Hairstyle apps for Android and iOS: try hair color and cut


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Why do you need a hairstyle app, what can such an app actually do? Well, with this you can easily try out new hairstyles with your mobile phone – usually you use a selfie as a basic photo and the app can then change the haircut or the hair color as a preview image. GIGA shows you the best hairstyle apps currently available in the app stores for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Hairstyle apps: What you need to know before you use them

Most hairstyle apps are free and offer a small selection in their standard version. In-app purchases usually have more shades and hairstyles – then costs are incurred. In order for elegant curls, stylish fringes or the cool undercut “on fleek” to shine on your head, you sometimes have to accept advertising banners. A technical miracle should not be expected, because many of the hairstyle apps in the app stores dazzle new haircuts or colors quite simply over your own photo – this can sometimes look quite “fake” and then serve more for entertainment. Accordingly, users’ app ratings are usually not as good. For a short try-out or the fun in between, however, this is to be coped with.

The best hairstyle and beauty app: “YouCam Makeup” for Android and iOS

One of the best average reviews (4.6 out of 5 in the Google Play Store) currently has the “YouCam Makeup” app, which you can install on Android phones and iPhones. The variety of functions is overwhelming: “YouCam Makeup” can be tried out with lipsticks and eyeliner, restyle the eyebrows, smooth the skin and much more – all in real time. Hairstyles are also included, but the focus is clearly on makeup – as the app’s name suggests.

The manufacturer’s video gives a first impression:

If you’re unsure, get styling tips in the app’s beauty circle. This is the community that advises and can share new trend styles with. All in all, probably the most powerful beauty app you can get. Important to know: The app requires a login (e.g. via email or Facebook) and the in-app purchases can be quite expensive.

Hairstyle app: “Hairstyle Makeover” for iOS

This iPhone app features hairstyles for women and men. Simply take your own photo or choose from gallery and you have the choice between several hairstyle categories:

  • male style
  • female style
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long
  • Beards
  • Fun hairstyles

After that, a bit of work is required: choose your new look and adjust the size of the new hairstyle, rotate it and align it with your head. You will then show them directly to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or iMessage.

Already seen? Here we present the best lifestyle apps in the video:

Hairstyle app: “Magic Mirror” for Android and iOS

A similar app is Magic Mirror. If you want to get an impression of the hair color and hairstyle app first, download the free demo version or Lite version in the Play Store or App Store for iOS.

Here, two women’s and men’s faces are available to test the hairstyles. If you buy the full version for currently 2.49 Euro (Android) / 3.49 Euro (iOS), you can try out the wide selection of men’s and women’s hairstyles with your own face, mix your own hair color and then save the result in your mobile phone or send it directly via Facebook or e-mail.

Hair Color App: “Modiface Hair Color” for iOS

Popular and technically well made is “Hair Color” by Modiface. The iPhone app changes the hair tone live while looking into the selfie camera. So you can move around and see the “new” look from all sides. Works great – only with black hair the opacity of the filters could be even stronger, the result is too weak. A handful of colours are available in the free version, the “Premium Package” currently costs 2.29 euros and unlocks numerous other colors.

Hairstyles App: “Friseur Salon Hair Photo Studio” for Android

Various hair styles and hairstyles are also offered in this app. However, you have to be lucky that the “stencils” also fit on your own head – some users are annoyed about the wrong size. Pros: Here you have more realistic looks to choose from. Whether you want to edit a finished photo from your own files or take a new photo directly, you can change your hairstyle quickly and easily with the “Hair Photo Studio”.

The hair and beauty apps presented here are designed to try out hairstyles before going to the hairdresser. Short and long hairstyles, cheeky cuts, elegant styles and new hair colors can be tested in advance and you can see what looks good or not. How do you find these apps – really useful or totally bad? Write us your opinion in the comments.


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