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Everything that has been added to the Home Office / Desk Setup is in the overview with [Neu] Marked.

Who I am and what I do

First of all, some information about what I actually work at home in the Home Office:

  1. It should probably be clear that I mainly write the tests here at Mobilegeeks and also publish videos from time to time. In addition to the actual testing, this naturally includes office work, i.e. writing texts, reading and replying to e-mails, researching, but of course also video editing and video editing and, of course, content management together with blogging. To do this, I have to constantly push pictures and videos back and forth, save them sensibly, etc. In the meantime, I often have videoconferencing when new products are presented, etc.
  2. I have built one of the largest social media channels in Germany in the field of cooking in just over a year on Instagram and TikTok. Again, I need to be coordinated when it comes to content management. In addition to the shooting, Of course I have to edit the videos and pictures, which is the main work. In addition, of course, there is also the writing of texts, replying to messages and e-mails, as well as videoconferencing.
  3. I have a job as an aerospace engineer in a large company. I don’t want to reveal where and what I do, but for me this involves the use of technical programs, for example to calculate, construct or elaborately simulate things etc. By the way, I practically do an office job with office applications, phone calls and everything that goes with it.

What’s important to me in the Home Office

What’s important to me in my Home Office environment and works for me as someone who works 60-80 hours a week:

  1. peripherals that I can customize to my workflow and applications.
  2. Good lighting for concentrated work, but customizable to relax
  3. Ambient Lighting to promote productivity
  4. The best possible large screen where long work and multitasking is possible.
  5. A PC or laptop as a workstation with enough power
  6. Plenty of memory and anchlus possibilities
  7. A pleasant headset, but also generally good sound
  8. Ergonomics: Whether table, monitor, peripherals, chair etc.
  9. The possibility to do sports quickly and easily
  10. Distraction/Decoration

I will follow this with every update of this article until I can show you the final result at the end.

The Way to the Home Office – Part 2

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The basis for a good home office is the table, because that’s what you build the home office on. Many people get the first table they find, but eventually realize that something is wrong. The area is too small, the height does not fit or the table wobbles. Other things usually stand out later: back pain, neck pain, a wrong posture, hollow cross, etc. I experience these problems myself as someone who works almost permanently in sitting with every day getting worse and worse. Even before the #StayHome period.

At times when I’m not working, I just sit at the table, watch videos, surf the internet, play games and more. In the meantime, I think That I should have invested in a good table even before i graduated. With the new Home Office, this will be made up, because from now on a new, ergonomic table replaces the old table with which you can also work in a standing stand and from the very first day it becomes clear what a big difference this is.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

There are different providers here, with usually one provider often dominating in Google Ads and Youtube videos with its overpriced products, whose tables look like student tables. Instead, I chose a young, likeable and European company called Yaasa, which convinces not only with its great design, quality and functionality, but also with its price. The design comes from Switzerland and production takes place in Prague, which is why it is also a completely European product.

[Neu] The height-adjustable table: Yaasa Desk Pro

Yaasa has two models on its ownn Website: The Yaasa Desk Light and the Yaasa Desk Pro. Both models are available in three different colours: white, acacia light and oak truffle brown. I set up the Yaasa Desk Pro in the oak truffle brown version in my office and tell you more about it.

The Yaasa Desk Pro arrived at my place in two packages: the technical package and the table top. The technology package includes, as you would expect, the legs. These can be mounted quickly and easily on the table top. The cables leading out of the legs at the top must be plugged into the box placed in the middle of the table and covered with the metal cover. Then the plug enters the socket and the Yaasa Desk Pro is ready. From mid-June, Yaasa’s cable management will also be on the market, if you need it.

