Kasper Schmeichel and a goalkeeper’s history


Under Kasper Schmeichel’s share on The Athletic site, the world of goalkeeper has never appeared so vivid.

“A keeper always feels uncomfortable when a commentator has never pierced the pitch to comment on professional issues such as: goalkeeper is not allowed to lose by the end of the point at the close angle. Or that situation, the goalkeeper should shoot sticky, instead of punching out… “, Kasper Schmeichel said.

Maybe that’s why you want to share the world of the goalkeeper for the reporter. The Athletic. Kasper said: “The position of the goalkeeper has gone through real revolutions. I recently talked with Peter Shilton (the legendary player of the England team) on this issue “.

Kasper Schmeichel played professionally from 2005, but the career began to sublimated from the start of Leicester City in 2011.

Kasper Schmeichel played professionally from 2005, but the career began to sublimated from the start of Leicester City in 2011.

Safe hands and outstanding legs

What is that particular revolution? Kasper said: “Often in a match, teams will compete according to the 4-4-2, 5-3-2, or any diagram. This way of course is to completely dismiss the goalkeeper’s role. But more recently, people will call the tactical diagram of 1-4-4-2 or 1-5-3-2. They realized the benefits of attacking with 11 people, instead of 10 as before. “

Schmeichel’s role in Leicester City under Brendan Rodgers proved to be a testimony to the revolution. In addition to the sorrowful rescues, the Danish city now contributes to the attacks of precise silhouets. When a home attack needs to be arranged, Kasper is also a part of the turmeric volleyball. When the home team was turned off, he was also willing to give up, becoming a real scanning goalkeeper.

The revolution has sprouted since the law forbade the goalkeeper from using hand to get the team’s line. Kasper said: “The law has completely changed the position of the goalkeeper, creating a tactical revolution while ending the career of many good goalkeeper, because they are not accustomed to that”.

“Manuel Neuer has completely changed the sport, probably from the World Cup 2010. He played as a pre-sweeping goalkeeper, but it was strange that he was able to perform the role from Bayern Munich to the German team. Both COACHES, Joachim Low and Pep Guardiola, all used his boldness. Thanks to Neuer, they boldly deploy high-intensity pressing tactics. When to lose the ball, they can push the squad onto the opponent’s pressure. If unfortunately the ball is pushed towards his bracket, Neuer is always there to “sweep” and then put the ball back on the other side of the field. Not only does the football change, Neuer also puts the expectations on the shoulders of the goalkeeper.

In terms of caste, in addition to Neuer, Ederson is a prominent name by calm when dealing with shadows. With Ederson on the other side, rivals are very afraid pressing Man City. Offer to catch Ederson i.e. leave his position and create opportunities for opponents, by taking the ball in his feet is indeed too hard.

The same is Marc-Andre ter Stegen of Barcelona. On the lookout, he finds the void that you leave and exploit it. This means that the more you try to run the home.

Kasper inherited the goalkeeper of his father Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Man Utd.

Kasper inherited the goalkeeper of his father Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Man Utd.

In Leicester, Brendan Rodgers encouraged Schmeichel to become more comprehensive and contribute more to the assault front. “Getting up the ball from the home section will help us control the battle better,” Kasper said. “That’s what I’ve always done in international competitions, from youth to national teams. That means it’s not too strange to me, but playing like that in the Premier League is another experience. “

“But it’s still something I love, so I enjoy the change. Working with a world-class COACH like Brendan is fun. We ended up seeking to understand him. People gradually realized the tremendous benefit of attacking 11 instead of 10, but not all the COACHES were seen. “

Schmeichel admits he could not play the exact ball above in the early stages of his career, not enough. He had to hone that skills all the time at Man City’s academy, before being brought to lower-tier teams for experience such as Darlington, Bury, Cardiff City, Conventry City, even Falkirk of Scotland. Kasper is really a late bloom talent. Because of his coat for Notts County, Leeds United and Leicester, he was eventually given the Echo.

Goalkeeper No longer set private

“I saw the training of players on the field and learning from them is necessary,” Kasper said. “The feeling of teammates on me is important. Because they had to see me good feet, they could be confident, and comfortable to pass every time they were assembled. They have to believe that I handle it. Today, the goalkeeper no longer has to set their own episodes and then end the squad in the training. The teammates now pass the ball to me as they pass each other.

