Global corona infection of more than 5 million


The world recorded more than 329,000 nCoV deaths in over 5 million infections, many of which have already been blockaded.

213 countries and territories recorded 5,076,003 shifts and 329,112 deaths, rising 86,893 and 4,667 CA in respectively, while 1,902,554 people recovered, according to the statistics of Worldometer.

The firefighter moved patients in New York on 20/5. Photo: Reuters.

The firefighter moved patients in New York on 20/5. Photo: Reuters.

The total number of infections and deaths by nCoV U.s.a 1,589,372 and 94,902 respectively, after recording an additional 18,789 infections and 1,369 deaths in the last 24 hours.

All 50 U.S. states have loosened blockades but with uneven measures. Some states like Georgia and Texas take a lot of restrictions while other states have more cautious approaches. Baltimore prohibits gathering more than 10 people and retail outlets remain closed.

The state of New York performs a laboratory examination of grocery and pharmacy personnel. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city had enough personal protective items until the end of May 5.

Russia Recorded 8,764 new nCoV infections in the last 24 hours, the lowest increase since 1/5, raising the total number of nationwide infections to 308,705, of which 2,972 died.

World Health Organization representative (WHO) in Russia Melita Vujnovic identified the situation Covid-19 in Russia “entered the stable stage”, but this proposal was more effort to reduce new infections. Russia has loosened limited measures to prevent nCoV, but recommends people wear gloves and rearms when out of the house, avoiding the crowd gathering in public. Russian functional forces implement a variety of measures to detect violations that define community practices to disperse or process them.

Spain The report added 721 infections and 110 deaths, raising the total up to 279,524 and 27,888 respectively. The Government of the decree requires that people aged 6 or older to wear a site in public places can not perform social spacing. The state of emergency in Spain will expire on 23/5, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wants Congress to accept a two-week renewal.

Many business establishments in Spain have resumed operations. Bars, restaurants and religious establishments in some areas are reopened. In Madrid and Barcelona, where the most stringent restrictions are imposed, the store is now able to receive customers without an appointment, and the museum can be re-opened despite the limited amount of guests. Stores wider than 400 m2 are allowed to reopen across the country, but also limit the number of guests.

Kingdom Recorded 248,293 infectious cases, of which 35,704 people died, an increase of 363 ca. Prime Minister Johnson said the government would recruit an additional 25,000 of exposed traces at the beginning of the next month, capable of handling the new 10,000 cases every day, the number of tests done in a day will reach 200,000.

From last week he began to encourage people to return to work if their work could not be done remotely, such as manufacturing or construction. People also receive unlimited outdoor fitness, which can participate in many sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, as long as the accompanying people are members of a family.

Italy An additional record of 665 infections and 161 deaths, the total increase of 227,364 and 32,330 respectively. The rate of spread is at a reduced direction.

The administration is expected to allow the freedom to travel again from 3/6, marking a major limited easing after Italy was the first European country to blockade nationwide in 3 months. All airports can be reopened from this date. Italy will open borders with EU countries and to remove compulsory isolation regulations for immigrants.

France Reported 181,575 infections and 28,132 deaths, increasing in turn 766 and 110 cases. Both levels were lower than the day it was stripped.

France has loosened blockade from 11/5. The number of new infections was not significantly increased compared to the last week before the blockade. Health officials recommend people wearing masks when visiting houses and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles.

Germany There were 72 deaths from nCoV, which raised the number of epidemic deaths in the country to 8,265 in 178,494 infections.

From 20/4, 16 states throughout Germany gradually lifted the limit order at different levels. Germany also began to loosen border control with several neighboring countries from 16/5, the goal was to reconnect free travel in Europe from the middle of 6 months.

The increased rate of infection and mortality in Europe has been significantly reduced compared to the peak phase of the March restoration, allowing water to loosen the blockade of society. However, many European leaders still warn the risk of re-outbreak of Covid-19 if completely removing community-style measures quickly.

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