In terms of colour, I chose the truffle-brown version, which with its additional dark grey accent on the sides, looks fantastic and fits well with my other work equipment on the table. Due to the colour scheme, no dust or other dirt is so easy to notice, which is why it always looks clean, which makes it easy for me to take product photos.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The table top consists of a laminated chipboard with a high-quality HPL laminate. I suspect that the other color models have a completely flat surface, while the “Oak Truffle Brown” version has a really good texture to give it a high-quality wood feel. The rounded edges are made of plastic, while the frame is still made of wood. Both parts are dark grey. Also the corners are rounded and not like with most tables I found on the internet angular. This not only looks modern, but also reduces the risk of injury in children, for example.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The dimensions of the Yaasa Desk Pro are 160 x 80 cm at a height of 19 mm. From the length, the table is ideal, as you have more than enough space left and right and even with my SuperWide monitor with a length of 110 cm I still have enough space for speakers and other things. The width of 80 cm is also ideal for me, as there is practically no lack of space. This feeling of enough space is an important factor in the home office on a psychological level, otherwise you feel unconsciously constricted.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The fact that a clear design language is spoken here is clearly seen on the T-feet of the Yaasa Desk Pro, because they are identical in colour design to the table top. However, this is not real wood, as it is an aluminium foot with a wood look. For me, this is a small but very nice detail. Again, there are no sharp edges, nor corners where you could get injured.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The pillars have a square cross-section and are made of powder-coated steel. Both are telescope-like in three stages and inside each there is an engine that controls the height.

You can adjust the height with the control on the right front side. This consists of five buttons, one of which is also a display indicating the current height in cm. After one click, the operation activates and you can set the table any higher or lower. To do this, you can easily use the top and bottom buttons. You can hear quite clearly that the engine is working, but this is not an annoying or annoying noise. It usually takes a few seconds to get to the top or bottom. 59 cm is the minimum and 125 cm is the maximum. In between you have almost infinitely many steps, because the table only moves as long as you hold down the button. Even on the maximum setting, the table is stable and hardly wobbles or not noticeably, which one would not normally expect because of the greater leverage and for me because of the one-sided weight shift by the monitor.

Myself am 185 tall. The ideal height for me when sitting with a reasonably well adjusted chair about 72 cm. The ideal height when standing is 115 cm for me. At these heights, my forearms lie at a 90° angle on the table. So I would still have room for manoeuvre by about 10 to 13 cm in both directions. Set at these heights, my shoulders are well relieved and I don’t tend to tilt forward, nor to form a hollow cross. In addition, I offer a change for the body in the standing position, which leads to a healthier and more active body feeling, because you are always ready to move, where you usually want to stay seated and postpone a lot of things until later, so get up. Of course, permanent standing is not healthy either, but I try to change at least every 1-2 hours if possible.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

Once you have found the ideal location, the Yaasa Desk Pro offers you a convenient storage function. To do this, you tap on the display, which also serves as a memory button and click on the button 1 or button 2. I have adjusted my fixed sitting and standing position here. The input is confirmed by a snapping click noise. It seems that these buttons are also equipped with a touch function, because if I only touch the 1 or 2, the display shows me the stored value.

The fact that the engine accidentally breaks you down because the table hits an obstacle, or that it suddenly goes wrong is for small things, such as if you don’t pay attention to the armrest of the chair while driving down, or you still have a container underneath, you basically don’t have to worry as soon as you notice this and don’t push the button any further. I was able to test this by mistake by doing something stupid when I was briefly distracted. However, in the long run, it can still harm the engine if it is blocked too often or for too long. Here Yaasa has a good security solution with the container stop or shelf stop position, which can be easily adjusted.

As mentioned earlier, you can assign your seat and standing position to keys 1 and 2. However, you may still accidentally press the top or bottom button instead. However, if you have an object like a container under the table or a shelf over the table, you only need to hold down the Save button for 10 seconds and can restrict the driving area of the table. By storing a minimum and maximum height in this way, you are permanently protected from such problems, as the table cannot move any further until it is secured. If something changes in your setup, you’ll need to get back to the maximum or minimum setting and hold the Save button for 10 seconds to remove the restriction.

The maximum load that the Yaasa Desk Pro can carry is 80 kg. The heaviest element on my table is the 14 kg monitor, followed by the notebook with 2 kg. The finished desk setup could therefore weigh about 25 kg in the worst case. Accordingly, I would have more than enough room for manoeuvre.

Yaasa Desk Pro Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The Yaasa Desk Pro costs 589 euros and is available on This is completely appropriate for a table of this size, which is also of very high quality and super stable even in the maximum setting. In addition, there are the ideal dimensions for me, the simple control, and the great and well thought-out design, which significantly enhances every room. I will certainly be shooting videos on this soon or taking product photos for which it not only has enough space, but also has the right color. If I bring a little ambient lighting into the game, it will be perfect.