I was very fortunate when I first gave Man City. I was gathered with the team at the age of 15, having the opportunity to observe and learn from the best. The number one and two often participated in the training sessions, and that would mean the preparation of the reserve as I became redundant. I have repeatedly gathered in positions that are vacant or when I am lacking in manpower. Where also, from the right back, central midfielder to central defender, that helps me understand the psychology of getting the ball of the players and realize their sense of status, because the physical demands between the goalkeeper and the other positions on the pitch are very different. “

With the new legislation that allowed vertical defenders in the area to get a ball line, Schmeichel used more feet and he believed the goalkeeper should be out of the prohibition more in the future.

“The change of law has caused many interesting variations in tactics,” he shares. “You can see that in the way Barca operates with Ter Stegen. When they were playing the ball, they stood in a triangle with two central guards standing next to the goalkeeper, and he passed a centre back and received the ball, after which the three would be in the same series. Basically, he’s such a defender in the process of developing a ball.

In most cases, they pass the Ter Stegen from the wing because he feels comfortable and confident when standing in the gap. He passed in the middle of the field as a centre of defender and thus, two defenders were able to offer high comfort. They formed a defender triangle and the middle line will be thicker. I think the revolution will last until the goalkeeper becomes a real player on the field – only at the glove spot. “

Learn to play

Technology is both useful, and harmful to modern goalkeeper.

Schmeichel or watch the videos of the other goalkeeper in the world to pick up useful elements from them and improve their gameplay.

“I originally just watched Youtube. I watched all the goalkeeper to see if there was a cough and apply them to my matches, “Schmeichel explains. “I’m going to talk to Tim Flowers, my COACH as a young man, and tell ‘ I see you the keeper of Spain. I’ll try to do it and We’il discuss if it’s right for you. ‘ Then you adapt to it.

I followed up with people like Edwin van der Sar at the height of his high-ranking legs, which were different from the foot standard now. Two-time gameplay is different but I like to follow Van der Sar, Iker Casillas or David Seaman, whom I am fortunate to do and play with.

I also watched Petr Cech and Santiago Canizares anymore; There are a lot of goalkeeper, such as Gianluigi Buffon, and you have to see how they handle the situation, from which to pick up the experience and try to see if it suits you, because every goalkeeper has a different stature and style.

I especially liked Oliver Kahn and Casillas because they have the same organ as me. I had to be more agile and explosive because my arms were not as long as the big players. I was very fortunate to have been in Man City, trained with his father, Seaman, David James, Joe Hart, Shay Given, and Ronald Waterreus, who had greatly influenced me because he was the first person I saw performing the unfatherly invisible Ball. I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s great to see him move in and do it with both the left and right feet. Standing close by and observing these people, observing the calm of the Seaman legend under terrible pressure is indeed great.

James’s specialty is professionalism, how he exercises and cares for his body in the gym. Shay is one of the people I watched, but you will not be able to recognize how good he is with the outstanding stability if not close. The highlights you see are only very ordinary things with him.

Fortunately, today there are dozens of browser platforms that allow us to do just that, you don’t need to call for hours. But we bounce the idea and apply it to the pitch. “

Kasper made a major public contribution to the historic site of Leicester: English Premier League champion 2015-2016.

Kasper made a major public contribution to the historic site of Leicester: English Premier League champion 2015-2016.

Schmeichel used to wear a GoPro camera at each episode to record the process and considered later, but sheTechnology has lifted it to a new level. “We got the camera at every pitch, so the episode is finished, you have a bunch of videos from all angles,” he explains. “That’s what you want, and technology influences a lot of football.

Then we have to take the good ones from the training and gather hundreds of thousands of times, something too. If you want to be good, you must practice, promotion.

Before you play it on your own, I have to go to the right defender. Man City is where I Peter forging abilities after a year of self-playing. I rock nothing. But after each rehearsing, I practiced more of the rocks. It is possible that the horizontal, half-pear-like infinity is running as Van der Sar, bouncing ball or stationary ball; So, I’ve gathered all sorts. Stand from the forbidden ring, then play the ball up two wooden frames where the midfielder, with both feet.

