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iTunes is Apple’s music and video software with sync ingestia for iOS devices. Downloading and using iTunes is free. Apple’s media management is not only suitable for owners of an iPad or iPhone, but can also be used to organize movies and music on their own hard drive. The iTunes 12.10.5 version is now available.

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With the Itunes Download You have apple software that can’t just play music, burn songs to CD and rip audio CDs and convert CDs to MP3. It also gives users access to the iTunes Store, which allows you to buy and download music, videos, movies and mobile applications for iOS devices iPhone, iPad and iPod.

You can download iTunes 64-bit and iTunes 32-bit from the download buttons above. The first version should be used by users of 64-bit systems due to higher performance. Furthermore, iTunes available as an app for Windows 10.

For Mac users, iTunes for Mac is available for download:

In iTunes 12.9, the program has already been tuned to the upcoming iOS 12. Furthermore, Apple Music subscribers can now find songs with just one known line of text. In addition, there are now top 100 playlists from all Apple Music countries and improvements in security and speed. Since version 12.2, iTunes has been bringing access to Apple Music on Windows PCs.

In our photo gallery we introduce you to the best multimedia tools for Windows:

Furthermore, the free iTunes download also includes the music recommendation function Genius. She searches for songs similar to the song she has just heard from the repertoire of her own library as well as the iTunes Store. Found songs can then be purchased from the iTunes Store, for example, or playlists can be created from them.

The iTunes download delivers music player and management center in one

Cover for your music albums automatically downloads iTunes from the Internet and then provides your MP3 files with it. The Cover Flow can display your music collection in the form of these album covers. You can also use the organisation of your music collection by artist, musical genres or composer. iTunes automatically creates album groups based on this choice, only a mouse movement is required to scroll through these groups. The grid representation also works with films and podcasts as well as audiobooks. iTunes has also been made more accessible to users with visual impairments. The library can also be read aloud in iTunes on Mac and Windows.

In addition, Apple’s private share has allowed you to sync your iTunes home libraries to a maximum of five computers. With the iTunes library you can keep an overview of the entire media collection, be it audiobooks, apps, iPhone loading, music or videos (see also the tutorial: “What is iTunes? Manage music properly, that’s how it goes”).

Music purchased with other computers is also automatically synchronized among the music archives on request. You can also transfer music from iPhone to PC and sync your iTunes library with Android. With iTunes Match, you can also access the entire music collection directly from iCloud on the go.

Browse the Store after iTunes Download

In addition, iTunes provides access to the iTunes Store. Apple’s own store offers a wide range of apps, movies, books, music and other media content. With iTunes U, iTunes Download also gives you access to a wide range of scientific papers and offers from high-level universities worldwide.

The Genius-Mix feature can create new playlists based on the songs in your library that contain matched music. Playlists can be created by genre or by artist.

iTunes Download Screenshot
iTunes Download not only allows iPhone and iPad users to manage their media collection.


The applications purchased and downloaded for the iPod (touch), iPad or iPhone can be sorted within iTunes as they are later displayed in the display of the devices.

The social network iTunes Ping had only a brief appearance in the software world and has been disabled since September 30, 2012. Nevertheless, users do not have to do without communicative components in Apple’s media center. Content and interests can be shared with friends via social buttons. Songs that tell friends can be purchased directly in the Store by clicking. You can also give away apps, music, movies & iTunes credits.

Organize MP3s, movies and apps with iTunes

  • Playing music and movies
  • Organize your own media library
  • Synchronize songs, movies, emails, contacts, photos, and apps between PC and iOS device

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Conclusion: If you own an iOS device, you can’t get past iTunes. But the media all-rounder also offers versatile functions to organize its music and film collection on the computer or, thanks to access to the store, to expand without effort.

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