Fit through the Corona crisis: The 15 best sports apps for the iPhone


Sporting goals are versatile. Some of them compete because you want to win. Others want to get fitter by building muscle and losing weight. We’ll show you the 15 best apps for the iPhone that want to help you achieve your sporting goals for 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are already in training and want to find variety or feel new impulses or if you want to start with seven minutes of push-up, but don’t know how. Even if you’re already regularly going to the fitness center and lifting weights or looking for relaxation on the yoga mat, there are apps that help you find new motivation and take your workout to a new level – without exaprecating and taking the fun of the sport through monotonous workouts. Current apps replace and complement the personal trainer with artificial intelligence. One-sided pursuit of ever new records was once: We show you the modern apps for a sustainable training, where even the fun does not have to be lost. Personal training plans, which do not ignore the aspect of nutrition, are the key to success – but most apps can be rewarded in the form of paid membership.

Sport in times of the Corona crisis: this must be taken into account (as of 25.3.2020)

Referring to the corresponding announcement by the Federal Government: The rapid spread of the coronavirus in Germany is worrying. In order to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the number of cases, the reduction of contacts is crucial.

The Federal Government and the Länder agreed on an extension of the guidelines on the restriction of social contacts adopted on 12 March 2020. When sport, special attention should be taken:

• Citizens are encouraged to reduce contact with other people outside their own homes to an absolutely necessary minimum.

• In public, wherever possible, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 m must be observed with persons other than those of their own house.

• Staying in public space is only permitted on his own, with another person not living in the household or in the circle of the relatives of the house.

• The way to work, emergency care, shopping, visits to the doctor, participation in meetings, necessary appointments and exams, help for other or individual sports and exercise in the fresh air as well as other necessary activities remain of course still possible.

Keep up to date with any changes to these requirements and act responsibly!

Best sports apps: Strava

Strava (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

For runners, cyclists and swimmers, Strava is the fitness app of choice. For tracking, sports watches from Garmin, Suunto and other providers or the Apple Watch can be connected. Last but not least, Strava can also be used on the iPhone with GPS, except in the swimming pool. Strava is rightly the leading multi-sport platform for triathlon. The primary focus is on circulatory training (i.e. running and cycling). Nevertheless, balancing and complementary workouts such as yoga and crossfit can also be recorded. Within the app, you can see who is on the same route at the same time. In competitions you can see in the evaluation the advantage of leaders, especially since sports clubs and cycling clubs also organize themselves with Strava. Individual training plans, meaningful statistics and security functions are among the paid functions, which can also be booked individually and monthly if required.

Price: free* (Per: 65 Euro/year) | Web:


Runtastic (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

Under the name Runtastic, you can still find the Adidas running app in the app store. After Under Armour joined Endomondo and Asics invested in Runkeeper, sports equipment designer Adidas joined Runtastic’s community – partly because they discontinued their own development Micoach.

Runtastic continues to run under the name “Adidas Running” – with all known functions and features and a focus on running and circulatory training. After each mile or kilometer, the app gives feedback about the time running on the headphones and then plays the playlist. There are also running stories like “Zombies, Run!” and the power song for the last mile that Nike once introduced. Not least because of this, Runtastic is an integral part of the German running community.

Like Runkeeper, Adidas requires a membership fee for the training plans.

Price: free* (Per: 30 Euro/year) | Web:

Zombies, Run!

The “Zombies, Run!” running app combines the sport with the game – a radio play in which the runner “Runner 5” finds himself in an end-time scenario and collects items that improve the base on “” during the run. Interval training as an escape from zombies and sharp shots as well as black humor motivate the run.

Price: free* (Pro: 22 Euro/year) | Web:

Training with the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a perfect training partner – especially because you’re accompanying it throughout the day. As a pedometer, the Apple gadget pays attention to your movement, but it’s not just in training that you can show what’s in you. Most of the iPhone apps presented below have a Watch app that will further enhance your training achievements.

Nike Run Club

The collaboration between Nike and Apple for the “Nike Run Club” running app is tight – there’s even a special Apple Watch Nike Series. In the app and/or in conjunction with the Apple Watch, personal training plans and weekly challenges motivate you. In addition, there are statistics and coaching programs with guided runs.

Price: free | Web:


The idea comes from England: Parkruns are public, free running meetings that are held in many places around the world. There are already 31 locations in Germany where you can run on Saturday mornings. The app encourages participation in a five-kilometre run and helps to organize your own park run in a park in the neighborhood.

Price: free | Web:

Personal Trainer

The “Women’s Health Personal Trainer” is a training app with 150 workouts and over 700 exercises especially for women. A variety of exercises and training plans provide inspiration every day for motivation. However, an app subscription is required for goal-oriented training plans, individual statistics and access to the video instructions.

