iPad Pro with trackpad control is here: Do we still need Macbooks?


Apple has equipped its new iPad Pro with a lidar scanner for distance measurement. In addition, the optional Magic Keyboard now comes with a trackpad. Thanks to iPadOS 13.4, we will soon be able to operate older models with a mouse and trackpad. Do we still need Macbooks? A comment.

Apple has apparently managed to complete production for the new iPad Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Mini despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The new hardware can now be pre-ordered.

Visually, the iPad Pro has hardly changed. The device still has a Liquid Retina display in 11.0 or 12.9 inches. The front is hardly different from the older model.

However, the back has already been impressed with a new dual camera. Thus, in addition to the well-known wide-angle camera with twelve megapixels, the new generation now also has an ultra-wide-angle camera with ten megapixels.

And technically, too, a lot has happened. Apple has installed a lidar scanner for distance measurement, which is to be used primarily in augmented reality applications.

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard including trackpad

That all sounds very interesting. But the iPad Pro itself isn’t the biggest change at all. The operating system update on iPad OS 13.4, which will be a new Magic Keyboard Supports.

This keyboard has both a keyboard and a trackpad. Thanks to iPadOS 13.4, we can now control the iPad Pro with a trackpad or alternatively with a mouse. And this also applies to older models that receive the update.

The magic keyboard’s new keyboard is even illuminated. Thanks to her, we will also be able to charge the tablet via USB-C in the future.

Do we still need Macbooks?

The iPad Pro is expected to be available by the end of March 2020. We will probably have to wait until May 2020 for the Magic Keyboard. So if we can control our iPad like a notebook in the near future, do we even need Macbooks?

In addition to the iPad, Apple has also unveiled a new Macbook Air and a Mac Mini. The Macbook Air is equipped with a scissors-mechanics keyboard, which we already know from the current Macbook Pro. The problematic butterfly keyboard is thus a thing of the past.

The new Macbook Air also features more powerful processors. Graphics performance is also expected to be 80 percent higher. Only the Pro models still have a touchbar. However, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID is installed.

The question now is: What can a Macbook do today that an iPad Pro can’t? Of course, this question can only be answered competently after a corresponding test.

But even if the new Apple tablet can compete with a Macbook in terms of performance, there are still some reasons to support Apple’s notebook.

Easier usability in everyday life

If you work a lot with your iPad or Macbook, ideally use a suitable screen to ensure an upright posture.

An iPad isn’t as easy to connect to a monitor as a Macbook. Handling with Apple’s notebook is much lighter and more enjoyable.

In addition, the iPad has a mobile feel. This too can be quite strenuous in the long run if you are not used to it and work a lot with web-based applications, for example.

Of course, if you’re on the road a lot, the iPad will take a big off in terms of weight. However, the question is also at this point, what you need your iPad or Macbook for.

For authors and journalists, for example, the Apple tablet should not be a satisfactory alternative to the Macbook. We will soon be able to control it with a mouse. But handling with the notebook is still more pleasant.

Should the iPad Pro replace a Macbook at all?

For this reason alone, it is reasonable to assume that the iPad Pro cannot and should not replace a Macbook. After all, Apple would also be foolish to pursue this claim – otherwise, after all, a complete product family and thus very high revenues would be lost.

The Apple tablet is often the better choice, especially on the go. On the plane, on the train or in the café: it is easier to transport and then use it just as well as a Macbook, depending on the area of responsibility.

For use at the desk, however, the Macbook is still the better choice for journalists and co. – despite magic keyboard and trackpad.

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