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When’we regularly suffer from pain, we are necessarily wondering about ways to soothe them: hot water bottle, hypnosis, relaxation, physiotherapy, osteopath, sport, etc. I tested a lot of things! Just recently, I had the opportunity to start testing an electrotherapy device: Bluetens. The latter allows to recover, heal and strengthen. I tell you more!


Electrotherapy devices allow you to be independent to relieve yourself. With the electrodes and by electrical stimulation, painful messages are short-circuited. This can help reduce pain, including chronic pain. Physiotherapists can enter programs on a device like Bluetens to continue care at home.

Bluetens: a device that has existed for four years

Bluetens, a French company founded in 2014, created the first connected electrostimulation device. It has been developed by health and sports professionals and is certified medical. It has therefore been on the market for four years.

Fight endometriosis with Bluetens

March is a great month to talk about the fight against endometriosis. Bluetens presents itself as a way to relieve women who suffer from it.

EndoFrance gives the following definition: “Endometriosis is a chronic and sometimes disabling inflammatory disease affecting at least one in ten women of reproductive age. It is most often characterized by very severe pain during menstrual periods and is often linked to infertility. Despite a very large number of cases, this century-old disease is still too little known and diagnosed late, with a delay of 7 years on average. “

I do not suffer from this disorder, even if I have a lot of symptoms which could evoke it. Despite everything a painful and inflammatory profile, which is why I’ve been testing the device since the beginning of the month.

The Bluetens box

The box is quite small and includes compact elements, convenient to store and walk around : electrodes of two formats, small light Bluetens case and mainly cables.

Bluetens - Connected Coach

To use Bluetens, it is necessary to download the app on iPhone or Android. We create an account and then manage our sessions from our smartphone. The electrodes are personal and are not intended to pass from one person to another, which is easy to understand. Electrodes can be purchased for € 14.90.

My first test sessions

An upper back relaxation sequence

For my first test, I used the device on the upper back to find out the relaxation function. I have had my shoulders tied for months and it has bothered me: this was the opportunity!

For this part of the body, Mr.’s help in placing the electrodes was invaluable. He found the sticky part very much! At the very beginning, I felt like I was being tickled, but that feeling was quickly replaced by something deeper. The “pressure” and the type of massage change. Sometimes it looks like little dots. Earlier, I checked to see if Monsieur was kidding me and touching my upper back. Not at all: these are the electrodes which could, at certain times, pass themselves off as human hands.

At first, I wanted to read or do an activity. I quickly realized, when I was in intensity 10 to 12 (we can go 4 to 5 times further), that it made me especially very want to sleep (for a relaxation function, we can say that it is good !). I was careful to place myself correctly by resting my head and at times I was not far from falling asleep. To put things in perspective: I did this first test after 9pm, a sports session and dinner. The massaged area is still felt beyond the session. We can say that the bet was successful !

Bluetens - Connected Coach

Cape on my stomach: endorphin and drainage modes

Once the device was discovered, for my second session, I went to the care of my weak point: my belly (a second brain, as we often hear!).

I started with the endorphin pain reliever mode. It’s quite short – 20 minutes – but is for deep pains. For starters, however, I used it at very low intensity (level 3 or 4, which is nothing compared to the range offered) despite the advice which is to see visible muscle twitches. However, I found that it already allowed a certain circulation with a few gurgles (this is a very nice medical expression that I suggest to you!) Which are a good sign. I went on with a fashion reinforcement / aesthetics : drainage, for the elimination of toxins and circulation. Knowing that osteos and physiotherapists keep saying that my pelvis and stomach tissue are blocked, the promise pleased me. The pressures or vibrations felt were pleasant. Again, I only went to intensity 6, the time to get an idea of ​​what it was like. Knowing that I have chained two sessions, for a total exceeding 45 minutes, I had a slight redness, very transient, by removing two of the electrodes.

For my lower abdomen: painful menstruation and endorphin modes

I wanted to test one evening the “painful period” mode on pain preceding ovulation (for a few days I am really uncomfortable when approaching the middle of the cycle). The origin of the pain differing from that of the rules, if the massage by small points remained pleasant and felt on me especially on the lowest electrodes, a session did not change my feeling. I also tested endorphin mode, which I prefer in terms of sensations, but it had no impact. My uterus being very retroverted (really tilted backwards), I told myself that it could play because it is not as close to the electrodes as it could be.

I later tested the “painful period” mode during menstruation. I was so sensitive that being massaged at that time hurt me a little. I seem to be a special case because I only read contrary testimony on social networks or in articles. It would be worth testing another mode because I feel like you really have to get to know your device and its different modes to see which ones suit us best.

Testing continues

The autonomy of the device is quite impressive because I have already used it badly and did not need to recharge it! Likewise, the electrodes are still sticking really well and using everything is simple.

If I got a first idea of ​​different modes offered by Bluetens, my experiments are far from over. To be continued, therefore!

And you, have you ever used electrotherapy? Does that tempt you?

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