Basically, the tried-and-tested principle applies here: Whoever buys cheaply, buys twice, who buys expensively, pays for expensive marketing. This applies not only to smartphones, but also to tables. However, I can absolutely recommend the Yaasa Desk Pro and would even get one for my sister. The next generation is due to be launched soon, around mid-June, if you want to wait.

Philips 439P9H/00 110 cm (43 inch) Curved Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, RJ45, USB Hub, 3840×1200, 100 Hz, FreeSync, 4 ms) black

Price: €846.82 or used from €846.82

0 Customer ratings

[Neu] The Monitor: Philips 439P9H

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

When it comes to monitors, I’m a big fan of Ultrawide monitors. They allow you to work smoothly without a border in between, immerse yourself in games and are also more ergonomic with the curved format than, say, a flat monitor of the same size in 16:9 format. The Philips 439P9H as SuperWide Monitor comes with additional features that really make it a top monitor for me. I only go into some things in the separate test report, which will soon go online.

The solid metal stand keeps the monitor stable in its position without it shaking noticeably and allows easy adjustment of height, inclination or rotation. This adaptability is important to adapt the monitor to your own seat and viewing position and thus for ergonomic seating behavior. I’m not a master of cable management, but it’s enough to do the cables once through the middle hole and just hold on with a rubber band or similar on top so it looks neat.

When working or other applications at the desk, a curved monitor offers a more enjoyable viewing experience, as you can practically take advantage of the large field of view of the eye and hardly shift the focus when looking to the side, as the distance to the eye hardly changes. Experts recommend, for example, an arm’s length distance from the monitor. If you move the arm from the center of the display to the left or right outside, you will notice that the distance changes only minimally. Accordingly, you can also read the font at the outer edge of the display in the same size as in the middle and do not have to look skewed at the text.

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The display of the Philips 439P9H is 43 inches in size and resembles a 27 inch monitor from the height. Thus, you have to look at the whole monitor without tilting your head up or down. This is important in that looking left and right is much more natural and less stressful than looking up or down again and again. This part should be taken over by the eyes themselves. This way you spare the neck and do not lose the concentration. In length, the Philips 439P9H is about 110 cm long.

Below the Philips 439P9H monitor are all ports. Video input is one HDMI 2.0 port, two DisplayPorts and two USB-C ports. Personally, I connected my notebook via USB-C, which brings certain advantages. More on that. You can easily switch between all five ports in the monitor settings. If you want to use two devices at the same time, such as watching the daily show and playing with the switch at the same time or working with two laptops at the same time, etc., this can do completely problems. For this purpose, the image in the image feature is activated in the settings, which practically divides the Philips 439P9H into two monitors in the split screen.

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

Basically, you can shorten all paths to the notebook or PC. By connecting the monitor via USB-C (both 3.2 Gen 1), all remaining ports, i.e. a USB-C port, 4 USB-A 3.2 ports and an Ethernet lan port (1G) can be used as with a USB hub. Thus, more connections are available, which also meet a high standard, for example for data exchange. If two different devices are connected, you can select which one is prioritized via the KVM switch function in the menu. Very cool is that one of the USB-C ports with a power of 90 W can charge e.g. your notebook or smartphone, which should be sufficient for most devices. One of the USB-A ports comes with the fast charge standard USB-BC 1.2 with an output of 7.5 watts.

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The Philips 439P9H is relatively easy to adjust via four buttons on the lower right. Quick assignments allow you to directly select the KVM switch or video input or open the SmartImage menu. I use this menu the most, because you will find image presets there, between which you can switch quickly. Thus, you have a profile for Bwork, photos, games, blue filter mode, etc. Also an EasyRead mode, where everything is set to black and white is adjustable.

philips 439P9H SuperWide 43 inch Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

In the settings menu itself you get much more control and can set the blue light filter, which I would recommend with each monitor anyway, in four levels. Especially during long sessions or in the evening it relieves the eyes very much and does not take your sleep. In the image settings you can activate HDR (normal, Vesa HDR 400 or off), adjust brightness, contrast and gamma and also have the possibility to overcontrol the screen via SmartResponse.

The Philips 439P9H comes with a built-in pop-up webcam. It is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel Full HD camera and a microphone. Qualitatively, it is similar to a webcam, as you can find with many notebooks. If you don’t want to buy anything external, you have a nice solution here. The special thing here is that it supports Windows Hello. Accordingly, you can safely unlock your PC with facial recognition, which works quickly and reliably.

