Four successful lung transplant Covid-19 patients


Four severe Covid-19 patients, both in China, have been lung transplant and are in recovery, the new lung is compatible with the body.

The world’s first Covid-19 patient to be lung transplant was the 59-year-old man. The operation occurred at the city People’s Hospital of Wuxi 29/2. This person is identified nCoV infection on 26/1, must put endotracheology and ECMO intervention (external body oxygen system). Then the patient tests the nCoV negative, but the pulmonary function is severely impaired, the lesion can not be recovered.

In a 5-hour surgeries, Dr. Chen Jingyu, deputy director of the Wuxi City People’s hospital, has paired lungs to patients. Pulmonary donation taken from a dead brain person, transferred to the Wuxi city through high-speed rail.

According to Dr. Chen, transplant surgery for people with Covid-19 occurs only under certain medical conditions. The patient’s life is fully dependent on ECMO machines, respiratory insufficiency in both lungs, is impossible to cure. The patient must constantly test the nCoV negative, function of other organs normally enough to survive the graft surgery.

“The surgery is very risky. The medical staff must work in the sound pressure room, wearing protective wear. This is challenging both psychological and physical, “Dr. Chen stressed.

After transplantation, the health of the patient is normal, the new lung is also compatible with the body and works well.

Doctor at Zhejiang Hospital Medical College transplant for patients Covid-19 66 years old on 1/3. Photo: Zhejiang Medical University Hospital

Doctor of Zhejiang Medical University Hospital transplant for COVID patients-19 66 years old on 1/3. Photo: Zhejiang University Hospital of Medicine

Second lung transplant occurred on 1/3, female patients 66 years old, at the No. 1 Associate Hospital, Zhejiang Medical University. The woman identified nCoV infection on 31/2, must put Endotrachean and ECMO breathing. She tests for negative viruses, but still dysfunctional, can not return to normal, need to replace a new lung with a chance to live.

The lungs are donated by an cerebral dead in Hunan province, transported to Zhejiang province by air. After the transplant, Dr. Liang Tingbo, hospital director confirmed the condition of stable patients, pulmonary exchange good gas.

Third Lung Transplant Surgery took place on 20/4, at Renmin Hospital, Wuhan University. Patients with Cui An, 65 years old, were diagnosed with nCoV infection on 7/2. His health status deteriorated rapidly. On 17/2, the doctor must put Intrachea due to the oxygen in the patient’s blood too low. The following day, critical patients, ECMO intervention.

More than a month lived thanks to the artificial cardiopulmonary system, the patient’s condition does not evolve. Like the 59-year-old in the Wuxi city, his nucleic acid tests repeatedly for negative results, however lesions such as pulmonary fibrosis are permanent. This condition leads to respiratory failure, patients at the molecular boundaries.

The doctor at Renmin Hospital, Wuhan University, successfully lung transplant for Cui An patients on 20/4. Photo:

The doctor at Renmin Hospital, Wuhan University, successfully lung transplant for Cui An patients on 20/4. Photo:

The doctor decides to carry out lung transplantation for the patient. The donor lung is that of a deceased brain, died 20/4. The operation lasts 6 hours in the negative pressure chamber to prevent spread of nCoV. By day 22/4, patients are discontinued ECMO intervention, for the first time after more than two months.

The next week, patients awake, can breathe themselves without resorting to breathing aids. He removed the Covid-19 after long bed.

Vice Professor Li Guang, a special care department of the Renmin Hospital, admitted that the patient had a long way ahead to restore function, but the new lung was compatible with the body.

Doctor at Union Hospital, Tongji University of Medicine, pulmonary transplant for patients 54 years old on 24/4. Photo: China Daily

Doctor at Union Hospital, Tongji University of Medicine, pulmonary transplant for patients 54 years old on 24/4. Photo: China Daily

On 24/4, doctors at Union Hospital, Tongji University of Medicine, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Carry out two lungs for men Patients aged 54 years.

This patient is identified as a positive nCoV anise month 1, symptoms include body aches, fatigue and fever. The doctor has put intracheation, patients with ECMO breathing. Patients are also treated in many forms including antiviral, antisepsis, immunotherapy and plasma therapy.

During a negative nCoV test, he was still suffering from pulmonary insufficiency and interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. Status nIt occurs when the organ is severely damaged, the air bag (alveoli) scarring, thickens, causing oxygen to exchange.

A six-hour lung transplant operation. The patient’s health is actively transformed. He is able to communicate by way of the brand, stable survival indicators. The paired lungs are also compatible and work well.

Vietnam is also considering the lung transplant scheme for “patient 91”, an English pilot, hospitalized on 18/3.  Currently, the patient cannot separate the ECMO device. In recent 10 days, the patient tests 5 times, the result is negative nCoV.

Shushan (According to CGTN, China Daily)


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