Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+: March security patches shipped


The free devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland already receive the update. In addition, according to the Release Notes, the update does not bring any further improvements.

Samsung with the delivery of the current Android-Security patches for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. However, the March update is currently only available for the free models in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Experience has shown that it takes a few weeks for the provider variants to receive the update.

According to the Release Notes otherwise, the update does not contain any further improvements.

Galaxy S9 Update 3/2020 (Screenshot:

Android Security Bulletin March 2020

Google had released the March updates for Android earlier this week. The patch level labeled 1.3.2020 includes bug fixes for the Android framework, while patch level 5.3.2020 also addresses kernel and vendor driver vulnerabilities. Most smartphone manufacturers initially implement only the first patch level, presumably for time constraints. However, the first patch level of the following month also includes the bug fixes of the second patch level from the previous month.

The first patch level closes a total of 12 security vulnerabilities, of which a (CVE-2020-0032) is classified as “critical”. Vulnerabilities that can be exploited without warnings or prompts are classified as “critical”. Examples include the remote extension of user rights, which allows attackers to write to the file system or execute arbitrary code without user interaction.

The second patch level closes a total of 60 vulnerabilities. This includes the already mentioned error in Mediatek processors. Of these vulnerabilities, 16 are classified as “critical.” They are invariably plugged into Qualcomm components.

In addition to Google’s monthly security updates, smartphone manufacturers also release details of gaps that can only be found in devices of the respective manufacturer. Samsung reports this month of 25 vulnerabilities. However, the company only gives details of five gaps, all of which are not classified as “critical”. So it can be assumed that the remaining vulnerabilities are so severe that Samsung does not give details of it in order not to encourage cybercriminals to exploit them fraudulently.

For some smartphones, such as the Galaxy S10, Samsung is already distributing the March 2020 security patches. The world’s largest smartphone maker has been delivering security updates just as quickly as Google for several months.

Samsung delivers monthly security updates for its current smartphones that are no older than three years. These include the Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 10, Note 9, and Note 8 series. The more than three-year-old Galaxy S7 receives updates only quarterly. This was most recently the case at the beginning of February.

Perform an update

The update should be offered for installation under Settings – Software Update on the mentioned devices. If this is not the case, you can use the Samsung Smart Switch tool to try to install the update manually. Often this is available for Smart Switch earlier than via OTA. Smart Switch is available for Windows And Macos.

If you are not sure which firmware version is installed on your Samsung smartphone, you can do so with the Phone INFO Samsung get out of it. Among other things, the app lists the product code so that you can check whether an update is available using the table below. Alternatively, you can also access this information by entering *#1234″ in the phone app. CSC specifies the corresponding provider code.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Firmware overview (source: Sammobile, as of March 30, 2020)

Android version Security patch CSC (provider code in red) Product code Provider
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOXM7DTAA Dbt Free device
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOvf7DTAA VD2 Vodafone
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOdx7DTAB Dtm T-Mobile
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FCKH7DTA8 Dre Hutchison Three (Austria)
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOvf7DTA3 MOB/A1 A1 (Austria)
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOdx7DTAB Max T-Mobile (Austria)
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOXM7DTAA Ato Free devices (Austria)
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOXM7DTAA Aut Free device (Switzerland)
10.0 1 March 2020 G960FOvf7DTAA Swc Swisscom (Switzerland)

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