Headphones to sleep in the test: Two sleep headphones for bed


Problems falling asleep? Relaxed music or a soothing good-night podcast can help – listened to via a special sleep headphones. Sometimes you just want your peace and quiet and need the sound-absorbing Bose Sleepbuds or a corresponding alternative with Noise Cancelling. GIGA audio expert Stefan has tried different headphones for sleeping and describes his experiences in a big comparison.

First of all, sleep and sleep problems affect physical and mental aspects of health. GIGA cannot give any technical advice here, but can only provide an overview of the type of “sleep headphones” that can help with relaxation. At serious sleep problems and lack of sleep it is essential to seek medical advice. A possible starting point is the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), the information material (PDF) and contact details on Sleep laboratories in Germany Provides.

Table of Contents: Sleep Headphone Test 2020

    1. Sleeper receiver in the test: Navly headband with Bluetooth
    2. Noise-Cancelling-Sleepbuds in review: QuietOn Sleep

Headphones to sleep: What is it and what are the types?

Of course, you can wear any “normal” headphone model to fall asleep – but at the latest, if you’re lying on the side of a pillow, conventional headphones are annoying. Over-ear models move and can break through the pressure, in-ears pierce the ear canal or get lost. Instead of searching for the AirPods between the sheets every evening in the dark, you should leave them on the dessert and buy a more suitable solution: headphones for sleeping. The term “sleep headphones” is not clearly defined and may have different designs and purposes. In this purchase advisory service, we distinguish between:

  1. Wireless Bluetooth headphones that can play music and can be worn to sleep in bed due to their special design.
  2. Noise-absorbing ear inserts (“sleepbuds”), which are primarily intended to block ambient noise, thus ensuring peace and better sleep.

A real bestseller is the . We have Sleep and sports headphones tested in a few days and nights and can largely agree with the positive customer reviews. It is basically an elastic headband that is tube-shaped and in which headphone technology is located: two round flat speakers on the left and right, a keypad inserted into the fabric material at the front and a slot with a micro USB plug at the back.

The Processing quality is kept simple and reminiscent of a sports leggins that can be found at the discounter on the voles table: Here and there a piece of the yarn stands off, probably sooner or later one or the other place will not withstand the natural wear and tear. Rather a product that serves its purpose for the next two to three years, rather than an acquisition for life. But with the admittedly cheap price, that’s fine.

The Comfort is very good. The initially somewhat narrow headband expands after a few days and thus becomes more comfortable. Nevertheless, it sits safely on your head, so that you can also go jogging or do yoga exercises with it. If it has to be, you can leave it down all night while sleeping – but with “hair-raising” consequences for the hairstyle the next day. Side sleepers will notice that the flat speakers exert little pressure on the ear – however, one of the speakers is then pressed more firmly to the head by the pillow, which can make the sound on the side appear a little louder and duller. This can only be adjusted by precise settings in the equalizer. Better: Shape the pillow so that there is some “air” in the area of the speaker.

The Sound the Navly headphone headband is not comparable to good headphones, there should be no false hopes. The middles are fine, there is also a little bass. But the heights are bleached and make some songs sound like from a plastic kitchen radio. For podcasts and radio plays, however, the sound is absolutely sufficient. Even for the morning running round with your favorite playlist or as a “sleep headphones” on Netflix watching on the mobile phone/tablet, there is nothing to object to the Navly headband. But it is certainly not an instrument for the high musical enjoyment.

Tip: The loudspeakers can be flexibly moved in the “fabric hose”, so that the sound can be optimized a little after installation. The more centralthespeakers are positioned on the ear channels, the better the sound. There is virtually no shielding of ambient noise. Also, the bed neighbor involuntarily hears at medium volume that music is running – like when someone normally calls with his mobile phone and you stand right next to it. To the Operation on the forehead you have to get used to it. It doesn’t help to memorize where which button is – after all, you can’t see it when you’re wearing the headband. At the first attempts a mirror helps, after that you have the spin out.

Conclusion: An interesting product, this headphone headband. Sound ly not a revelation, but rather comfortable to wear and above all very cheap in terms of price. At least as “bed headphones” for YouTube viewing much better than conventional in-ears. For athletes, however, it is more worthwhile to invest significantly more money in special sports headphones.


  • Comfortable and safe fit on the head


  • Blecherner Sound: Nothing for serious music enjoyment, but enough for podcasts and YouTube
  • Simple workmanship, limited durability

Navly Headband Headphones: Test Rating

  • Sound: 45 percent
  • Wearing comfort: 80 percent
  • Hardware, Design & Functions: 75 percent
  • Battery: 75 percent

Total: 69 percent

On the subject of sleep, you should also inform about the Apple Watch:

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Sleep monitoring with the Apple Watch: My guide to the smartwatch

Noise-Cancelling-Sleepbuds in review: QuietOn Sleep

QuietOn is no stranger to us – we already had a very similar product from the manufacturer in the test. At the time, my verdict was positive, although I found the price excessive. In the meantime, a lot has happened in the area of true wireless headphones: Meanwhile, models like the Apple AirPods Pro or the Libratone Track Air+ also offer active noise cancellation and also play music in good sound quality. This competition did not exist at that time – so the legitimate question arises as to why a product such as the QuietOn Sleep should be good for around 200 euros, which is not Noise Cancelling (ANC) has nothing to offer. Technically, these are “high-tech oropaxs” do not play sound signals Can. A similar product was also available from Bose for some time: the “Noise-masking Sleepbuds” were discontinued due to battery problems.

Well, the decisive factor is likely to be size. The two housings of the QuietOn Sleep are extremely compact – definitely a track more space-saving than most True Wireless headphones. Thanks to flexible memory foam attachments, the ear channels are reliably sealed – but this also creates the typical “cork-in-the-ear feeling” that not everyone can get used to. Otherwise, the wearing feeling is okay, nothing presses unpleasantly. You can wear them for a few hours at a time.

As soon as the housings are inserted, you can hear … nothing in fact. This is exactly the task of this gadget: it provides the noise protection of conventional earplugs and also filters low frequencies by counter-sound electronically. To test the effectiveness, I have recorded aircraft cabin noises with a low frequency sine tone (60 Hz) combined and run at high volume. In fact, the QuietOn Sleep filters out the bass content audibly better than the one used for comparison.

The Disenchantment came when I thinkhave used. Here the Noise Cancelling is even more effective and pushes the noise a little better into the background. The fact that these are also full-fledged headphones for listening to music and making phone calls (headset) only allows a verdict …

Conclusion: The ANC hearing protector QuietOn Sleep is hopelessly overpriced and only recommended in a few cases. When it comes to hiding low frequencies, using as little space as possible in the ear (sleep ability) and the battery life of up to 20 hours is crucial – only then should this gadget be considered. The purchase price is not to be represented in view of the good selection of True Wireless headphones with Noise Cancelling – except, of course, if money doesn’t matter at all. For a quiet night, normal ones are also well suited and for air travel you prefer to get the AirPods Pro, the Sony WF-1000XM3 or the .


  • Very compact housing
  • Filters out low frequencies with ANC and provides peace of mind
  • Battery life is easy for the whole night


  • Far too expensive: Should cost at most a quarter of the price
  • Don’t play music

QuietOn Sleep ANC Earplugs: Test Rating

  • Noise Cancelling: 60 percent
  • Wearing comfort: 60 percent
  • Hardware, Design & Functions: 40 percent
  • Battery: 75 percent

Total: 59 percent


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