS:

With Firefox the gateway to the World Wide Web opens, but the web browser still has plenty of other features for its users than just browsing. Thanks to its flexibility, its richness of features and the many customization options, Firefox is one of the most popular browsers of all.

Firefox: The Features

Whoever is in favour of the Firefox decides, gets some special functions that nowadays are indispensable in the daily surfing. This is how Firefox is based on the Gecko Rendering Engine, which allows the display of different programming languages to be largely error-free and can therefore represent all web pages on the Internet.

Through the Tabbed Browsing multiple tabs or windows can be opened, allowing Firefox to browse multiple pages at the same time. If you want to visit one or more pages several times, you can use them as bookmarks or Bookmarks which are quickly recalled and can also be exported.

The customizable user interface of the Firefox browser provides a search bar in addition to the address bar for direct entry, which by default lists the most popular search engines. It is also possible to manage and customize the search engines.

Various applications or add-ons can unlock additional features and options. These are mainly tools for editing, storing, or displaying Web pages. We have provided a list of the best add-ons for Firefox in a separate article.

You can find out how to install Firefox add-ons in our photo gallery:



Firefox add-ons: Install new browser extensions.

In order to Design of Firefox To adapt to personal requirements, there are various themes or motifs that can change the entire user interface in functionality such as appearance, as well as personas that can only adapt the visual appearance.

Firefox also offers the possibility to keep an insight into the websites already visited. The so-called chronicle lists all pages in chronological order. This storage can also be edited or even deleted on request.

Since Firefox is distributed worldwide, it is not surprising that it is offered in a total of 86 languages.

Firefox: The history of the browser

Originally planned as Phoenix, Mozilla Firefox first saw the light of the Internet world in 2004. Since then, the Mozilla Foundation has been pushing the free web browser incessantly. With annual version updates, the company achieved millions of dollars in growth, while the largest browsers of the Internet era were to emerge. Although not every development was in the interests of the user base, Mozilla placed such great emphasis on usability and user-friendliness that with the Mozilla Firefox Download you now get such a customizable browser that all requirements can be sufficient. The settings can be used to make a lot of changes to make your own taste.

Version 34 of Firefox provided a break in that from this issue a chat program called “Firefox Hello” is included in the functionality of the browser. In the article Firefox 34 with built-in voice & video chat! learn more about the new Firefox chat and how it works.

Since Mozilla Firefox 42, the browser is also available in the final as a 64-bit version. In addition, a tracking protection has been implemented in private mode, which prevents advertisers from tracking your browsing behavior and which can be switched on and off at will via a control element. In addition, it is now possible to stop audio playback in background tabs directly by clicking on the corresponding tab. A detailed presentation of version 42 with all new features can be found in our article Firefox 42 – More Security and finally 64 Bit!.

Firefox 45 disabled all add-ons that were not signed by Mozilla. In our article Firefox: Install locked, unsigned add-ons you can read how you can still use unsigned add-ons.

Firefox 57 was another break, as this version brought a new engine called Quantum and a new design called Proton. You can find out more about what’s new in Firefox 57 Quantum in our news article under the previous link.

Version 70 shortened the name of the browser, previously with full name still Mozilla Firefox called, the program has since officially been called simply Firefox.

Note: If you have decided to download Firefox, you will find several articles below that provide you with both information and help, for example, in the troubleshooting of Firefox. If Firefox is not the browser of your choice, you will find a selection of other browsers on

Conclusion: Firefox stands out for its high level of comfort, ease of use and high security and speed. A big advantage of the open source browser is the very high number of extensions as well as the fact that both these and the browser itself are constantly being developed by a large programming community. The sync function, which allows the personal settings to be conveniently kept in sync on several computers, is also particularly useful.


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