As a young man, without children and not taking responsibility, you have a lot of time to practice and then I have nothing but time, so I spend every lunchball. There will be times when things get boring, but you have to believe that every effort will be answered, and I see the goalkeeper as well. The rehearse helps to train muscle memory and form the second nature, helping you a lot in the bridge battle. “

A challenge for modern goalkeeper like Schmeichel is the development of the round ball and the difficulties coming from the transition between the ball. “The ball is the key to the bridge,” Schmeichel shares. “If you’ve never stood in the wooden frame, you won’t know how it varies. For example, the ball we are taking in the Premier League is perfect. It is excellent, has the severity, the dress and the perfect grip.

Then you attend the Carabao Cup or FA Cup, which gives you the worst ball in life. Shadows are slippery and heavy as lead, which changes your gameplay completely. For example, a ball or a long pass, you can’t Kick it like you rock a Nike ball, so you have to change the way you rock. So see how hard the players on the pitch are when switching from playing the Premier League ball to English, as the Premier League ball is great and the Cup ball is hard to guess. “

Consider carefully

Another disadvantage of technology is the development of communication and the techniques that a player faces, with the goalkeeper, especially more thoroughly. “The overview of my career has changed by the start, things like media don’t yet exist, you can compete and enjoy it, the outsiable person can not compliment or debug you are as much as today,” Schmeichel said. “Modern heads and young players will all have to go through that, and it will be easy to discourage if you are not prepared because not everyone is good at you.”

But they don’t just stop at online.

“A lot of times, when you’re playing a ball, the crowd is too excited to get you by the words nobody thinks they’ll utter,” Schmeichel tells. “Your face must be very thick. You have to make sure that you will be firmly in this world, a world that is becoming more harsh since my startup, and will be as much as Hanoi through the years.

These specialists are paid to raise their comments and words very weight. I respect them and learned a lot every while they discuss tactics. They know a lot about the goalkeeper due to the experience of working with the heads and because they played professionally, but if you’ve never stood in the wood frame, you won’t be able to understand.

You must observe each situation differently. The choir is based on its nature. A shot in the near corner can be very awkward. It can go through the person, through the legs, maybe it will be very stretch and you can not do anything else. We blame ourselves after each goals. You blame yourself for thinking you can do otherwise. The thought behind the sound is good, but whether the ball goes to the corner or the corner close, you will always have the feeling, ‘ Oh, what if I do this or that. ‘

It will be annoying if a guy who says ‘ his leg moves wrong ‘ or ‘ the wrong hand ‘. Who speaks the wrong hand or the right? If you stop, there is no wrong hand. The goalkeeper is largely subject to the transformation. Everything is happening, and you have to be ready for anything. If you’ve never stood in a wooden frame, you won’t understand. When you are standing in the defensive and someone kicks the ball from a distance of 20 meters, you will find it near horrible but if you step out and stand the frame to 20 meters, you will see it very far. These two perspectives are completely different.

“I fully respect and understand that they are asked and to raise comments, but do not dig into the subject matter if you have not tried it, for you will not know anything. You Don’t make false information if you don’t know what you’re talking about, so people will judge the goalkeeper in a deviating way – ‘ He’s rubbish, he’s amazing. ‘ In the world of media, there’s nothing to stand between. No goalkeeper is right under the eyes of the heavenly.

You should revolve around people you trust, who understand you and understand your silhouette, the people you feel comfortable with. They can chat with you. I always know when I play or not, I don’t need someone outside of my point. But today, I find it difficult for young players to dodge the dangerous media out there “.

Kasper is firmly based on Leicester-the team is ranked third in the Premier League today.

Kasper is firmly based on Leicester-the team is ranked third in the Premier League today.

Schmeichel’s worthwhile advice for young people, who will take the position of a goalkeeper advancing far away from the revolution, removes the technology and steps away from the mud. “I think the most important thing is to leave the computer and embark on it,” he shared. “Don’t play FIFA. Don’t waste time on those useless items. Outward and Campaito. Go out and practice! I love making the pitch and hoping that when others look at me, they will see a progressive attitude and enthusiasm in each match.

I hope they can see the joy and love that I spend on round balls. “

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