Global deaths near 334,000


The world recorded almost 334,000 deaths from nCoV in nearly 5.2 million infections, many of which have already been blockaded.

213 countries and territories recorded 5,187,046 shifts and 333,987 deaths, rising 111,043 and 4,875 CA in respectively, while 2,078,024 people recovered, according to the statistics of Worldometer.

Medical doctor checks Covid-19 patients in Moscow, Russia, 20/5. Photo: Reuters.

Medical doctor checks Covid-19 patients in Moscow, Russia, 20/5. Photo: Reuters.

The total number of infections and deaths by nCoV U.s.a 1,618,822 and 96,226 respectively, after recording an additional 29,450 infections and 1,324 deaths in the last 24 hours. The country is the largest global epidemic, leading the world in both the infection and death of the nCoV. However, the country’s human mortality rate is lower than some countries, such as Belgium, Spain, Britain, Italy or Sweden.

All 50 U.S. states have loosened blockades but with uneven measures. Some states like Georgia and Texas take a lot of restrictions while other states have more cautious approaches. Baltimore prohibits gathering more than 10 people and retail outlets remain closed.

Russia A further record of 8,849 new nCoV infections, rising back to the previous day, raised the total number of nationwide infections to 317,554, of which 3,099 were killed.

Russia has loosened limited measures to prevent nCoV, but recommends people wear gloves and rearms when out of the house, avoiding the crowd gathering in public. Russian functional forces implement a variety of measures to detect violations that define community practices to disperse or process them.

World Health Organization representative (WHO) in Russia Melita Vujnovic identified the situation Covid-19 in Russia “entered the stable stage”, but this proposal was more effort to reduce new infections.

Spain The report added 593 infections and 52 deaths, raising the total up to 280,117 and 27,940 respectively. The Government of the decree requires that people aged 6 or older to wear a site in public places can not perform social spacing. The state of emergency in Spain will expire on 23/5, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wants Congress to accept a two week extension.

Many business establishments in Spain have resumed operations. Bars, restaurants and religious establishments in some areas are reopened. At the most demanding restrictions such as Madrid and Barcelona, the store is able to receive customers without an appointment, and the museum is reopened despite the limits of guests. Stores wider than 400 m2 are allowed to reopen across the country, but also limit the number of guests.

Kingdom Recorded 250,908 infections, of which 36,042 were killed, an increase of 338 ca. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government will recruit more 25,000 people in contact with the head of the next month, capable of handling 10,000 new cases every day, the number of tests done in a day will reach 200,000.

Italy Noted additional 642 infections and 156 deaths, continuing to maintain a decreased orientation, raising the total to 228,006 and 32,486 respectively.

The administration is expected to allow the freedom to travel again from 3/6, marking a major limited easing after Italy was the first European country to blockade nationwide in 3 months. All airports can be reopened from this date. Italy will open the border with the European Union (EU) countries and remove the mandatory isolation regulations for immigrants.

France Reported 181,826 infections and 28,215 deaths, increasing in turn 251 and 83 cases, were much lower than the day before. France has loosened blockade from 11/5. The number of new infections was not significantly increased compared to the last week before the blockade. Health officials recommend people wearing masks when visiting houses and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles.

Germany There were 39 deaths from nCoV, which raised the number of epidemic deaths in the country to 8,309 in 179,021 infections.

The increased rate of infection and mortality in Europe has been significantly reduced compared to the 3-month rehabilitation period, allowing countries to loosen social blockade. However, many European leaders still warn the risk of re-outbreak of Covid-19 if completely removing community-style measures quickly.

In Latin America, Brazil It is the largest epidemic with 310,087 infections and 20,047 deaths, increasing in turn 16,730 and 1,153 cases. The country is now the third largest epidemic in the world.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health was instructed to recommend that doctors use anti-malarial medications to treat people with nCoV infections, including mild symptoms. The patient will be required to sign the confirmationAn announcement of potential side effects, including cardiac and hepatic dysfunction, retinal damage and even death.

Mexico The report 56,594 infections and 6,069 deaths, increasing in turn 2,248 and 424 respectively. Experts say that the Mexican is at risk of dying because the nCoV is much higher than water because of the underlying pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

In the Middle East, Iran The report added 2,392 infections and 66 deaths, raising the total up to 129,341 and 7,249 respectively. This is the fourth consecutive day of the country to record more than 2,000 new infections within 24 hours. However, President Hassan Rouhani asserted Tehran was “almost restrained” and said most of the deaths over 70 years.

Health officials say new infections increased from day 2/5 to Iran to strengthen tests. Experts in and outside the country have expressed skepticism about Iran’s official figures, given that the number can actually be much higher.

Arab Saudi An additional record of 2,532 infections and 12 deaths, approximately one day earlier, raised the total to 65,077 and 351 respectively.

Arab Arabia will blockade nationwide during the holiday period Eid al-Fitr from 23/5 to 27/5 to prevent viral spread. Until then, business operations were maintained and people were able to move freely over a period of 9 hours to 17h, except in Mecca, which had remained in a 24-hour curfew.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) The report adds 894 infections and 4 deaths, raising the total to 26,898 and 237 respectively.

China And South korea No data is published.

In South Asia, India Recorded 118,226 infections and 3,584 deaths, increasing in turn 6,198 and 150 respectively. India allows the continuation of domestic flights from 25/5 after two months of downtime. Some federal trains have operated back a week ago.

In South-East Asia, Singapore Remains the region’s largest epidemic with 29,812 cases of infection, up 448 in comparison to the previous day. One more dead, raising the total number of deaths from nCoV to 23. Singapore will allow transit passengers in Changi airport since 2/6.

Indonesia Ranked second with 20,162 infections and 1,278 people dead, increasing in turn 973 and 36 CA, is the only country in the region to record deaths exceeding 1,000.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are countries in the region that have not yet recorded the deaths by nCoV.

Vu Anh (According to Reuters)


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