Hong Kong security laws are hardly reversed


Activists Nathan Law reiterated “The Miracles” of Hong Kong Proteinans created in the past, but they could hardly stop the law of security.

After several months of settling down because of Covid-19, thousands of Hong Kong proteds 24/5 returned to the center to protest security bills with the district by the National Congress of People’s Representatives (NPC), the Chinese Parliament, proposed. In addition to the formation of the behavior of “reflection, secession, rebellion and overthrow” aimed at the central government, the law also allowed Chinese national security agencies to establish offices in Hong Kong.

As commentator James Griffiths of Cnn, the Hong Kong government seemed to be from the beginning without any tolerance to the protests that were not licensed by the police. The crowd gathered at the Causeway Bay shopping district facing the extraordinary East police force, and warned that every rally would violate the city’s public order law, as well as the nCoV rules of prevention.

Last year, Hong Kong security forces were heavily criticized for its tough crowd control measures. During the previous weekend rally, they were quickly using spicy, craton and a dragon hose. Tear gas is fired out 25 minutes after the crowd starts the week, the indication that the government seems determined to dismiss any disagreement before they develop.

The police arrested an anti-government proteman in Hong Kong 24/5. Photo: Reuters.

The police arrested an anti-government proteman in Hong Kong 24/5. Photo: Reuters.

Commentary Officer Griffiths Reviews There is currently no tactic to help Hong Kong proteans prevent security laws. The projected bill is approved by NPC last month, rather than through at the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly, and is said to be effective regardless of what happens in the district in the coming weeks.

The senators and the Beijing Support Agency in Hong Kong are ready to support the bill. Hong Kong Police Commissioner 25/5 said that the new security law will “help combat the independent Hong Kong Reclaim force and restore social order”.

With limited options, The opposition in the city is relying on the pressure of the international community to Beijing., trying to raise hope for a reverse. Last week, more than 200 senators and policy makers from more than 20 countries signed an open letter, criticizing Hong Kong Security Law as “the comprehensive raid on the state of self-governance, the venerable law and the fundamental freedom of the city”.

Some American Congressman 21/5 said they would propose a bipartisan bill, aimed at punishing Chinese officials and entities to enforce security laws in Hong Kong, because this behavior was deemed “blatant infringement” that declared Trung-Anh in 1984 on the special management scheme. U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’brien also warned the White House can punish China because of security bills.

However, China is not often immovable to international pressure. Even the Hong Kong security bill was promoted partly by Beijing to consider the district a springboard to the foreign powers against them, Griffiths. With that perspective, the nations condemning the security bill probably only strengthened China’s determination, and as a base for arguments the foreign force was behind the unrest in Hong Kong.

Griffiths have also pointed out that the threats of punishment and the wave of objections of recent international debate often do not impact the goal. Despite the crippled economy of the embargo, Koreans still did not abandon the nuclear program. Sanctions also do not prevent Russia from merging the Crimea Peninsula from Ukraine. China is not only economically and military safe than the two countries, but can also attract allies in the world to respect the United States.

“America possesses clear tools to pressured China. But after two years of commercial warfare, Beijing has fought against all of them and strengthened its resilience. The latest nuances show that China does not bother to cause US pressure tactics. As long as Americans dare to kick off the card, China will not hesitate to cope “, the Global Times in the People’s Daily, the speech agency of the Chinese Communist Party, written in an editorial on 22/5.

Protests against security bills will continue in Hong Kong, with a series of plans and appeals already made. However, they can lead to serious consequences once the law is in effect, as any political criticism of the government is at risk of alleged “deposed behavior”.

Those who rally are ready Using violence, especially those with separatists, can become more extreme. Injuries, the arrest and imprisonment in the wave of protests last year caused some people to give up, but did not cease to be unrest, so there was no reason to think that the new security law would reach this goal immediately, Griffiths raised opinion.

However, under the new bill, China National security authorities will first be allowed to establish an office in Hong Kong “when necessary”, in order to perform national security protection duties. So Many protemen face the risk of being disbanded before having a chance down the road.

The outlet for Beijing’s opponents in Hong Kong became narrower due to the Covid-19, but not impossible. Last year, two protemen accused of rebellion were granted asylum rights in Germany. Taiwanese leader Thai Anh van 24/5 is also committed to “supporting the Hong Kong people”, although the island does not have any laws that may apply to Hong Kong protests for asylum.

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