Foreign newspaper writes about rescue efforts ‘ patient 91 ‘


The foreign press in the view of Vietnam is trying hard to save the patient’s pilots, praising the “strong hands” of the government.

News Agency Reuters In an extensive post on the treatment process for “patient 91”, writes: “Male pilots are the heaviest patients of Vietnam, being treated by the Vietnamese government for free”.

Under the title emphasizing the efforts to save the British citizen network, the airline reiterated again in that the Vietnam “does not regret anything to retain life for man 43 years old”.

This British case attracted attention in Vietnam, where the government received widespread support from the people in the campaign to prevent viruses, Reuters commented and updated the number of people wishing to donate lung to the pilot patient, leading the case of a 70-year-old volunteer for the lungs. “Nevertheless the doctor refused for medical reasons”.

“There are a number of problems with the underlying pathology that caused the pilot’s condition to worsen worse,” said the agency of the foreign spokesman Le Thu hang. “But with the highest efforts, the Vietnamese health authorities, the best doctors in Vietnam will focus on treating and healing the British patient”.

Vietnam hopes to make successful use of the anti-epidemic work and become a safe environment attracting international manufacturers who are looking for diversified supply chains, Reuters for.

United States Radio National (NPR Praising Vietnam’s efforts to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

“Vietnam is a bright spot in anti-epidemic Covid-19 and is opening business operations back,” NPR writes. “Due to its activities in trace, quarantine, and laboratory tests, the country has retained the number of infections around 300 and there are no deaths.”

The United States also mentions the people of Vietnam volunteering to donate lung to the English patient; The deputy director of the Organ Transplant Center said that it was very emotional in public opinion, including veterans of 70 years old, but refused medical regulations.

“Doctors in HCMC are very trying to save the heavy pilot patient,” the radio station. “Most patients have been sick.”

Vietnam’s anti-epidemic method continues to be concerned with foreign journalism. Bbc Write: How ‘ outrageous ‘ reactions help combat epidemic.

Unlike the other countries, Vietnam has properly reviewed the epidemic situation and should take timely treatment and prevention measures in the “golden Stage”. Vietnam’s anti-epidemic approach costs a lot of effort, there are certain limitations but cost savings and efficiency. But far too late so that the country can learn this model, the news agency writes.

Experts are invited by the airline to analyse the effectiveness of this method.

“When faced with new types of pathogens and can be very dangerous, the outrageous response is still better,” said Dr. Todd Pollack of the University of Havard’s health cooperation program in Vietnam. “Notice that the public health system will quickly get overloaded although the virus is only contagious at a mild level, Vietnam chooses the prevention of the disease early on a very wide range”.

“Viet Nam has made a very quick action it seemed like quite extreme at the time but then it proved to be very reasonable,” Professor Guy Thwaites, director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) in HCMC, which partnered with the Vietnamese government on infectious disease programs, comments.

“The government and the people of this country were accustomed to the treatment of infectious diseases and cautions with these diseases. Perhaps, they are far more cautious than rich nations. They know how to react to such diseases. ”

“General prevention is always better than cure and is always less expensive,” BBC leads his word Thwaites.

Inform Guardian Appreciate the anti-epidemic of Vietnam and update the details of Vietnam’s process for treating pilots.

“Vietnam has 96 million people, collectively the border with China, but so far only recorded 288 Covid-19 cases and no fatalities, in part thanks to the campaigns to drain tests for the timely isolation, messaging recommended for people and sensitive reactions prior to the epidemic,” Guardian described on 15/5.

Vietnam has gradually increased the likelihood of testing when organizing mass tests for people with suspected infections. In early March 4, Vietnam was isolated nearly 70,000 people, including more than 44,000 people in military establishments and university dormitories.

Inform New York Times According to Vietnam’s efforts in treating pilots ‘ patients: “Doctors in Vietnam Hoping the lung transplant can save British pilots, so he does not become the first fatality in this Southeast Asian country “.

Channel News Asia Singapore’s assessment of “timely government action has helped to prevent epidemic spreading and regain public trust”.

“Even the highly skeptical foreigners now glorify the nation’s efforts. They express gratitude for living in Hanoi or HO Chi Minh City and not in their home country, “says the editorial.

Author Helen Clarks commented: “Foreign newspapers are spreading widespread news about the anti-epidemic of the Government of Viet Nam, with the tone being generally warmly sincere-it is rare for many years now”.

According to a foreigner living in Hanoi for about 15 years, “people seem to see more government admiration,” she said. “However, they still complain about the condition that the parents don’t wear helmets for children when they ride motorcycles”.

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