iPhone SE: These 5 tricks every owner should know


The iPhone with home button is back. But how was it with pressing and touching? And how can you make full use of the iPhone SE’s comparatively weak battery? We have five tips for iPhone SE owners to make everyday life easier.

1. The power of the home button

You can see it one way or the other: The iPhone SE is ahead of other smartphones with the retro home button around worlds – or after. No matter how you see the return of the Haptic button in an iPhone from 2020, it offers some useful features that are not directly obvious when setting up the iPhone SE.

Configure click resistance

For example, the click resistance of the home button in the iPhone SE can still be changed after setup. There are three strengths to choose from, which determine how hard the Taptic Engine signals: you have pressed the button.

  1. Calling up settings
  2. Select “General”
  3. Select “Home button”
  4. Choose between the three Haptic Touch strengths

Quickly unlock iPhone SE

With the introduction of the non-mechanical home button, there was a big discussion about unlocking the iPhone. Because the fingerprint sensor reads the features of the fingertips so fast that a short touch of the home button is enough to unlock the device. However, sometimes you just want to turn on the display of the iPhone SE in the lock-out state to control, for example, time or messages without the iPhone SE being unlocked directly.

In order to unlock the iPhone SE faster or just activate it by pressing the button, there is a useful setting:

  1. Calling up settings
  2. Call “operating aids”
  3. Call “Home” button
  4. Move the “Hang up your finger to open” switch at the bottom
  5. Green means: Apply Touch ID without pressure
  6. Grey means: Touch ID only applies when pressing the Home Button

Turn on one-handed operation

The Home Button has a function that allows owners to bring the screen display closer to the thumb. This is handy if you have only one hand free and want to enter a URL in the browser, for example. IPhone SE owners simply have to tap the home button twice (don’t press, this opens the App Switcher).

  1. Calling up settings
  2. Call “operating aids”
  3. Call “Tap”
  4. Set “one-hand mode” to green
iPhone SE Tips for Owners

With the Home Button in the iPhone SE, many hidden functions are possible. / © AndroidPIT

2. Better scrollthrough text with 3D touch

Probably the most underrated 3D touch feature is scrolling into text using the space bar of Apple’s virtual keyboard. Especially on the comparatively small iPhone SE, this “trick” is worth gold! Many iPhone owners are still trying to get the cursor in text links or messages in WhatsApp and Co. in the right position. This is nerve-wracking in the long run, and Apple introduced a feature for it some time ago. Initially available under Force Touch on the entire display, the space bar can now be used for all iPhone models as cursor help under 3D Touch. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hold down the space bar in a URL or written text
  2. The keyboard appears blurry
  3. Move fingers left or right, up or down to move the cursor to the desired location

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3. Change text size on iPhone

I have already set up two iPhone SE in my circle of acquaintances. The choice of text size was different and on the small display people with not so good eyes benefit clearly from larger fonts. By default, everything on the iPhone is set quite small. IPhone users who switch from a larger model to the iPhone SE can also benefit from the font magnification. Here’s how to change the font size in iPhone SE:

  1. Calling up settings
  2. “Display and Brightness”
  3. Select “Text Size”
  4. Set one of the seven possible steps using a slider
IMG 1534

Thanks to Haptic Touch, the Home Button has a click resistance; is less prone to damage. / © AndroidPIT

4. Improve iPhone SE battery performance

The battery in the iPhone SE is one of the of the shortcomings. In all tests, the small iPhone with an old iPhone 8 battery runs out of steam comparatively quickly. If you want to get everything out of the installed battery, you should keep an eye on the consumption of the installed apps. Battery usage provides information on which application eats a lot of electricity in daily use. Which app requires how much battery, you can find out like this:

  1. Calling up settings
  2. Call “battery”
  3. Display battery usage per app as a percentage or lifetime

Here you will find games or apps that pull enormously on the battery – and the info how often they are actually used compared to others. To save battery on the iPhone SE, the following settings are worthwhile:

  1. Do not permanently set the brightness of the display to very bright
  2. Set up automatic display lock: Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Automatic lock
  3. Activate power saving mode: Settings -> Battery -> Power saving mode

5. Customize portrait effect of photos

With portrait mode, the iPhone SE is ahead of its optical twin, the iPhone 8. Because software blurs the background when you have people in front of the lens. This effect can be changed even before creating an image. Here’s how:

  1. Open the photo app
  2. Switch to portrait mode
  3. Press the small “f” on the top right
  4. A scale appears to adjust the depth effect

Tip: The strength of the bokeh effect can also be changed retrospectively for each portrait under “Edit” and the small “f”.


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