How hard is lung transplant?

The recipient’s lungs are broken, sticking tightly, the doctor takes half a day to remove from the chest. Meanwhile, the donor lungs are removed, carefully preserved, pending transplant. Deputy Professor Nguyen Huu wished, head of the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery, Viet Duc Hospital, said lung transplantation technique is complicated. The preparation of the […]

63 Day treatment of non-English patients

Receiving "Patient 91", laboratory personnel of the Hospital of Tropical Diseases HO Chi Minh City warns "careful doctor" due to the virus load of...

More than two months of rescuing ‘ 20 ‘ patients from the

On Mrs. Le Tuyet Hang, "patient 20" Cai ECMO, probably coming out of the disease, doctor congratulated. But four days later, she fell into...

Four successful lung transplant Covid-19 patients

Four severe Covid-19 patients, both in China, have been lung transplant and are in recovery, the new lung is compatible with the body.The world's...

Vaccine Advantage Covid-19 first Test on humans

U.s.aRNA-based Vaccine test successful on the person ensures safety, less time as well as production costs. Since early January 1, after China announced the...

Common disaster-handling

Hot, stiff sun can cause edema, rash, cramps or fainting, exhaustion, thermal shock. Timely treatment for effective therapy, health protection.Thermal edemaWhen having to go...

Those who plague disease in the epidemic

U.s.aLance Hansen, 59 years old, has been waiting to be liver transplant for weeks. However, when the hospital informed the appropriate donor, he flooded...

Phenomenon of ‘ toe Covid ‘

U.s.aPrior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Lindy Fox, a dermatologist in San Francisco, received 4 to 5 patients who were billed a year.However in...

How is lung transplantation in Vietnam performed?

The first transplant, the patient's lungs are firmly attached to the chest "like concrete", the surgery takes 14 hours. Fifth Ca, just 6 hours...

Foreign newspaper writes about rescue efforts ‘ patient 91 ‘

The foreign press in the view of Vietnam is trying hard to save the patient's pilots, praising the "strong hands" of the government. News...

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