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Meditation and mindfulness training: Proven not only helpful with too much stress, but also a great defense against brooding thoughts and feelings of anxiety. Thus meditation is a good means to prevent while social distancing is a good way to prevent it right now in the coronavirus era. GIGA recommends some free and paid applications to help you learn to meditate effectively.

Several studies have confirmed that meditation and mindfulness training have already been positive influence on the density of grey cells in the brain. Among other things, we can increase our ability to concentrate through training and become more flexible in our thinking, so we can adapt to new situations more quickly. In addition, increased emotional intelligence, it can be handled better with stress and negative feelings and we are more relaxed.

Both flexible thinking and a certain serenity are required of us, especially in the Corona crisis: because we are constantly in our own four walls and do not have a break from the family, the stress level increases, and many are afraid of being infected with the virus. So that the nerves don’t lie bare and you can relax better, helps besides sports and creative distraction also meditation.

The following apps Can help with anxiety, stress and depression. If you feel overwhelmed with the current situation or are faced with problems that you cannot solve yourself, you should also consult professional help:

Compare the best meditation apps

While professionals can easily turn a blind eye to get into the here and now, beginners and advanced ones don’t have it that easy. Luckily, there are a few apps that offer help. We introduce the best meditation apps.

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Headspace – The most popular meditation app

Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps on the market thanks to the successful marketing. However, if you want to use them, you have to pay money. Although there is an initial trial phase, it usually ends after a ten-day introduction. If you want to continue meditating with Headspace, you must have a paid subscription either for 12.99 euros a month or for 57.99 euros a year (equivalent to 4.83 euros a month).

Because of Corona, users without a subscription are just under the motto of other free meditations “Find peace in chaos” which can be repeated indefinitely. Our editor Laura has tested Headspace extensively – in her self-test you will find her conclusion.

Insight Timer – Die Kostenlose

Insight Timer is one of the few extensive free meditation apps on the market. No wonder she gets a fantastic 4.9-star rating in the Google Play Store. The app offers over 30,000 guided meditations and music pieces psychologists, neuroscientists and meditation experts. In addition, Insight Timer has a large Communitythat can communicate with each other via the app. If that’s not enough, you can sign a premium subscription for 64.99 euros a year: this includes multi-day meditation courses, and the app can also be used offline.

Calm – Pleasant Design

Calm is a well-known alternative to Headspace and focuses on in addition to meditation, also on sleep exercisesThe design of the app alone is perceived by many users as reassuring, a deep blue lake and an idyllic mountain landscape can be seen. In the free version, you can several seven-day meditation courses be completed. If you want to enjoy the full range, however, you have to sign a paid subscription for 38.99 euros per year. In addition to the guided meditation, subscribers also receive a Daily Calm, numerous sleep stories and exclusive relaxation music.


At 7Mind It’s all about the number seven: each meditation is seven minutes long, one course consists of seven meditations, and it’s recommended to complete a course within a week, or seven days. Otherwise, the app is comparable to the previously presented: The Basic and two happiness courses are free of charge, also a few individual meditations. If you want to use the full scope of the app, you have to become a subscriber. This costs either 11.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros per year. You can also sign up for a lifetime subscription, which costs 149.99 euros.

Stop, Breath & Think – Die Gefühlvolle

Mostly free of charge, the app Stop, Breathe & Think. This is because the app was originally created by the nonprofit Tools for Peace. In the free version, you have unlimited access to 30 different exercisesIf this is not enough, there is a premium subscription for 65 euros per year. Unfortunately, the app is only in English Available. If you open the app, you will be asked about your current feelings – are you doing great today, do you feel a bit anxious or do you have strong (self-)doubts? Depending on the mood, appropriate meditations and exercises are then suggested to you.

Of course, there are also other ways to relax during Corona’s home:

Have you ever tried meditation? What’s your experience with it – do you have other app tips to meditate with? Write your tips in the comments below.


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