The native resolution of the Philips 439P9H’s VA panel is 3840 x 1200 with a display ratio of 32:10 at 43 inches. The refresh rate comes to 100 Hz with a response time of 4 ms. All those who work with sRGB will be pleased that 99% is covered here. Adobe RGB comes in at 82% and DCI P3 at 86%. For me, the values are more than sufficient. People who are full-time photographers, for example, should look at the 49 inch model here.

The brightness of the Philips 439P9H with 450 cd/m2 is more than sufficient at home. Most of the time I use the monitor at a brightness of 50% or lower. Rarely do I get to 80% but I already find 100% a lot. The contrast value is 3000:1 and the black value is great. Here is a VA panel with an advantage over an IPS panel: Stronger contrasts and black is deep black, without additional glow.

The Philips 439P9H is a fantastic monitor that I really enjoy using and everything is right in design, ergonomics, productivity and functionality. Especially the many connection possibilities, the image in picture feature, but also the display itself are really great, which is why I can definitely recommend the Philips 439P9H.

The Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks 060

Even if you use a notebook like me to stay mobile at home, it still makes sense for comfortable work to build up a desktop setup. Working with the keyboard on the notebook can be an upsetting due to key limitations and heat development. Also working with mouse pad is rather suboptimal in the long run.

Here I currently use a wireless combination of the Logitech MX Master 3 and the Logitech MX Keys keyboard, as they really meet my requirements. The MX series is aimed primarily at creatives, programmers and generally people who want to have a certain “flow” and flexibility in their work. Also I definitely recommend the combination of both devices for maximum functionality. What I want to go out to, I will explain to you in a matter of times.

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks

For me, the Logitech MX Master 3 is an upgrade from my old mouse, the Logitech MX Master 2S. Although it has remained more or less similar in functionality, I particularly like the improvements, but it is also indispensable because of features that you can’t find in other mice so far. The Logitech MX Master 3 can be found in the office of many self-employed, content creators, engineers and programmers.

You can already see the basic design in the pictures. My version is the medium grey version, which is really my favorite this time, although the graphite version also looks good. The pattern on the inside or the back is striking, which offers a little more support and also generally feels very good. By the way, the mouse gives a modern look. The mouse is mainly made of plastic with a rubberized surface, this time also some metal parts are present, such as the two mouse wheels on top and side.

The upper mouse wheel, which is now made entirely of steel, does not wobble at all and is super quiet, is called the Magspeed wheel. With the mode change button above you can let it run freely or let it snap magnetically again. There is practically a ball bearing built into it, which allows this floating rotation. However, you don’t have to constantly switch back and forth. If you turn the wheel with a little momentum, it also rotates completely free until it snaps back into place. This is called SmartShift and the sensitivity, so from when the wheel is released can be set in the app. This feature makes it possible to scroll 1000 lines per second, which is a relief for me and my index finger, as I often use this function. If you hold it again with your finger, it is hardly pulled up and you stop quite precisely at the place where you wanted to stop. Otherwise, it works like any other mouse with line-by-line scrolling. Accordingly, I used the mode change button differently.

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks

The thumb wheel is also back and is also made entirely of steel. The position is the same, but the area the wheel occupies is larger, making operation much easier. With the predecessor, I didn’t find it quite as optimally solved.
What you can do with it can be determined by logitech software. You will also be offered various presets for popular programs, which you can also create yourself. This includes Adobe programs such as Premiere and Photoshop. You can either scroll sideways, change certain settings such as the brush size in Photoshop, zoom, change tabs, etc. It is nice that the wheel has hardly any resistance, which relieves the thumb. Sensitivity can be adjusted separately.

Below them are the forward and back keys. These are much better this time and can be operated by slightly lifting the thumb without buckling it, practically by a rocking of the thumb. I use these buttons very often, such as browsing the Internet or within folders, and I’m looking forward to the improvement. You can also use different functions to load these buttons depending on the program. At Premiere Pro, I use the keys to undo or repeat something.

A button that I sometimes forget, but which is actually very useful, is hidden in the lower inner surface. Press the thumb down press the gesture key. A simple click opens the overview of the active apps and windows (Windows key + tab). When holding down, you can also move the mouse forward, back, left or right to give further commands or open programs, etc. Here you can also prove all gestures and the click yourself.

