How Tiger Woods changed the golf course


Rounded 20 years ago, the legendary golfer Tiger Woods used a strange ball in a tournament, and the golf ball industry shifted to new directions a few months later.

The story starts at the Deutsche-Bank-SAP Open (Germany) in January 5/2000. At the time, Woods used the Nike basketball Tour Accuracy. When I heard the American star, replacing the Professional 90, with a special core ball, the case with Nike’s urethane material, Hal Sutton said: “Oh, that will make a big turning point in one’s life.”

Woods used the Nike basketball Tour Accuracy for the first time in Deutsche-Bank-SAP Open year 2000. Photo: ALLSPORT.

Woods used the Nike basketball Tour Accuracy for the first time in Deutsche-Bank-SAP Open year 2000. Photo: ALLSPORT.

In early 2000, the world Golf was distracted by the phenomenon of “too far away balloons”. However, the center of the table is not in a circular object, but the new generation of ball drivers. Even, there is a type of integrated bouncing pole surface that exceeds the regulation of the American Golf Association (USGA). The driver’s theme was so hot, Paul Azinger used Nike Tour Accuracy and then Sony Open was nearly forgotten.

The lack of excitement in golf village with Nike is understandable because of the market context. At the time, although Callaway had created a little concern with the laminated core of the urethane, the hairleist-in the market-leading role, it continued to produce a glossy-wrap core to cater for excellent golfers.

But the industry does not know that Woods has begun to test core balls from May 1/1999, ie 18 months before putting it in the competition. According to Rock Ishii, Nike’s shadow-development director that day, when Woods used the driver in the new ball, the spin decreased 600 to 700 rounds per minute. But this golfer is not satisfied and requires further tweaking. By the year 2000, before the Masters, he revealed to Nike the possibility of early use of new products in the course of the tournament, but did not say the specific time.

“Frankly speaking, I was surprised that he was on the same season. As usual, Tiger only tried the new one during the evaporation arena. At the beginning of January 5/2000, we had a test session for good results, but Tiger needed more time to adjust accordingly. But at the boarding of Japan, I received a Tiger message to use it in Germany, “Ishii Golf Digest About the surprise that Woods is for Nike.

But the initial results do not reach the top. “I sang to Germany and watched Tiger compete. He was third-purpose, largely because of the hit with iron number 7 ball crossing green and falling into the lake in the 16th hole in the last round. I kept getting him to stop using the new product, but the fact still needed more time to master the feature of increasing its distance “.

Woods then went on to use the Nike Tour Accuracy, winning the Memorial 2000 event founded by Jack Nicklaus and hosted by his design and possession at Muirfield Village (Dublin city, Ohio, USA). Director Ishii then was not sure Woods still used the new ball in U.S. Open in December 6 the same year.

“Tiger asked me to give a few more hundred fruits to bring home and prepare for US Open. Then he wins with a common way of convincing. But we know it’s the shift signal of both the market and the top of the tour, “Ishii recalled.

Using the Nike Tour Accuracy, Woods not only won the Memorial and US Open with 15 record sticks, but also made the six winning circuits in eight events after changing the ball. Among the coronation was the major The Open in 7 months and The PGA Championship in August 8.

Woods’s resounding success with the Nike Tour Accuracy sparked the curious wave of people in their lives. Typically the company is the firm and Davis Love III. This title tests Nike’s shadow before The Open 2000 on St. Andrews ‘ field and signs a contract with Nike. But he quickly pulled Love III back by a 10-year contract with the right benefits and terms.

“We break into battle, and Love III is the battle line to scramble. We did not step back, but also hit harder to quench all our efforts to turn the market position, “said Wally Uihlein, chairman and CEO of Acushnet, who owned the lead, and declared the time.

The fact is that Woods is changing to the Accuracy Tour, making the big-ball. The airline has plans to develop a new generation ball. Combined with the success of Woods and the needs of the Tour golfer, the airline is forced to promote products with more early urethane coatings than expected.

“I wanted to see the company’s research and development results,” said Phil Mickelson as President Uihlein as the brand ambassador to the “US Open 2000”. Meanwhile, the airline has been trying the ball in the lab, The following is the Pro V1 series. Uihlein confessed that Mickelson’s own words had made him decide to accelerate the production of new products.

The Pro V1 Village program model in SEI Pennsylvania Classic 2000 and attracts the attention of many PGA Tour golfers. To the brochure Golf World It was like “a bus ride for teenage girls to see the music of the N’sync group”.

A few weeks after the first launch, there were 47 golfer using Pro V1 tournament in Las Vegas – including Billy Andrade. This Golfer wins the final. That is the original core ball movement, market lead is the big.

By March 3/2001, the majority of the PGA Tour golfer used this type. By the end of the year 2000, the rate was 100%. When he was crowned in Masters 2000, Vijay Singh was the last in the men’s major competition using yarn wrapped into a wrap core.

From there, the core tendency to conquer both the golf market in entertainment level. Now, anyone can buy professional-class football while not able to take full advantage of its features. The Pro V1 has probably become the best selling golf history ball line.

Currently, Woods only wears Nike costumes, using TaylorMade sticks and Bridgestone balls. He is proud to be a “number one about golf ball”.

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