Fyrtur in review: Ikea Smart Rollo with HomeKit connection

Ikea revolutionized the world of furniture. If you put your hand up during the construction and are not always willing to accept very clear comic instructions, you can re-establish complete streets for mostly small money – and this in style, because the Swedes understand the theme of design. In addition to Köttbullar, Pippi Longstocking and Bookshelf Billy, smart home components are now to be among the export hits from the land of the moose. Over the past few months, the company has continued to expand its range of corresponding products – also around the smart rollo named Fyrtur presented here. After various software-side updates, this finally affects the world of Apple users and integrates into HomeKit and Siri. What is the smart home good for at the smart price?

Watch now: “Ikea Fyrtur Smart Rollo” on ikea.de (Partnerlink)

Fyrtur or Kadrilji: How duster can it be?

The purpose of a roller blind is primarily to darken and darken a room. Ikea therefore offers its smart home space darker in two variants: The model “Kadrilj” is semi-translucent and thus protects above all from light that could dazzle during screen work or television. However, it only gets really dark with the “Fyrtur” tested here. In terms of available sizes and mechanics, both variants can be described as absolutely comparable – except for the translucent fabric of the Kadrilj model, no appreciable differences could be observed in the comparison in the local Ikea market.

But only Fyrtur made it home in the widest version available of 140 by 195 centimetres. And it reveals immediately after unpacking that Ikea is fulfilling the most important promise of a blackout blind: The grey fabric is thick, opaque and therefore absolutely impermeable to light.

Ikea Fyrtur shines with simple assembly

The fastening of Fyrtur does not present too much challenge to even the craftsman with the proverbial two left hands. The two metal angles supplied for attachment to the masonry can be attached to the wall or the ceiling. For this, you need two screws and plugs, which are not available for ikea-typical delivery. When the metal angles are attached, the roller blind can be pushed into the integrated holding mechanism – and also detached by pressing a plastic clip.

The installation directly on the window frame is not documented in the installation instructions. For this purpose, the assembly kit “Klamby” was used – this worked perfectly on the window we chose. The only catch: The window can no longer be completely opened when the blind is attached directly to its frame. Since the fabric web also runs directly along the window, it may be necessary to change the window handle against a flat model – otherwise the roller blind will stop when closing on the window handle. Our self-tested recommendation for a corresponding grip bears the model designation “Juliane”, comes from Alpertec and is in the range of obi-baumarkt, for example.

Basic setup of the Ikea roller blind

If the roller blind hangs, more hardware is set up. First, you use the battery, which finds its place behind a somewhat heavy-duty grey plastic cover. Ikea uses a proprietary battery set called “Braunit” (which can also be purchased individually) to power Fyrtur and Kadrilj. This can be charged using an attached USB to micro USB cable of tidy length. In several weeks of testing, the battery could not be emptied on all days of a month, despite opening and closing several times. This experience coincides with reports from other users on the net: A charging stop seems pleasingly rarely necessary – nice if you can talk about months in this regard.

Fyrtur can be operated directly on the device, via the supplied remote control and after installing a Tradfri gateway also via HomeKit. (Image: Ikea)

The USB charger, which is also in the pack, serves simultaneously as a signal amplifier for the roller blind controlled using the Zigbee protocol. Without this “wall wart” nothing works, even the enclosed remote control is functional without it. If the signal amplifier has found a place in a nearby socket and the CR2032 button cell has been placed in the remote control, the roller blind can be controlled with the same one. If you like, you can use the remote control as a handpiece: A magnetic holding plate for this can be attached to the wall with its adhesive surface or two holes.

Watch now: “Ikea Fyrtur Smart Rollo” on ikea.de (Partnerlink)

The maximum length of the darkening fabric web is 195 centimeters. Both the motorized opening and the closing took 22 seconds in the test setup on a length of 140 centimeters – the opening took a little bit longer. The roller blind itself cannot be opened or closed by hand by pulling the fabric web – “just” darkening the room, thus does not work. After all: Next to the battery compartment there are two small buttons with which the roller blind can also be operated. With these, the maximum length of the roller blind is also determined, because it is by no means the full 195 centimeters required.

Making the roller blind smart

So far, Fyrtur is nothing more than a motorized blackout. It only becomes smart when it is provided with additional hardware in the form of the “Trédfri” gateway. 30 Euros costs Ikea’s in-house smart home hub – in addition to the minimum of 130 euros for the roller blind itself. If the gateway is wired to the network and powered via usb-A plug, the integration into the apple’s own smart home is done using the app “Ikea Home Smart (Tr’dfri)” which is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

The further setup via the iPhone app turned out to be tough despite well-made explanations, because the individual components (gate, signal amplifier, remote control, roller blind) did not always “see” immediately and in addition various firmware updates of the individual components were necessary. In short, the roller blind itself hangs quickly, but until everything runs smoothly, an extra dose of patience must be applied.

After all, once the Tr’dfri Gateway is part of your own HomeKit home, Ikea’s smart home lighting solutions can also be integrated – through the valley of tears at the initial setup, you only have to wade once.

Watch now: “Ikea Fyrtur Smart Rollo” on ikea.de (Partnerlink)

Once in the home app, Fyrtur can be controlled with the well-known comfort of a HomeKit integration: On demand via Siri, the roller blind opens and closes both completely and in percentage terms. Automations, such as closing at sunset, and integration with a scene, such as Good Morning, work fine.

In practice, Fyrtur can convince not only with its design, but also with its functionality at a reasonable price – typical Of Ikea.

Ikea Fyrtur: The Conclusion

Cheap Smart Rollo with good hardware, the initial setup of which requires some patience.

The tested product was purchased by the authors of the test report. No compensation was made by Ikea or any other third party.

The Ikea smart home at a glance


(Image: Ikea)

Cheaper than Philips: Ikea offers various LED lamps at a small price starting at 8 euros. The smart light bulbs, which are controlled via Zigbee, are made fit for HomeKit with the help of the “Trédfri” gateway, which costs 30 euros per home once. Ikea also has various light tiles, switches and remote controls.


(Image: Ikea)

“Kadrilj” is “Fyrturs” translucent twin. While the latter is especially available in rooms such as the bedroom, where a complete darkening is desired, Kadrilj is well placed in front of windows in the working or living room. He shads them and prevents disturbing reflexes on screens.


(Image: Ikea)

Ikea and Sonos do things together: Both the shelf speaker and the table lamp with integrated speaker have the know-how of the hi-fi experts from Santa Barbara, combined with the pleasing Scandinavian design. The wall mount and remote control are available as an option.


(Image: Ikea)

The “Hektar” and “Riggad” working lights combine a Qi charging option for newer iPhone models with a lamp for the writing or bedside table. Craftsmen can even integrate the “Nordmärke” charging pads into furniture. Unfortunately, the maximum charging power for all Ikea chargers is only five watts.

Product Ikea Fyrtur
Manufacturer Ikea
Price from 130 €
Website www.ikea.de
  • opaque, easy to install, HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home connectivity
  • Fuzzy commissioning, too short for floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, proprietary battery
Requirements Tradfri gateway for HomeKit connectivity

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