Hope, fear and sadness in Wuhan


After more than two months of blockade, the friends of Rosanna Yu compete on social media: “Open milk tea shop! Wuhan is back! “

However, the first sip of milk tea after a long time is not as good as Yu expects. “They forgot how to mix milk tea? Why not? “, the 28-year-old girl joked on the WeChat app. Although delicious milk tea as well as normal life is far from good, the positive signs still make Yu feel happy.

Wuhan City, China, where Yu lived, spent 76 days behind in strict alkali blockade when the Covid-19 broke out. Thanks to the positive performance, life gradually recovers and the command blockade was removed today 8/4.

At the beginning of March 4, after the restricted administration, Yu accompanied his parents to a park to see the famous cherry blossoms of Wuhan. The authorities call on the people at home if possible, but Yu says they “can’t sit for a longer place.”

The people of Wuhan enjoyed the weekend on 12/4 after the long blockade of the Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.

The people of Wuhan enjoyed the weekend on 12/4 after the long blockade of the Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.

Yu recently returned to the scene where people lined up long at a local restaurant to buy hot dry noodles, traditional Wuhan dishes, and then take them away. She also has to stop observing before crossing the road. “I’m really happy seeing more vehicles,” Yu said.

Optimistic by Yu Part of the luck. No one in her friends and relatives infects nCoV. The initial blockade was daunting, but she quickly directed attention to the other, by learning to cook.

Nevertheless, some of the burdens of Yu were not to be ignored. She took the clerk from last year and planned to find a new job in January, but now her parents want their daughter to wait till fall for safety. Yu also rarely met friends by no place to go.

After all, Yu has almost been in the mood for the “new normal” state of Wuhan. She planned to continue baking lessons and could take part in online classes. The relationship with neighbors is also increasingly necessary. The resident of a barber has agreed to serve for free during the blockade period. Group chats on the People’s Network in the neighborhood become the place for mutual support.

“This is the first time I feel the whole neighborhood, as well as all the people of Wuhan, to go through something together and towards the general goal,” Yu expressed.

However, not everyone is thinking like Yu. Liang Yi, who left immediately before the order of blockade was imposed, did not want to return after 4 months. “We have young children. If you can give your child a better environment, we don’t want to live in a city like Wuhan, “the 31-year-old marketing specialist.

While Covid-19 ravaged Wuhan, Liang “Shelter” with his wife and two-year-old son at his parents ‘ house, more than 120 km from the city. He was extremely angry with the authorities by initially denying the severity of the epidemic, as well as refusing to allow the hospital to early test cases of suspected infection, including his friend, who was recommended self-isolation at home.

The Wuhan government finally controlled the Covid-19, but Liang was unable to forgive them for the outbreak of the epidemic. “This epidemic must be related to the executive power of the Wuhan government. Everything that made me feel alive in the city was so insecure, “Liang, who has lived in Wuhan for 8 years, said.

Now, when other Wuhan residents welcome the new city to wake up after the nightmare, Liang prepares to say goodbye. You’re going to have to return again, maybe in 6 months, or whenever you feel that nCoV has actually disappeared. Liang’s plan is to sell property in the city, then move to somewhere else in China. Liang hopes his family can finally get abroad and start all over again.

Aside from optimistes and frustration, There are those who are Loay Hoay overcome the pain of loss. In the months after mother’s death because of Covid-19, Veranda Chen every day sought to concentrate on the other thing. He joked on WeChat about the opening of the restaurant, with a characteristic dish that would be named “The past memories of suffering and thinking about the current joy”.

However, the recent Chen is no longer excited with cooking. This 24-year-old mother used to have him cook for her, but he was too busy with his studies. “I once thought that I would concentrate to get into the dream school, then I could devote my whole time to doing what my parents said. But now there’s no chance anymore, “Chen said.

The mother of Chen infected with nCoV at the peak of the epidemic. Hospital WisdomG received her due to overload, after which the 58-year-old woman died while being taken to another hospital.

The people wore the nCoV room in a residential area of Wuhan 12/4. Photo: Reuters.

The people wore the nCoV room in a residential area of Wuhan 12/4. Photo: Reuters.

My mother is very close, though they often do not appear to be much outside. She an ink saving money for later son’s wedding instead used to enjoy the tour in Hainan Island. After she died, Chen realized that he had too many questions to ask her, about her childhood as well as his own, or how she noticed how he had changed.

Chen had to learn to overcome pain during the days of blockades, when the mother funeral could not proceed according to conventional etiquette. You’re not going to meet friends. Your father is not in Wuhan too. Chen is even positive with nCoV and has been hospitalized.

Now, his father was reunited, but they had to find a new way to chat. They did not mention the passing of Mother Chen, because his father was too miserable. Chen intended to go fishing and tell him about what he had ever wanted to ask her, as well as to learn the cooking experience. He also aimed at a psychology program for “wanting to appease the pain to others”.

Despite the positive performance of Covid-19 in Wuhan, Many still show vigilations, like Hazel He. She has no plans to gather at least up to the next year. “Wherever there is a crowd of less than a lot of risk,” the 33-year-old woman stated.

Anxious to cover his life. Although residents are allowed to move in the city, she is still chatting with friends through the video. Before going out with her 6-year-old son, she observed in advance through the window to ensure no one was around. She recently allowed the boy to play a swing near the apartment, but they did not leave the neighborhood.

He is not as stressed as the early days of the epidemic, but is still hesitant to reach a new normal life. She understands how fragile the victory is now. Last week, six new nCoV infections were discovered in Wuhan, after more than a month without any further recognition.

“Wuhan has sacrificed too much. Caring for yourself is our responsibility to everyone else, “He said.

He is not sure when her company will resume live meetings, the core factor with the recruitment industry she is doing. However, He told her to still be able to rotate life. While awaiting registration for her son in elementary school, she attempted to teach her child at home.

“If this is a race, I’m falling behind about 50 m. But it’s going to be okay, as long as I catch up,” He said.

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