I think it’s great that the Logitech MX Master 3 is equipped with a USB-C port this time. This makes the charging process much easier. It is also possible, if the battery is empty, with a simple smartphone cable to easily use the mouse. Although the MX Master 3 is a wireless mouse, it can be connected to devices by cable without any problems. However, battery life is not a problem at all, as the mouse lasts up to 70 days with a single charge. It charges fast enough that you can use the mouse yourself with one minute of charging for three hours.

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks

You can connect the mouse wirelessly with up to three devices. To do this, it has a button below the mouse that allows you to switch and connect. Of course, this is easy via Bluetooth, although I usually prefer to use the enclosed Unifying adapter, which ensures a more stable connection. Just because there are usually multiple devices connected to my laptop. At the same time, you can connect it to the iOS or Android device, TV, projector, second notebook or Macbook. You can then switch to device two and three via the button. An LED indicates the current connection.

Of course, the Logitech MX Master 3 still has some killer features that distinguish it from other mice. On the one hand, this is the free occupancy of all buttons and wheels, but also a feature called Flow. For example, if you report multiple PCs or notebooks via logitech software, whether Windows or Mac, you can operate the devices as if you connected multiple monitors to a PC. You go to the edge of the screen and get out of the other connected devices. This allows you to transfer texts, links, files, images, etc. from one device to another. This also goes from Windows to Mac and back. You get more features in combination with the keyboard. More on that.

Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks

The Logitech MX Keys is a keyboard that goes with the Logitech MX Master in terms of audience. It’s just as much about functionality and productivity combined in one keyboard. But let’s start from scratch.

As a keyboard, it is similar in layout to other keyboards, but comes with some extra keys. In terms of design, it is quite flat and minimalistic, which is very important to me personally. For me, it has to be either a simple, classic design or a hardcore gamer keyboard. Of course, the former fits better with my planned productivity setup.

At the back it is slightly raised, so that the buttons are a little inclined to the user. The keyboard is mainly made of plastic but has a quite high weight. This suggests that a more massive material is used inside. This is of course a good thing, as in combination with the rubber feet sits firmly on the place. Typing is very pleasant with a lower key stroke, as you know it from notebooks, for example.

Basically, it makes the keyboard very easy to use, although I would also recommend the separately available palm rest, the Logitech MX Palm Rest. This allows to work ergonomically and is also pleasantly soft due to the memory foam inside. I find an extra surface much better, because everyone has different sized hands and you can adjust the distance to the keyboard yourself accordingly. With many keyboards with fixed surfaces, my big hands don’t come up and I also find the soft shape here much more beautiful to work with. It also looks quite good in combination.

Many features that the Logitech MX Master 3 has also work in a similar way with the Logitech MX Keys. You can seamlessly switch between three devices, connect (and charge) it via Bluetooth, Unifying adapter or USB-C cable, and use a second FN function or programs to virtually all F-keys or additional keys. You can just as well assign an individual function to each of these keys depending on the program and also have all these settings saved on the keyboard so that you can use them on device two and three.

But the FN button can do even more. With the Duolink function, you can assign another function by pressing the FN button, mouse button or gesture. If you can remember them, you can make the Logitech MX Master 3 the ultimate ecu. Who like me constantly jumps back and forth between many programs and apps will be super satisfied with these extras.

What’s great is that the keyboard is equipped with a 6-step backlight. With active backlight, the keyboard lasts about 10 days. Without them, as they are usually used, it lasts about 5 months. However, the keyboard turns off the light during a short inactivity, so that too much energy is not consumed. It is interesting that a sensor is installed in it, which automatically turns the light back on as soon as it notices that hands or fingers are still hovering over it at a distance of about 2 cm. So it doesn’t happen that the keyboard lighting stays off when you were just thinking. Overall, I am super satisfied with the Logitech MX Keys keyboard and can recommend it as a set with the Logitech Master 3 and the MX Palm Rest.

The lighting: Benq Screenbar

BenQ Screenbar Lamp Home Office Mobilegeeks

Good light is one of the most important things in the Home Office. Important in the sense that it helps us to concentrate better, stay awake and counteract depression, especially in winter. The problem is that the room lighting is usually not enough. A desk lamp usually takes up space and is not always easy to place, as it may not illuminate certain areas correctly, or the light hits reflecting surfaces too directly. Those who buy cheap only have white light, which makes it difficult to work or relax in the evening or yellow light, which does not work during the day. A few years ago I had only worked with the room lighting, learned etc. and only got a reasonable table lamp late. The result was clear after a short time: better mood, better account ration, less fatigue in the morning but better sleep in the evening.