Price: free* (Per: 30 Euro/year) | Web:

Golf Game Tracking

Golfers receive meaningful statistics on their playing strength with the tournament-ready app “Golf Game Tracking” from the sports equipment designer Fore. The app knows around 40,000 golf courses worldwide and improves the technology by analyzing the tees, using accelerometers in iPhone and Apple Watch and marking the positions of the tees using GPS.

Price: free* (Per: 50 Euro/year) | Web:


Just take the speed out of the hectic everyday life. This need is met by the Pause app. You follow a growing color circle on the iPhone display with your index finger. After about two minutes, the app prompts you to close your eyes and keep the movement. These are relaxing finger exercises for mindfulness and meditation.

Price: 2.30 Euro | Web:


Freeletics (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

Few people can afford a personal coach – so the Freeletics app gets to the point immediately: When registering, you choose three out of five goals between muscle building and stress reduction. The next step is a 12-week fitness trip. Training with Freeletics Bodyweight is based on short and high-intensity workouts that address the main components of physical fitness. All exercises can do without aids in case of need and are therefore also suitable for business trips. The focus is on strength, fitness and muscular endurance. For the typical lab, it takes between five and 30 minutes.

Individual dietary plans complement the versatile workout with a mixture of strength, bodyweight and circulation. The more often you train, the better the app will perform. When you complete the three-month in-app subscription, your “personal” coach will accompany you.

Price: free* (3 months: 35 euros) | Web:

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel
Asana Rebel (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

There are many yoga studios, but with Asana Rebel’s offeringyou you train the combination of agility and strength with meditation and asceticism bequem at home with iPhone or iPad. The way to the teacher is no longer necessary. As a virtual coach, the app of the Berlin start-up always does all the exercises for you without esoteric frills and demands the annual fee of your membership after the first taster hours – so everything almost like in the studio. More than 100 workouts support personal training goals such as strength, flexibility and circulation, although the training is not boring, because the exercises always vary and still remain tailored to the personal goals. Your yoga sessions are therefore varied and are continuously adapted and expanded. Depending on the shape of the day, you can flexibly complete short, relaxing or long and sweaty sessions on the yoga mat – thanks to the Apple TV app, also in front of the TV.

Price: free* (Pro: 59 Euro/year) | Web:


Fitbod (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

Fitbod wants to optimize your training in the Muckibude. Based on available devices and primary muscle groups, the app sets up a personal workout without neglecting secondary muscles. Circulation, strength and relaxation hold the balance. In addition, the app offers what is often neglected on the devices in the discount fitness center: instructions and variety. Animated videos also show in the free version how to perform exercises on devices correctly.

In training, Fitbod works in the four-day cycle with coordinated repetitions and loads. This prevents injuries and ensures a sustainable training success. In addition, Fitbod logs all exercises that can be adapted if you want to train without devices with an existing in-app subscription.

Last year, the Fitbod app was rightly awarded the “App of the Day” award in the Apple Store.

Price: free* (Per: 62 Euro/year) | Web:


Runkeeper (Image: Screenshot, Apple)

In Boston, not only is the oldest annual running event, Boston also has one of the best running apps, which was recently acquired by the sportswear manufacturer Asics. Runkeeper logs your runs, bike tours and hikes as an app with GPS. With the Apple Watch or a Garmin or Fitbit sports watch, your iPhone can stay at home. In addition, Runkeeper brings together data from other fitness portals and thus offers itself as their quasi-headquarters. Runkeeper’s focus is clearly on running and circulatory training. Challenges, such as virtual competitions, motivate in training with the app. Statistics inform about progress. Individual training plans – tailored to participation in running events and accordingly staggered in folk running (5, 10 kilometers), half marathon and marathon – require an in-app subscription, which also attracts with extensive evaluations.

Price: free* (Per: 40 Euro/year) | Web:


A healthier and sportier life requires a personal diet plan that the Lifesum app creates based on its own goals and preferences. Consumed meals and portions can also be easily recorded thanks to barcode scanning. However, Lifesum only comes out with the varied Scandinavian and Mediterranean recipes in an in-app subscription.

Price: free* | Web:


Seven minutes of intensive training per day should suffice. This is evidenced by sports science. The basic version offers a dozen exercises and rewards regular training after seven months with new workouts, unless you have three workouts per month. However, you can cheat by buying so-called heart points in the app.

Price: free* | Web:

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout is a great application for getting started with regular exercises that can be done with your own body without any aids. Choose from a range of exercises for different muscle groups and do a short or longer workout each day without committing to a monthly gym membership.

Price: 4.50 Euro | Web:


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