Hot spots that are skeptical of Russian Covid-19


Various deaths from pneumonia in the Republic of Dagestan are not counted in the Covid-19 for lack of tests, which are skeptical of Russian figures published.

According to official data, Dagestan, Republic of southern Russia, to the day 19/5 recorded 3,553 nCoV infections, 32 deaths, ranked No. 5 on 85 region of Russia.

However, in an online interview on Instagram yesterday 17/5 with a local reporter, Mr. Dzhamaludin Gadzhiibragimov, the leader of the Department of Health of Dagestan, gave higher figures, said the total number of people infected with nCoV and pneumonia in communities in this republic is more than 13,000, of which 657 people died.

When asked why it does not include Covid-19 and pneumonia, Mr. Gadzhiibragimov replied that patients with pneumonia were treated as Covid-19, but not all cases were identified with Covid-19 due to lack of tests.

“Basically, the method of treatment is applied to both groups of patients is the same” he said. “But since we have no test results from the lab, the statistics are being pooled in that way”.

Republic of Dagestan Health Ministry

Medical doctors at a hospital in Dagestan. Photo: Dagestan Health Ministry

Like many other countries, the leading medical staff in Dagestan are the ones facing the most risk in the epidemic. Approximately 40-50 medical personnel of Dagestan have died since outbreak. Dagestan has a population of about 3 million, with 635 actively ventilator-care rooms.

Doctors in the area last week complained on the social network about the lack of protective equipment and some hospitals do not have enough place to treat the staff. A video footage of nurses that are intravenous infusion in the city of Derbent has spread across the network from the beginning of May 5.

Civil rights activist Ziyautdin Uvaisov, head of Patient Monitor, a non-profit organization that mobilized money to purchase protective equipment for the physicians of Dagestan, Cho or the health care system here is in a really bad condition. He added that most of the doctors that his organization contacted said about half of their colleagues were sick but no one replaced because the hospital was overloaded.

The bad situation in Dagestan has led Russian officials to keep in mind. On 18/5, Russian President Vladimir Putin presichailed an unusual meeting of government with the leadership of Dagestan.

“The situation in Dagestan is very difficult and requires urgent measures,” Putin said in the online meeting, ordered the army to build a 200 bed combat hospital to support the overloaded emergency room.

Much of the response of the Russian government to the epidemic was hampered by bureaucracy and misconduct in local budget management. In poorer areas such as Dagestan, where the average monthly salary is two times lower than nationwide, this situation becomes one of the main reasons for more serious disease.

Additional funds made by Putin are committed to assisting the head of the medical staff to become another pressing.

“We have worked from the beginning of the epidemic to date and carried out our duties in a conscientious way. Now many of our colleagues are being quarantined in medical facilities, fighting for their lives, “a medical officer in the city of Buinaksk, Dagestan, said in a video posted in the local newspaper. “Few people left at the head line. We have 151 employees but only 41 people receive money support, others have nothing “.

The videos and similar open letters appeared in at least 20 of the 85 regions of Russia last week. Some health workers complain that they do not receive any extra support or only partially, based on hours, even up to the minute, working directly with Covid-19 patients.

“If the Government has published regulations and ways to pay clearly, we easy to understand, transparent, easy to control with funds for employees working in special conditions, there will be little questions laid out for the head doctors, who work from morning to night, and with both governors,” Putin said.

President Vladimir Putin meetings online with the officials Dagestan yesterday 18/5. Photo: AFP

President Vladimir Putin meetings online with the officials Dagestan yesterday 18/5. Photo: Afp

The federal government has revised the relevant decree, eliminating bureaucratic vulnerabilities, prompting some physicians to receive less than 50 coins in support and commitment to facilitate all support expenditures.

In a special meeting led by Putin, the officer acknowledges the situation In Dagestan more serious than what is reflected on statistics. Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said 7,000 people were hospitalized.

Ahmad Abdulaev, the Islamic leader of Dagestan, told Putin that many who died from Covid-19 were not statistically due to death at home without visiting the hospital and were buried according to local customs, were not autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Vladimir Vasilyev, the leader of Dagestan, admitted that many people infested nCoV due to the customs of the country, such as weddings or boycott who were often very crowded, and prayer ceremonies on Friday were still in the early stages of the outbreak. He also spoke about the number of pneumonia and Covid-19.

“We do not conceal at all,” said Vasilyev, which led the deaths associated with respiratory illness in 2018 and 2019, in front of Covid-19. “But it is not easy to distinguish between the two diseases.”

By mid-March, the streets of the capital Makhachkala remained busy.  The Meduza sheet described in an article last week that the wedding 500 attendees in a small town of Dagestan became one of the first Covid-19 drives in the country at the end of 3 months.

However, some people of Dagestan did not agree that their customs was one of the causes of increasing infection. Uvaisov, a local activist, thought that the loss of confidence in the administration and health care system led some to disregard warnings.

The Kremlin is committed to adding resources to the anti-epidemic Dagesan, which includes test kits, when the daily test rate in the country is 2 times lower than recommended. The head of the federal health agency Anna Popova told Putin that Dagestan was trying to maintain a “very fragile balance”, as the authorities worried that the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holidays and overcrowded anniversary activities could lead to a new outbreak.

The total number of deaths from Covid-19 in Russia was nearly 3,000 out of more than 300,000 infections, with a mortality rate of 7.4, lower than the global average, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. Observers suspected of the statistics of the country, pointing out that the dead are often prescribed for another cause.

Russian demographics and epidemiology hopes that nationwide statistics on the number of deaths caused by every cause in 4 months, scheduled to be published by the government in late 5, will give a clearer picture of the Russian epidemic.

Anh Ngoc (According to Cnn)


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