I solve this problem in this home office with the BenQ ScreenBar: The perfect table lighting. I don’t know any other product at the moment, welche solves all my problems mentioned earlier so well.

The BenQ ScreenBar comes with an LED rod and a customizable counterweight bracket, which is combined after the first unpacking. It is partly made of metal, partly also plastic and has a single connector on the back. Accordingly, the lamp is driven by USB-A and can be connected either to the notebook/PC or via a power supply. The BenQ Screenbar is mounted on the monitor. This does not have to be on the desktop, but can also be applied to a notebook display. It is clamped loosely over the rubberized counterweight, the clamp of which can be adjusted to the thickness of the monitor. Once attached, nothing moves and sits tightly.

The light can be operated with touch buttons. On the far left you can adjust the brightness. Here, for example, in the centre of the light, you can reach 1000 lux at a height of 45 cm at the maximum brightness. This makes it really super bright, which is why you usually never have to adjust the maximum brightness. In addition, you can adjust the color temperature. The light is distributed widely on the table even when using an Ultrawide Curved Monitor. If you have a really big table, you can also look at the BenQ ScreenBar Plus or the BenQ ScreenBar Lite in a small form. It is nice that the light of the LED does not reflect on the display and otherwise falls on the table like an e-reading lamp, so that the eyes are not so heavily burdened by reflections.

BenQ Screenbar Lamp Home Office Mobilegeeks

The button next to it is responsible for the color temperature. Here you have a wide spectrum between 2700 K and 6500 K. This gives you warm white light, universal white light and daylight white light, for which you need around 5300 Kelvin. According to delivery the BenQ Screenbar here more. Warm white light is suitable for relaxing in the evening and allows easier sleep due to the low blue light content. Daylight white light fits perfectly in the morning or noon, which allows you to wake up, concentrate better and prevent depression on dark days. Universal white light is the means in between at the end.

Logitech MX Keys Home Office Mobilegeeks

On the right side you have the power button and the automatic brightness adjustment. A light sensor determines the current ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness accordingly. Of course, this is great, because in the middle of the work you often don’t think that the light is just too dark or too bright.

So it offers everything I’m missing from other desk lamps and is really worth the money.

The webcam: Logitech StreamCam

Logitech SteamCam Home Office Mobilegeeks

Where videoconferencing has never been an issue in most households and you may even have taped your webcam for fear of being spied on, webcams are currently completely sold out and video conferencing, no matter at work, with school or university or with friends, seems to become the norm for the foreseeable future. Not only because of the pandemic, but also as a result of the digitalization that is finally starting. Live streams for content creators like us are just as on trend. Whether for presentations, gaming on Twitch, or even for work as a blogger, vlogger or youtuber.

Most people have a webcam in their ultra-poor quality notebooks or use their smartphones for it. A camera in the workplace, where everything is united in one and also provides a quality that leaves a good impression on business partners, for example, but also offers other viewers a better experience, I think is really super important here. Especially in the industries where I work. If they offer cool user-friendly extras, all the better. This is where the Logitech StreamCam comes in.

Logitech SteamCam Home Office Mobilegeeks

The Logitech StreamCam is small and compact and looks really good compared to other models. It is mainly made of plastic, with the front side decorated with fabric, which is available in “black” and “white”. A USB-C 3.1 cable leads away from the camera, which has advantages and disadvantages. For me and the hardware I use this fits perfectly and I am happy to find a connection here. If you only have USB-A ports, you will need to help out with a simple adapterhave to be.

It can be attached directly to the monitor, where you can adjust the clamp depending on the monitor width and also the camera can be tilted and panned on two axes to find the optimal position for the setup at home depending on the situation. Alternatively, you can replace the bracket if you want to attach the camera to a tripod with the 1/4 inch thread, which can certainly be useful for various content creators or if you want to get away from the monitor.

The camera works according to the Plug & Play principle directly after connecting, whereby you have access to the most important settings and functions with the Logitech Capture Software. This makes it easy to customize the image in video conferencing and live streams.

This allows you to set and change text boxes as needed, apply effects such as color filters, and also select a second source for the stream, such as the desktop or just a specific window, while pointing to source 1. The face cam, for example, whose size and position can be adjusted. With this solution you have a much better and more fluid image than if you release your display on Skype e.g. natively. But I particularly like the facial tracking. When this is on, the camera zooms in on the face and follows head movements. However, it is also possible to assign a fixed zoom position. The zoom itself seems to be partly optical, partly digital and provides a good picture. Here in the video I demonstrate some of these features in a time-lapse, so that you can also visually imagine this:

If you want to walk around with the camera, you can also activate the image stabilization, which works relatively well. I can well imagine this with live streamers, who will also like the vertical video mode, because when you take the camera out of the bracket and rotate it, the camera immediately switches to vertical mode. In order to use all these features in Skype, Zoom, etc. and to transfer the image exactly as in Logitech Capture, you as a camera do not have to select the camera itself, but “Logitech Capture” after you have started the software. Then people see exactly what you hired.

Logitech StreamCam Home Office Mobilegeeks

As soon as the camera is captured or active, an LED lights up, as you can see in the upper image. By the way, the camera comes with two microphones with ball characteristics, which is quite nice for the emergency, but is not an alternative for a good headset.

I think the image quality is really good. Especially in the low-light due to the f/2.0 aperture. Even in a less illuminated room, the camera manages to provide a clearly recognizable image where most other cameras fail. Here it helps that you can also adapt the image quality to your own needs. The camera does record in (up to) FullHD with either 30 or 60 FPS, whereby you can also choose whether the camera software should ensure a high frame rate or good exposure.

[NEU] The Headphones: Logitech Zone Wireless Plus

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

A good headset is important. Not only for the occasional Zoom Call, but also for entertainment or working with sound. Currently I have more video conferences and phone calls than ever before, so I had to get a good headphone that has good sound, suppresses noise, doesn’t warm my ears in summer and can easily be worn for several hours. It is also important that it works wirelessly and that it also brings some useful extra features. The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus has become it. What he can do, I’ll tell you now.

In the box is the headset itself, a USB-A cable, an Unifying USB-A adapter and a fabric bag to wear. The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is mainly made of plastic and partly on the metal handle, with the headband equipped with a rubber-covered memory foam. The tape that connects the electronics contains the cables and is made of fabric on the outside, while the memory foam of the ear pads is protected with faux leather. This makes cleaning here at least relatively easy. I find it very nice how soft the ear pads are. I would argue that it is one of the most comfortable headphones in this respect. The headphones are on your ears as on-ear headphones and also have a little play in the tilt, so the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus adapts well to your ears.

Due to the fact that the headphones are mainly made of plastic, it is also relatively light in weight. It is therefore not only suitable for longer carry, but also for transport. It can also be transported well because it can be buckled and thus takes up less space. The height adjustment is easy and unproblematic. It should basically suit most people.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The microphone is where you want it to be. Depending on how you open it, it’s either left or right. Accordingly, the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus automatically changes the page assignment. Very cool is a feature that mutes the microphone when folding and unlocks it when you open it, whereby you can also mute it manually with the button on the microphone during the call. A voice reflects the current status. This is in English the first time you connect. But can be put on German, which I would not recommend, because the German voice sounds bored.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus has several buttons. A plus and minus button for the volume of a Play or Voice Assistant button, a button to turn on and off, or for the Bluetooth connection and an ANC button. This is responsible for Active Noise Cancelling. If you are in an open-plan office with several people, the vacuum cleaner robot runs through the room or a neighbor mows his lawn on Sunday and you don’t want to call the police, you can shield yourself with it. The noise cancellation here is pretty well suppressed most monotonous sounds, so you can hear virtually nothing. But if you’re screaming, it won’t help you, which Hopefully should be clear. On the way by train or by plane, of course, this is also very helpful if you want to concentrate.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

You can connect the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus via the Unifying adapter or via Bluetooth. The Unifying Adapter supports up to 6 devices, with the headphones only working with this adapter. Probably because there is a different technique in it, which you can see from the fact that it is larger than other Unifying adapters, which are usually always included. This is not a problem, as you can simply transfer your Logitech Keyboard or mouse to the new adapter so as not to have two adapters on the PC. If you work in a large office, you can also take the adapter from PC to PC. The headphones will work without setup.

Using Bluetooth, however, the whole thing is also completely unproblematic. A total of up to three connections are possible here. On the smartphone, you can make settings for the headphones with the Logi Tune app, which are then stored in the headphones, i.e. how loud the microphone feedback should be of your own voice, etc. You can also install new firmwares. On the PC, this is also possible with the PC version of the app. The first time this would not be a bad idea, because the Unifying Adapter also gets an update. It is also possible to set an equalizer here.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

Because the headphones are certified for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Voice, Zoom and others, it is also fully compatible with these applications. The app shows you how to set the microphone for the apps the first time you start it.

I find the charging possibilities of the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus very cool. By this I do not mean charging via a microUSB port (where I would rather have USB-C), but the supported Qi charging. After each call, I can just put it on my wireless charging pad and it simply charges without a cable connection. So I don’t have the problem of having to connect it again and again somewhere and by the end of the day the battery is still full. If you can’t or don’t want to charge, the headphones will last a long time. With each launch, the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus tells you how many hours are left. A maximum call time of 15 hours is possible without ANC and 14 hours with ANC. This is at least longer than the average working time.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

The sound quality of the headphones when listening to music is surprisingly good, so you can wear it super outside of work. I am surprised by the bass, which I honestly didn’t expect, but also ups and downs are good, which you can also adjust via the equalizer. Either manually or via the presets in the Logi Tune app such as Volume Boost, Podcast and Bass Boost. Minimally suppressed, the sound sounds to me as an audiophile, but I don’t think that’s bad.

At first I wasn’t so convinced about the microphone, because when it came to sound recordings, the sound was quiet and didn’t sound really great. When trying with phone calls, video calls, etc., however, the sound sounds very good, is loud enough and sounds clear. That it is not made for sound recordings should be clear here, but for phone calls it sounds almost like a call from a professional call center. Accordingly, my opinion on the time of use has changed. The microphone is quite short and does not interfere with the face and can be simply muted, as already told. In principle, the microphone is also designed for open-plan offices with several employees, so that despite many voices in the area, most of the microphone swells only one’s own voice.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus. By the way, you get the Bluetooth only variant a little cheaper without the plus in the name.

[NEU] The Wireless Charger: Moshi Otto Q

Moshi Otto Q Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

In a home office, it is important to simplify processes, habits and also as support for ergonomics that everything is as easily accessible and feasible as possible. One problem I have is that I also have to charge my smartphone, my headphones, etc. every now and then. What i find a remedy here is a wireless charger. Here I chose the Moshi Otto Q in the color “Nordic Grey”, which fits perfectly with the rest of the setup.

It has a beautiful simple fabric design with a rubberized lift that keeps your devices non-slip on the charger. It is bordered by plastic, whereby it is rubberized again on the underside. An LED shows you that a device is currently charging. The Moshi Otto Q gets power via a USB-C to USB-A cable, which also comes in the appropriate grey, which makes the cable less noticeable. The advantage of having a USB-C cable leads to the charging pad is that I can simply unplug it and plug it into my keyboard, mouse or other devices to charge them. Because I connected it indirectly to the notebook via the Philips monitor, I can also easily transfer files from my smartphone, GoPro or Sony camera and don’t have to plug in an extra cable. Since most of what I have only needs a USB-C port, this is super handy.

Moshi Otto Q Mobilegeeks Home Office Review

At the same time, the charger serves as a support surface for different devices, as I can put on my smartphone, my headphones my headphones for on-the-go (Huawei Freebuds 3) or my work headphones, the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus while working, so they are always charged. So I never have the problem that somewhere the battery is empty.

Charging even with a thick case is unproblematic. The Moshi Otto Q is equipped with a 2.6 mm thick ferrite layer, which allows the smartphone to charge efficiently even with a cover up to 5 mm thick. The good heat regulation means that it never gets warm and is correspondingly safe. It also has foreign body detection and overheat protection. The maximum charging power is 10 watts.

The Moshi Otto Q may not be the cheapest loading pad and maybe not the most powerful, but it works reliably and looks good, which is why it deserves a place on the table with me.

Preview for the next parts

The text may be quite long, but there’s still a lot missing for the Home Office to be complete. Some things have just arrived, others are still on the way. What is still missing:

  • The Notebook/Workstation
  • The memory
  • The Chair
  • The loudspeakers
  • The microphone
  • The ambient lighting
  • A printer
  • Sports equipment?
  • Distraction

Perhaps there will be some surprises. One thing is certain: Next in the next part.


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